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Blu-Ray vs HD DVD - Round One

Written by oneself on 7:20 PM

By Larry Dixon

Locked in a death match that harkens back to the Betamax vs. VHS wars of 25 years ago, two competing and incompatible formats designed to deliver HD (High-Definition) content from a HD DVD player to your HDTV, are in a stand off. Behind the scenes, the battle has been raging for years between the electronics manufacturers, movie studios and lawyers, but now the conflict will enter the arena that matters: you—the potential consumer. The first generation of DVD was born in 1997 and has had a spectacular run, but its days are numbered due to the oncoming HD DVD technology. In one corner, there is Blu-ray DVD, backed by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Apple and others. Supporting the HD DVD format is Toshiba, Microsoft, Sanyo and Intel. Some companies like LG are on both sides of the fence, which presumably puts them on the eventual winning and losing sides. Since the players use different technologies, the HD DVD’s themselves are not interchangeable.

The Blu-ray players will require the Blu-ray discs; the HD DVD discs will not play the Blu-Ray discs, but will play discs made for them. Confused yet? Already the retail chains are getting an earful from consumers wondering why they have to suffer from the inability of companies to reach an agreement on a standard format. In addition, the news from Sony and Toshiba is that the delays continue in the introduction of the players. Think “sooner” or “later”, just like Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft (configured to play HD-DVD’s) that the release date keeps getting pushed further back. The movie studios (concerned about piracy) are planning to release most films in both formats, but consumers will have to be very careful to not buy the wrong DVD for their particular player.

There is also a split decision among the movie studios; supporting the HD DVD format contingent is: Universal, Studio Canal, Paramount, Warner, and the Weinstein Company. The Blu-ray side is: Paramount, Sony Pictures (MGM/Columbia Tri-Star), Disney (including Touchstone and Miramax), Fox, Lions Gate and Warner. The players will retail in the 500 to 1000 dollar range. There is concern in a few circles that some HD televisions might not be compatible with the copyright protection on the DVD units. And new costly cables to connect the units to the televisions could be another source of consumer dissatisfaction. If that wasn’t enough to add to the woes of Sony and Toshiba, it is estimated that only ten percent of US homes are properly configured to enjoy the superior audio available on the High-Definition DVD players, and only around 12 percent of the homes have the HDTV’s to appreciate the improved picture quality. Whether it’s hooray for Blu-ray, or the other way, we will not know for a few years, but it will definitely be an exciting chapter in the history of technology.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Larry_Dixon

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How to Sell Used Computers

Written by oneself on 7:53 PM

Many people sell their used computers for a variety of reasons. Some sell their used computer instead of throwing them as a trash get some money from them, while others sell their used computers to buy new computers with the latest features and technology. Not only individuals sell their used computers, but also large numbers of organizations or firms sell their used computers. They do so because the computer systems may require maintenance and repairs, after some time due to the decrease in performance seen in the computers after some years. Instead of spending more money on the maintenance and repairs they sell and gain money, as there is a great demand for used computers. Such companies easily sell their used computers online through auctions or exchange for new computers with less effort in no time.

Used computers are bought by either students who do not have good savings or earnings or they are bought by educational institutions like the schools and universities. Some parents buy used computers for their children just for browsing the Internet and to play games. For this purpose, a used computer is more than sufficient than spending huge amounts on a new computer. These target segments however require used computers in a good working condition as well as for a lesser price. Most of the used computers are sold in the online market, as it attracts all sorts of buyers. There are many numbers of online classifieds or auctions or online dealers who sell used computers. Selling used computers are a better option than throwing them as trash or keeping them in a corner occupying space and collecting dust.

The first and important step is to improve the appearance of the used computer by wiping it clean free of dust and dirt. Any buyer would get impressed by the way the computer looks, looks make the first impression. The selling price of a clean used computer is always better than the one, which is full of dirt and dust.

All the software manual, operating system and other supporting discs that came with the computer should be in tact. This will add more value, when selling the used computer and also will make the buyer consider the person who is selling the used computer as a trusted seller.

The most important thing to do before selling a used computer is to erase all the personal details or information from the hard disk or drive. Instead of just putting them in the trash folder it is very important to purge all the personal data from the computer’s memory, even invisible backup files can cause danger. A tech savvy person’s help can be got if the seller does not know how to do it. If not done it may lead to accessing the bank accounts, or emails by any unknown person leading to identity theft. For that when there is a remedy. Unused scanners, printers can also be bundled with the sale of the used computer. A buyer may sometime value it. The benefits or features of the computer can be highlighted for better sales.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

About the Author:
Lesley Lyon contributes several informative articles regularly to www.laptopmall.info and www.bestusedcomputers.info which have exhaustive resources for computers, laptops and the other related accessories.

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Review Of HP, Sony, And Compaq Laptops

Written by oneself on 6:21 AM

by Ajeet Khurana

So do you prefer to call them laptops or do you prefer to call them notebooks. I am partial to notebooks as I never keep them on top of my lap. Jokes apart, purchasing a new notebook computer is really tough.

If you were to read the ads then each computer sounds better than the cat's whiskers. But when you look close, they all look similar. At least the similarly priced ones tend to be similar. So, is there really a difference between one laptop and another? Or should I say one notebook and another?

To answer this very question, I am going to look at three popular computers that are currently on sale and compare them. The read can then take this to be the starting point and evaluate many other options to find the one that works best for them.

First of all, let us consider the HP Pavilion DV6426US, a machine that I powered by the Intel Core Duo Processor T2450. This multithreaded architecture based micro processor is well optimized for multi-tasking based performance. The fact that this notebook comes installed with 1 GB RAM should help run many of the contemporary popular applications at a good speed. It has a 160 GB Hard Drive which is nothing spectacular, but should do the trick in most cases. And the bundled operating system is the Microsoft Vista Premium. And I really like notebooks that come with an integrated WebCam. This HP laptop sure has one of those. In the absence of such a webcam, attempting Video IM becomes a serious pain.

Second let us consider the Sony VAIO VGN-FZ140E/B. This laptop too is powered by a Duo Processor, in this case the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7100. It beats the HP one in terms of RAM, as it comes with 2 GB RAM. Its hard disk is bigger at 200 GB. So, if Freud was right and size does matter then, well, this one has the bigger Hard Drive. The duo-core multithreading micro processor will deliver performance similar to the HP machine. This laptop comes with Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

Finally let us look at the Compaq Presario F572US. Like both the previous machines, this one too has a 15.4" screen. Though it has a dual-core micro processor, the Compaq uses the AMD Athlon 64 Processor TK-53 and not an Intel based processor like the other two I wrote about. Also it has 1 GB RAM like the HP machine. Where I think it scores lower is in its hard disk capacity, a mere 80 GB. It also comes with the Microsoft Vista Premium.

All in all, the machines have pros and cons. I have not listed prices here, as they would change faster than I could type them out. But, make sure to look at the prices too.

About the Author
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PC Users Fail to Defrag Their Computers - Survey

Written by oneself on 9:56 PM

By B. Boyers

More than 42% of PC users neglect to defragment their computers, according to a client-sponsored survey conducted by online opinion polling and market research service provider Vizu Corporation. This failure to conduct routine computer maintenance can adversely affect system performance for both home and enterprise users, slowing operations such as boot up, file retrieval, Web browsing, backups, and anti-virus and spyware scans as well as contributing to system crashes.

Nearly 16% of those who answered the poll said they had “no idea” what disk defragmentation is, while more than 26% said they never defrag their machines. The remaining respondents said they “frequently” defrag their systems using either a built-in manual defragmentation program designed to eliminate wasted space between file fragments (44.9%) or a standalone utility that automates the defrag process (13.1%).

Disk fragmentation is a byproduct of normal computer use. As files are created, modified and deleted, the computer stores different fragments of each file in non-contiguous sectors of the hard drive. This forces the PC to search through different parts of the disk to assemble a single file, slowing data recall in much the same way as storing different components of a toaster in different parts of a factory would slow an assembly line.

In recent years, the fragmentation problem has been exacerbated by the increasing size of applications, operating systems, and multimedia files such as songs, photos and movies. Also worsening fragmentation headaches is the exponential growth of storage, spurred in part by the availability of larger hard drives and in part by government regulations that require long-term archiving of business files.

Defragmentation reorganizes the file fragments on a hard disk into contiguous clusters that help speed response time. Tests have shown that activities such as word processing, email searches, Web surfing, and anti-virus and spyware scans can take almost 15 times longer on hard drives that have not been defragged than on those that have.

Experts recommend that end users defrag their computers on a regular basis to optimize performance, with frequency depending on the amount of usage, the type of work being performed, and how full the disk drive is. In enterprise environments, some analysts recommend daily defragmentation for critical systems and weekly defragmentation for non-critical systems.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=B._Boyers

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Know Your Computer Hardware – Compatibility Issues

Written by oneself on 4:53 AM


Every computer company will invest in good hardware and software to get their business going and working well. Computer hardware is basically all the physical peripherals such as the keyboard, CPU, mouse, modem and other parts required in assembling a computer and gets it working. While on the other hand business software are programs that will increase the efficiency of the business and reduce work time. These could range from software used in accounting process, or human resources department for easy maintenance of data and processing. All these increased the output accuracy levels and add value to the company’s system, majority of who are IT companies. There are numerous companies that will queue up waiting to sell you their products for Computer Hardware & Business Software. These will normally have to be bought and installed to check their performance levels. Only few companies offer them on a trial basis so the client knows if this is the one for them or not. But one needs to check if what is being offered is what they need, and if it will suit their style of operations.

While investing in Computer Hardware & Business Software, the client should be aware of their company norms, policies and budget provision. Some of this hardware might not be compatible with later computer models and so are of not much use. The IT companies should consult their technology department; have them discuss the pros and cons with the selling agents. For business software, the executives who will be operating it should be involved in the decision making. These have to be in line with the company’s operations, their client specifications and the final crux being if it adds value to the company. Some of the other issues being ,do they offer warranty and if they have a good reputed after sales service team who will attend to any issues in shortest span of time. The software installed should also be linked to work with other preexisting software in the systems and be user friendly.

For IT companies and consultants, the process of choosing and purchasing the right Computer Hardware & Business software is an important one as it determines the smooth functioning and performance level of their systems and people. The configurations of the system, the software that can be loaded are some factors to be considered before taking a decision to close the deal. http://www.casseva.com

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_214281_10.html

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The Most Common Laptop Battery Problems

Written by oneself on 9:32 AM

Laptop batteries can often be expensive because the laptop manufacturer is the only one who makes a battery to fit their particular laptop. This is done so the manufacturer will have control of the market when you need a new battery. Often this is done to encourage you to buy a new laptop instead of replacing the battery. In many cases there is little difference in the price, which is what the manufacturer intended.

Some laptop batteries, such as the Ni-Cad, will suffer from a problem which is commonly called the memory effect. This is caused when you continually recharge the battery without letting it discharge entirely. After a time the battery will forget that it has unused capacity and it will discharge much faster each time it is used. The best way to avoid this laptop battery problem is to allow your battery to completely discharge at least once each month. This allows the battery to retain its original memory and provides longer usage.

When your laptop is not in use for an extended period of time it is best to remove the battery. The battery will continue to slowly discharge during the time it is not in use. If this discharge takes place inside the laptop you may not be able to get your laptop to recognize the battery the next time it is recharged.

You can also experience battery problems if you allow your battery to completely discharge outside the laptop. You should check the battery while it in storage so it will not be allowed to completely discharge. This could also prevent the laptop from accepting the battery when you place it back into the computer.

If your laptop battery becomes hot to the touch you will need to remove the battery and allow it to cool off. If this problem continues when you replace the battery in the laptop, you will probably have a defective battery. It is best to remove the battery and replace it since a defective battery could cause extensive damage to the laptop.

Temperatures have an effect on laptop batteries. If you are experiencing extremely hot temperatures you will need to keep the battery in as cool an area as possible. Extreme heat can cause the battery to discharge prematurely and can eventually lead to battery damage.

Last year Toshiba recalled about 430,000 laptop batteries because they continued to lose power prematurely. Toshiba also reports that although these batteries were giving problems by losing power, there were no reports of the batteries overheating and there were no reported injuries as a result of the defective batteries.

Before the Toshiba recall, Dell and Apple had a battery recall because Sony had produced a defective batch of batteries. These batteries were known to overheat and some of them even produced fires. All of these batteries were replaced free of charge but the company did suffer some financial damage as a result of the recall.

Panasonic also had a laptop battery recall because the latches were defective. This was causing a mechanical problem with the batteries because they were not properly latched in. In many cases these batteries overheated but there were not reported injuries.

Kelly Hunter is a writer for http://www.laptop-computer-batteries.com about laptop computer batteries with several years experience.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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New Motorola mobile phone Motorola Razr2 V8

Written by oneself on 6:47 AM

By: Hema Latha

The Motorala RAZR2 V8 is announced in 2007,2Q. Motorala RAZR2 V8 is a quand-band GSM/EDGE mobile device of Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 and weight is 117 g. It uses Motorola’s Linux-Java user interface. The V9 is the 3G HSDPA model, but it reverts to Motorla’s older Synergy UI.

It is also quad-band GSM, plus HSDPA 850/1900 in the US version. Also using the Synergy platform is the CDMA EV-DO variant, the Motorala RAZR2 V8 model has got huge external display with a good resolution and crystal talk technology. Besides, it has a great MP3 player. RAZR2 V8 has got Bluetooth facility v2.o with A2DP.

Using standard battery Li- lon 950 mAh, Motorala RAZR2 V8 could be used standby up to 260 hours and in talk-time up to three hours and 30 minutes at one go. The outer display also features a new and unique type of touch interface that’s half soft-key and half touch-screen. Instead of soft keys below the display, the touch-sensitive soft keys are actually on the display.

The Display Type of Motorola Razr2 V8 is TFT, 256K colors. It’s like a touch-screen, except only part of the display is touch-sensitive. Making it so you only touch the bottom part helps keep fingerprints off the rest of the display, which is important on such a shiny, glossy phone.

The Display Size is 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches. Motorala RAZR2 V8 screen seems to be the rare reflective type, though, so it seemed like it would be readable even outdoors (though we didn’t have a chance to test it.) The buttons let you interact with whatever function of the phone you may be using, and provide micro-vibration feedback (haptics) whenever pressed.

The haptics worked well and we had no trouble determining when we had pressed any of the buttons. You can see how the buttons labels change in the gallery above. will have 2GB of built-in storage, a 2 megapixel camera, a full HTML web browser, CRYSTALTALK technology (to reduce and filter out background noise from conversations), and a 2-inch touch screen. It is now available in http://www.phoneandbeyond.com

Representing the New Motorola mobile phone http://www.phoneandbeyond.com/productdetails-comd-Motorola-Razr2-V8.html in the website http://www.phoneandbeyond.com

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Using Sector View in search for missing files

Written by oneself on 6:06 AM

By: Peter Van Hove

In previous article we talked about how to "Add" files to a list of "Files found via their signature". We also touched the possibility to use Sector View to hunt down files you know are there but cannot be found automatically.

It should be mentioned that this article is in the range of what we would call "Engineering". It requires some knowledge about the deeper mechanics of files and how data is stored on data carriers. However it may be a jump start to get a deeper understanding as well.

A CD, DVD, BD or HD DVD is built up from blocks, one after the other. Blocks and Sectors are used in the same context here. In this article a block is a sector and vice versa. Deep down there are several mechanisms, depending on the disc type and formatting (manufacturer formatting or end user formatting). So in reality the blocks that we get to see are not always really one after the other, deep down the data may be organized differently, or managed in larger chunks etc.

But the so called user-data blocks are seemingly organized one after the other, with incrementing addresses, starting from address 0, and the size is 2048 bytes or 2 KB per block.

This is where Sector View comes in handy. The Sector View window allows you to see the content of every sector or block, provided it is readable. An error message is displayed if it's not readable. Easy scrolling through the sectors can be done via the buttons on screen or if you push the Ctrl button in combination with an arrow (right or left) on your keyboard.

Now, to hunt down files. Suppose you did a scan for missing files and folders and you know a certain file is present on the disc, but it was not found by the software.

If the file is not shown in the "Files found via their signature" list. then the signature of the file does not match a signature in the program's database, or the file doesn't really have a good signature. Take a normal text file for instance, very hard to detect as ASCII text can be part of any type file, from the typical text based files (.html, .ini, .bat, ...) to binary files (such as .exe etc.) as well.

Except for certain Macintosh formatted discs, and except for very small files (less than 2 KB) in the UDF file system, all files on optical media start at offset 0 in a block. In other words, you'll find the beginning of the file on top in the "Sector View" window, not somewhere in the middle of the block. So that's what we concentrate on when looking through the sectors.

Continue skipping through the blocks until you also see the end of your file, or if you're unsure, make sure to define a very big byte size afterwards when you create the file. If you find the end, subtract the start address (e.g. 25) from the ends address (e.g. 125) and you have the block length of the file. The block length times the amount of bytes in a block (2048 bytes per block) makes a length of 204800 bytes in this example.

We're nearly there. Now it's back to what was explained in previous article. Use "Add file" to add a file to the list. Create it with the start address you found (e.g. 25) and set the size to 204800 bytes (per example). Give it an appropriate name, e.g. "My book.txt" and you're done. You can now right-mouse click the freshly created file and extract it to your HD.

PS. if you know more about the file you're looking for, either ASCII or binary signatures, then bare in mind that IsoBuster is not a hex-editor. The computer savvy will know how to make an image file of a disc instead and use a hex-editor on the resulting file to look for certain signatures. After some searching and the trusted calculator of course all the above still applies and you can use IsoBuster to extract files per your needs.

Copyright © 2007, www.isobuster.com all rights reserved. This article was written by Peter Van Hove, CEO at Smart Projects. Smart Projects is an experienced company with high focus on CD and DVD technology, highly involved in CD / DVD / BD and HD. DVD Data recovery with IsoBuster as one of its leading applications. This article may be reproduced in a website, e-zine, CD-ROM, book, magazine, etc. as long as the above information is included in full, including the link back to this website.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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10 Ways To Revive A Hard Drive

Written by oneself on 6:02 PM

By: Phongsak Sridedch

1. One trick I have learned as a technician, when the problem is data-read errors off the platters themselves, is to freeze the hard drive overnight. It makes the data more 'readable,' but for a one-shot deal. If this data is critical, and you have a replacement hard drive (which, if it's a drive failure, you probably do), then you can hook up your frozen hard drive and immediately fetch the data off before it warms up.

2. If the problem is heat related, I put the drive in the freezer for about 15 minutes to cool it down...sometimes this gets the drive up long enough to copy any critical files.

3. Put the drive in a waterproof sealed bag, put it in the fridge for an hour or so, then have another go.

4. Well, I won't start playing with your specific situation, too many steps or possible solutions where everything starts "If that last thing didn't work try..." But I'll give you one for free that was a nice hero moment for me. Had a drive where it sounded like the drive motor was engaging but not getting anywhere, so we stuck it in the office freezer for an hour!. I'll be darned if it didn't work. The drive was up long enough to get the data ghosted to another drive and we turfed it, even though it sounded fine at that point. I can't really take credit for it though—I had heard it in some geek bull session but I thought it was some jedi-geek urban myth. Goes to show you that you know you're really screwed when you say something to the effect of "Okay, hold on tight, I'm gonna try something I saw in a cartoon once but I'm pretty sure I can do it"

5. If this drive isn't spinning up, putting it in the freezer for about an hour will usually get the drive spinning again so you can copy needed files before the drive warms up again. The first thing you want to do is run a disk utility like Norton disk doctor or wddiag (if it's a western digital drive) to verify whether the drive is working mechanically or not. If it is a master boot record problem, sometimes running Fdisk/mbr will correct the problem. It could also be a virus, and a program like F-prot will look at the drive as a physical unit. As an A+ PC technician I have seen this problem many times. Usually if the drive is not making a clicking sound I am successful in recovering the data.

6. I've run into this scenario numerous times. One time it involved the main Novell SYS volume on our HP File Server. I was really sweating as the server would not boot. I took the drive out and put it in a freezer for 30 minutes. I then reinstalled it into the file server and Presto! I was up and running. Need less to say I quickly mirrored the drive onto another and got rid of the bad drive. In stand alone client systems, the method I've had the most luck with reviving drives from death has been removing the drive, firmly tapping the top of its case several times, and then re-installing it making sure all cables are secure. I've had a better than 60 percent success rate with this method.

7. If the drive is spinning and you are experiencing these kinds of errors, my experience has been that you are out of luck. If the drive is not spinning, I have been able to remove it from the computer and 'spin' the drive on a flat smooth surface (much like spin the bottle). This will usually free the drive and when placed back in the machine, it will boot. You should immediately back up you data after a successful boot, because the problem will return. The next 'fix' was actually given to me by a Compaq technician several years ago. I had a drive that would not spin and he told me to put the drive in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight and then install back in the computer. Believe it or not, the drive booted. I have only tried this the one time.

8. In the past, when a drive has failed after it has been running for a short period, I have removed it from the machine and placed it in a freezer for a couple of hours, then hooked it up again. It sometimes will run long enough to remove the data to another safe storage medium.

9. One of the methods I have used before (sometimes even successfully) is to actually remove the drive from the PC, place it in the freezer for a day, then quickly put it back in the machine and try to access it. Why does this work? Who knows, but I heard about this tactic years ago, and it has saved my behind on a couple of occasions. (Of course, if it comes back up, back up the data immediately.... Guess that should go without saying.)

10. Hard drive revival: A technique I have learned is if you bring the temperature of the hard drive down to the freezing point by putting it in a freezer first and then taking it back out, somehow the condensation from bringing it back to room temperature helps revive it for about 20 minutes. It can be repeated about 5-6 times tops. Long enough to get out any important files that need to be backed up. It has been proven to work a number of times.

About the Author:


Article Source: www.iSnare.com

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Mobile Phones - Interacting With Your ATM!

Written by oneself on 4:32 PM

Those days are passé when mobile phones were only an instrument that facilitated communication. Today, they are multipurpose gadgets where making and receiving calls is just one of the many aspects of these multitasking handsets. Mobile phones today can be categorised into camera phones, music phones, as well as business phones. They are the one man army today that entertains you, keeps you connected, acts as your assistant at office and even let’s you surf the web and do banking!

Mobile phones or PDA owners can now directly interact with their ATM’s through a recently patented technology developed by Diebold, Incorporated. The company has started offering applications that enables mobile phone users to directly interact with the automated teller machines of their banks via their handsets! A revolutionary beginning that integrates mobiles and banking seamlessly, giving a peek-a-boo to the consumers into a great revolution that is about to break in this field.

Not just that, the new application will let you locate and even get directions to the nearest ATM. Be it cash withdrawals, generation of electronic checks or conducting other transaction like transmitting wireless payments can all be accomplished now via your mobile phone, and that too in a safe and secure environment.

According to Jim Block, director, global advanced technology, Diebold, “Diebold's new patented technology has the potential to offer myriad applications to boost the convenience and personal security factors of using an ATM."

Diebold has been working on this system long before the concept of mobile banking gained some grounds in the UK. Today, the application developed by the company let’s ATM’s directly interact with mobile devices, and also allows more than one customer to simultaneously interact with the machine.

This application is undoubtedly going to create ripples in the world of mobile banking. The convenience of the customers is the ultimate thing, and the same is going to make it a revolutionary invention that will grace the world market for a long time.

Jayson Pablo, an author who writes on different themes for xpert4u and appeal to visit the site to get information about mobile ringtones and mobile accessories.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jayson_Pablo

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World’s Smallest Dvr Records Up To 40 Big Hours of Video

Written by oneself on 5:00 AM

By:Jerry Tarrer

In the world of spy equipment, bigger is definitely not better. Bigger is more obtrusive, more noticeable, and more out of date. Cameras and cell phones keep getting tinier; no one carries cd players around with them anymore. It’s all about the iPod and most recently, the iPod nano.

This cultural trend is certainly maintained in the world of surveillance technology. In fact, the world of surveillance technology may very well be the place that started the trend of tiny, sleek, and sexy.

Hidden cameras have to be small otherwise they wouldn’t be so easily hidden. They now manufacture security cameras no bigger than a thumbnail, which can fit into any crack or crevice you can find. But what about the other personal equipment you need to monitor your home or office?

The world’s smallest Digital Video Recorder (DVR) weighs in at less than one pound and can fit easily into a fanny pack. It’s no longer than five inches and no taller than four inches. Despite its absurdly small size, the world’s smallest DVR can record up to forty hours of video and 910 hours of audio.

The world’s smallest Digital Video Recorder is designed to fit unnoticeably onto your person. It is perfect for covert situations. If you wish to observe someone on the move or outside your home, then the smaller the DVR you can find, the better.

In this case, the world’s smallest DVR has everything you could hope to hit upon. It’s got a small viewing screen that allows you to review and store the footage you have. It’s also capable of transferring the information into a computer or displaying it on a television.

This model is pricier than the others, but it’s a specific design for specific purposes. If you’re in need of a small, unobtrusive Digital Video Recorder, then the smallest one you can get your hands on is the best option for you.

Buying something this high tech can seem a little daunting. You’re just in need of some answers. You want a hidden camera that can get you the answers you want. Like, where has your spouse been going so late at night? Or, what happens around the office when your employees think you’re away?

These kinds of worries are natural and important. The only way to observe people’s behavior when you aren’t around is to rely on a little camera with a recorder to do the work for you.

Security cameras have become much more common than they used to be. It’s hard to go anywhere without being filmed. If you walk into a convenience store, you’ll immediately see their security camera hanging from the ceiling. If you use the drive thru at your bank, your car tags and your face are almost certainly being taken down by a hidden camera.

It’s the new wave of security that all businesses, big and small, want to have. It follows that individual people should want the protection also, in their homes and personal lives.

With the world’s smallest DVR, the possibilities are almost endless. You could find the answer to so many burning questions and put your own mind to rest. It’s great because while you’re finding out the truth about the people around you, no one will know the difference.

The world’s smallest DVR is so small, you will be the only one aware of what’s going on. It’s your right to be safe and secure in everything you do. Interacting with strangers is a risk that doesn’t have to affect you or your business. You can privately determine the true character of people by relying on the world’s smallest DVR.



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Blackberry 8100 Unlock Code Input - How To Unlock Blackberry 8100 Pearl by Remote Code

Written by oneself on 5:09 PM

By Alex Karim

Blackberry 8100 is another super device in the Research In Motion's Blackberry arsenal. It is a device with a great IM client, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, thin form factor, and comes with one of my favorites, Suretype and EDGE.

Given below are the unlock code input instructions to unlock a Blackberry 8100 device so it can be used on any network. I am assuming that you have already obtained the unlock code for this device.

The first step to inputting the unlock code is to insert a SIM into the device. After doing that, power up the device and turn off the radio. It's very important that the wireless option should be turned off, otherwise the unlock code will not work.

On your device menu, select 'options'. Then select 'Advanced Options'. In advanced options scroll down and select 'SIM Card'. At this point, type "MEPPD". Please note that while typing MEPPD, you will not see what you type on the screen therefore make sure to type in the correct keys.

Type MEPPD, then press the Alt button, and then the numeral 2. Again the screen will NOT display what you are typing, therefore be sure to type in the correct entry.

Now enter the unlock code. After typing the unlock code, 'press Enter'. Once you have pressed Enter, reboot your device. Your device should now be unlocked.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can use the phone on any network. There are times when a partial unlock may occur. In a partial unlock the device gets unlocked for certain networks, but does not get unlocked for others. In that case try performing the unlock procedure using a USB cable and a good unlocking software.

I have found that http://UnlockAcell.com provides remote unlock by code services at great prices. On the other hand if you are interested in unlocking phone by software, the website http://UnlockSoftwares.com has effective and late model phone unlocking softwares at reasonable prices. You could have an unlocked phone within minutes of visiting that website.

For cellular phone ringtones, wallpapers, or for simply wapping to other mobile phones I found http://WapDaddy.com to be a great resource.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alex_Karim

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Mobile Phone Unlocking Technology

Written by oneself on 6:13 AM

The simplest and easiest way to unlock mobile is to put the unlock code there and unlock it. Usually the mobile is locked with the SIM, that is, the SIM installed has restricted usage. This is a normal situation that a locked mobile phone will always ask for its’ unlock code. It appears on the screen of the mobile.


Depending on the manufacturer types, the lock is available in different format, hence is the unlocking procedure. For example, if we use mobile phone like T610 from Sony Ericsson, we may receive a warning message saying, “Insert correct SIM card”, in the case of wrong SIM card. However, once the proper unlocking code is entered, the display message will be turned into “Network Unlocked”. On the other hand, mobile phones manufactured by AT&T explain that status of the mobile phone if it is locked.

Verification of Code

The code is essential for removing all SIM locks from a particular mobile phone. It is known as master code. Sometimes it is also referred to as network code key.

There are primarily two methods for verifying the unlock code once inserted by the user. One is verification through directly accessing database. In this method, the phone itself verifies the unlock code and the verification number is stored in an in-built database of the phone. The second method is verification through obscure mathematical formula. In this method, the code provided undergoes a mathematical calculation following an obscure method provided by the provider.

Available Security Measures

Previously there was the possibility to crack the algorithm generated using reverse engineering process. These unlocking methodologies were available even without any cost involved at the customer’s ends. However, current robust and complex algorithm leaves a minimum possibility to do the same thing, which also ensures its non-availability using any free mode of operation.

A more cautious effort is made when providers use a random number that can only be retained by the provider who applied the lock. However, this method is not always flawless as it can be cracked by using special test equipments.

In most of the cases, the phone are made secure by using built-in software which restricts to enter the unlock code for many times, commonly not more than 4 times. After that, the phone gets hard-locked which needs a special equipment provided by the provider itself to unlock it once again.

phone tariffs

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_213545_45.html

Ian Ball is an employee of dialaphone, the mobile phone shop and specialist in O2 mobile phones. Click here for the latest 02 deals.

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BlackBerry 8700g: Stay digitally connected constantly

Written by oneself on 7:03 PM

Brilliant, effortless, and stylish—this is Blackberry 8700g for you. Sustaining the tradition of its predecessor 8700c; with same buttons, size and weight but loaded with something extra. It comes with elegant finishing, 320-by-240-pixel screen, photos, text, backlit, bright 65k-colour screen and a host of amazing features.

Inclusion of a few small things can do wonder for a digital device. Same rule applies with the BlackBerry 8700g. It supports Yahoo! Mail accounts, very easily and seamlessly, besides, POP3, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and AOL. Tracking your email cannot be easier than with the Blackberry 8700g, as each of your e-mail accounts would appear as a separate icon on its home screen. To keep you updated, there is a well-framed “Messaging” icon.

With BlackBerry 8700g, you can literally carry your office around. It has a very good support for reading Microsoft Excel and Word attachments besides, its PDF support. Thus, you can easily read most of the text on PDFs. Moreover, there is a new version of the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which lets you view JPEG attachments, as it comes as thumbnails within your messages and you can see them with PowerPoint attachments. Well, user can easily view entire slides as images with the associated text. With its Ergonomic, QWERTY keyboard, you would get a familiar typing and data entry experience. Though, it is one of the many specialities of the BlackBerry mobile phones.

Connectivity does get better with the BlackBerry 8700g. It is loaded with a built in Class 10 EDGE modem to add that extra speed to Web browsing and downloading e-mail attachments. It is also loaded with information applications like Google Local on Mobile and Handmark Pocket Express. User can easily take the conference calls with its built-in speakerphone or hands-free dialog. The BlackBerry 8700 is really an enterprise friendly phone, which has some outstanding ergonomic features and fast performance. These applications are wirelessly enabled by the BlackBerry platform for field service automation, force automation and system management and much more. So, stay connected effectively with the BlackBerry.

About the author:
By adam caitlin
Mobile Phones

Buy BlackBerry 8700g mobile phone from uk leading phone shop with phone T mobile phone network.

Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles-Zone.com

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Palm Inc Raised the Bar with Treo Smart Phones

Written by oneself on 5:37 AM

by Fouad Ahmed

In the last decade, mobile phones have stopped being juts a device for voice calls but have become a gadget for data communications. First, there was SMS or Short Message Service, a service that allowed people to send alphanumeric messages to mobile phones using the GSM network. Now the mobile phones have been packed with so many features including full keyboards, multi-media support capacity, internet connectivity and other mobile applications.

Palm Inc. was among the first to introduce Smart phones with emailing and internet connectivity and full keyboards that made it easy to use the mobile phone as an extension of one's office. It allowed voice and data connectivity, both very important features for professionals on the go.

Today , the Treo Smart Phones from Palm Inc. are among the top choices of business executives and other professionals because of the mobile applications that allow people to use their phones for a variety of purposes. All high technology features of the Treo Smart phones would be for naught if it weren't for its ease of use. The latest Treo Smart Phones with Windows OS are even more easy to use than the first Smart phones introduced years ago. The Windows OS also allow the Treo Smart phones to handle Windows documents better allowing you to work seamlessly between your PC and your mobile phone. Both the Windows OS and the Palm OS also make the Treo phones among the fastest mobiles in the market, allowing for a great computing experience and a seamless internet connection.

Today, Treos are still among the much-coveted phones. With WiFi and lighter and slimmer form factors, Palm has really raised the bar in mobile phones. Aside from the voice and data connectivity, the Treo also features a camera and supports both still photo and video. The phone's operating systems also allow support of various multi-media. Mobile phones these days are really more like mobile computers in a light and tight form. Packed with features, the new mobile phones may be considered cheap considering that such technologies were not available just a decade ago and that owning mobile phones then that only featured voice calls already cost an arm and a leg.

Aside from the quick tour upon phone start up, there are also a number of websites that offer great information on the Treo phones. These websites offer reviews of the latest Treo mobile phones and even the latest discounts and packages from different mobile networks helping consumers get the best deals on Treo Smart phones. There are websites that provide some of the most useful information on Treo phones on the internet. Aside from great deals and packages, these websites even have eBooks or complete guides that will help you learn navigate your mobile phone and get the most out of it. The Smart phones have a lot of great features that are not described in the phones' quick tour. Even if the phone is designed to provide ease-of-use, it is still best to get expert information on your mobile phone.

About the Author
Ahmed Foaud is the author of this article on Treo Smart Phone. Find more information about Plam Treo Smart Phone here.


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How to Clean a TFT Screen

Written by oneself on 5:27 AM

In the good old days, cleaning a computer screen was dead easy. The glass front of your monitor could just be wiped over with a bit of window cleaner and an old rag. You could give it a bit of elbow grease if there where any persistent finger prints, and in a couple of minutes it was as good as new.

But what is the best way to clean a LCD/TFT type of screen? They are not made from glass, but plastic, and it is very fussy plastic at that. Window cleaner would probably be a bad idea since it has things in it that can eat plastic. Instead, I often use a little cotton wool which has been very slightly dampened with a drop of pure water. This is a good way to get of the dust that seems to always end up on my screen. Perhaps it is static electricity or something, but there is always fluff, hairs, and dust on my laptop screen.

Cotton wool is better than using a rag because not only is ultra clean, but it is the least abrasive substance I know of. Soft tissue paper might seem like a good idea, but I tried that and it left lots of little fibres behind. Dampening the wool shouldn’t be overdone because you don’t want water getting on your screen. Not only is it very bad if it seeps into the electronics, but it also is more likely to leave streaks.

The Dreaded Fingerprint

Dust is least difficult to remove from your screen, whereas finger prints are probably the hardest. A fingerprint seems to have an oily quality that just refuses to breakdown with water alone. Soap and hot water would get rid of the mark, but would also ruin your computer. The best solution to this problem is specially made screen wipes. These are cloths that are soaked in special cleaning agent and they come in boxes of individual sachets. Reassuringly it normally says on the front, “Safe for TFT Screens”.

When your computer screen is operating at full brightness in a dimly lit room, your screen will show little or no signs of dirt. In order to clean the screen properly you first need to be able to see where the dust and stains are. For best results, I recommend looking at your screen at an angle in bright daylight with the screen turned off.

Dust Busting

To prevent your screen from getting dirty in the first place I have a few tips. Firstly, if you have a laptop, close the screen when it is not in use. Not only does this prevent dust from landing on the screen but it also switches the screen off, which I think has to extend the life of the display. Secondly, try to avoid touching the screen with your fingers. I find that when discussing directions or a photograph people can’t help but point at something by touching the screen. This makes me wince, because I know just how long it is going to take before I can completely remove those fingerprints. Instead it is best to use the mouse pointer, the end of a pen, or anything except those darn grubby fingers.

Zach Hope is the author of Speed-Up-Windows-XP.com, a site that can teach anybody to speed up Windows to invigorate old computers. You can have dramatically more PC speed today from your slow computer.

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_213000_10.html

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Orange Spv M600: Feature Rich Pocket Pc Phone

Written by oneself on 5:32 AM

If you don’t like carrying two devices like a PDA and a mobile phone, the Orange SPV M600 could just be for you. The Windows mobile 5.0 pocket device is a smaller format pocket PC.

The SPV M600 has a 2.8-inch QVGA display that is bright and also doubles as a viewfinder for the 2 Megapixel camera. The photographs are very clear in terms of sharpness and colour depth. The camera captures your favorite still and moving images and there is a digital zoom and rotating macro lens selector.

Apart from offering an excellent navigational pad and soft buttons, the orange SPV M600 also offers dedicated 'Start' and 'Ok' keys. The phone is both easier to pocket and lighter to carry. Its weighs 150g which might seem a lot as compared to other mobile phones but the additional features make up for the extra weight. The screen is touch sensitive that is a major win over Windows Mobile Smartphones not having touch-sensitive screens.
The quad band handset has 43MB of free space for you to fill with software and you can add more with an SD card. The feature rich device has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infrared, and the various Windows Mobile 5.0 applications including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, email, SMS and MMS tools, Windows Media Player, Pocket Internet Explorer and lots more. Audio quality is pretty good, Wi-Fi capability is superb.

The M600 is a solid upgrade to Orange’s SPV M500 that is designed to meet all your wireless aspirations. You have complete mobile office in your pocket and you can access your emails on the go, with the Orange SPV M600. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows quick and easy data transmission.

So we can say that the Orange SPV M600 features a good combination of communication and entertainment for your business needs. If you need more PDA functionality than a regular smartphone provides, this phone is for you. Look for the wide range of offers and deals available on the Orange SPV M600.

About the Author:

Keith Rickwood is webmaster of http://www.mobilerainbow.co.uk/. This website deals in contract mobile phones and Sim free phones on major six mobile networks in UK. Here you can find best mobile phones deals with latest handset and cheap mobile phone plans on popular mobile networks.

Article Source: www.iSnare.com

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Your Mobile – Super Technology In A Miniature Form

Written by oneself on 8:30 PM

By Sarika Kabra

You are waiting for your flight at the airport and suddenly you remember to send that important mail to your boss. All you have to do is to trudge with your hand baggage and laptop to the nearest wireless LAN connection to connect yourself to the world. Or you want to wish your dear one on his/her birthday? Take out your cell, dial the number and convey the wishes – it is that easy.

That was easy was it not? Much as we are so used to all this now, all this was not possible barely a few years back. While we were sleeping, the technology has been continuously functioning and making life easy for us. With the revolution brought by the mobile phone, the life of an ordinary man has completely changed. With the changing features in these gizmos and gadgets, the future seems unbelievable.

No longer are they restricted purely to the humdrum business of making calls alone. Mobile phones have become man’s best friend these days. He is either found playing with the latest games, listening to songs or watching his family’s latest clip on the mobile phone even if he is traveling alone. In short, man is never alone with this electronic device. The entertainment industry has gained a lot from these gizmos.

With new and improved technology, upcoming bands and artistes won’t have to spend to make themselves heard. The net will provide them the medium.

Digital content distribution has reached new heights with streaming music software on the net. Today you don’t need to go all the way to a music shop and browse through your favorite songs. All you have to do is to connect yourself to the net world and download music that is freely available on the net. Of course for this, you have to firstdownload music software. And the best part about listening to your favorite music is you don’t even have to carry your laptops along or sit at home in front of your PC. Many latest mobile phones have the software in which you can surf the net too. These are the pocket cosmos.

The other boons of technology are the MP3 players and the iPods. Their ability to store hundreds and even thousands of songs with precise clarity have made them quite famous. With this wide variety of songs and a music production software one can mix a variety of songs and music and become a disc jockey of his own party.

Not only music or connecting to the net; mobile phones have yet another very important feature – the camera. You can record any family moment in the magical gadget and then transfer it to your computer or on a DVD. Vast varieties of mobile phones are available in the market with much higher picture quality than most cameras.

For some reason when one talks of gaming, the image that comes to mind is of a person crouched in front of a large screen. However, the fact is gaming on mobiles is as popular as on consoles. Almost all the mobile service providers offer games for download.

Technology has shrunk the world in your palm. We are living in a world full of surprises - who knows what tomorrow may bring!
easily available.

About the author:
The author loves recording music. You can set up a home recording studio to do your own digital music recording. Good and inexpensive recording studio equipment is easily available.

Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles-Zone.com

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What is RSS?

Written by oneself on 4:21 AM

by Cindy Dykstra

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution via the Internet. This data format is used for serving users frequently updated content that contains web links to longer versions.

RSS is also called a web feed. "Publishing a feed" and "syndication" are two of the more common terms used to describe making available a feed from an information source, such as an article directory, blog., podcast or website. Feeds are also used to deliver structured information ranging from weather data to search results.

Web feeds have some advantages compared to receiving frequently published content via email:When subscribing to a feed, users do not disclose their email address, so users are not increasing their exposure to threats associated with email: spam, viruses, phishing, and identity theft.

Accessing RSS Web Feeds

XML is not very reader-friendly out of the box. If you click on an RSS feed link, your browser may display a page of unformatted gobbledygook. What you are looking at is the unformatted XML, although most newer browsers have a feed reader built in and will display an RSS file in an easy to read format like a web page.

A website or program that makes a customized collection we feeds available in one spot is known as an aggregator or feed reader. Many of them are free to use and allow you to receive updated content from many sources by logging into one web site or setting up software to run in the background on your computer and notify you when updated content is available.

The user subscribes to a particular web feed, and thereafter receives updated contents, every time updating takes place. When you subscribe to a given website's feed by using a feed reader, you'll receive a summary of new content from that website.

In the typical scenario of using web feeds, a content provider publishes a feed link on their site which end users can register with an aggregator program running on their own machines; doing this is usually as simple as dragging the link from the web browser to the aggregator. This is known as an offline web feed and is downloaded to the user's system.

You can also access RSS web feeds via an on-line aggregator. You create an account, then subscribe to feeds from within the aggregator or by clicking an RSS link on any website that offers web feeds. These feed readers are only available on-online, but keep you from having to download anything to your computer.

In either case, when instructed, the aggregator asks all the servers in its feed list if they have new content; if so, the aggregator either makes a note of the new content or downloads it.

If users want to stop receiving certain content, they do not have to send an "unsubscribe" request; users can simply remove the feed from their aggregator.

RSS web feeds allow users to save time by bringing all their sources of new content to them instead of having to search or visit many sites to get the information.

About the Author

Cindy Dykstra is an editor for http://www.article-directorysite.com where you can find quality RSS feeds on over 350 topics.


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O2 Mobile Network: Service You Can Trust Upon

Written by oneself on 4:48 AM

By: Carly Charu

Incorporated in 2001, following the demerger of BT wireless from BT Telecom, O2 since then has continuously grown and today is one of the leading players in mobile services catering to consumers and companies in the United Kingdom. O2 UK is a part of O2 group which is a subsidiary of Telefónica S.A. O2 mobile network is spread across UK and Ireland. The company also offers network services along with integrated fixed/mobile businesses to Germany, The Czech Republic and the Isle of Man.O2 leads the UK market in non-voice services like media messaging, text, music and video, games, as well as data connections through 3G, GPRS and WLAN. O2 in the name of O2 Airwave, supplies secure digital communications to many public safety organisations which includes emergency services like the Ambulance, Police, and Fire services.

O2 under the umbrella name of O2 mobile phone brings before you some of the latest and the best mobile handsets from the leading manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung etc. These handsets are compatible with O2’s advanced technology and are delight for mobile users across the United Kingdom. You can find handsets like Nokia N91, Nokia E60, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3x, LG chocolate KG800 and Sony Ericsson K750i under O2 mobile phone deals. O2 offers a comprehensive range of price plans to its customers. The price plans come in various sizes and shapes and are designed to cater a wider audience. You have many options to choose from like Pay as you go, Sim Free etc. Apart from that, O2 believes in offering more to its customers and therefore always strives to add value to their product portfolio.

O2 takes pride in offering maximum coverage to remotest of locations. You can enjoy hassle-free connectivity, no matter in which part of world you are. So, bank on O2 mobile network and make your communication stylish.

Article Source: http://www.uberarticles.com/articles

Carly charu is the webmaster of www.mobilerainbow.org, specializing in the different O2 mobile network deals and O2 mobile Phones.

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Keeping Your Computer Private

Written by oneself on 4:40 AM

Michael Kanehl

How would you react if you found out that your email had been accessed without your permission? How would you feel if all your personal and private information had been leaked and was available for anyone who wanted it? Doesn't sound very comforting does it? Well, there is a way to avoid all that and remain reasonably assured that your information is secure. It's all about good passwords...

Good passwords are hard to come by. Most of us have to pick our passwords rather suddenly without much warning? Go beyond your name, your partners name birthdays, favourite colors etc. You can probably already see a pattern forming here, can't you? Ok, now for the scary part: most passwords are easily guessed and provide virtually no protection.. on the foot path where everyone can see it and grab it!

So how do we fix this? We think up a better password. Stay away from passwords that are too long and cryptic. Chances are you are going to forget them to write down; which means they are easily forgotten? Please no! That's the sort of password that snooping people want! So we need to strike a balance somewhere One that is much more than some simple detail, yet cryptic enough that it couldn't be guessed too easily.

Let's assume for a second your name is Andrew. Now, say Andrew wants something simple, yet based on his name which will act as a "keyword" to help him easily recall his password. We'll mix in some UPPER and lower case characters and some numbers to replace letters, also known as elite speak, or 1337 speak. He might come up with up AnDr3w. That's decent. If one of your hobbies is let's say surfing he might try and combine his passion with his password. We'll abbreviate "internet" as simply "net". Ok, we'll try the substitution technique again to get "n3T". Excellent! Now to combine them as two words. Now most people separate words with a space " ", but on the internet, that is best represented as an underscore "_". So, we'll combine them both using our new tricks to get "AnDr3w_n3T". Excellent!

What you need is a password that you don't have to write down, is uncrackable, simple and comfortably to use. I say "practically" because given enough time, any password in the world can be cracked. But this one should keep the password crackers busy and by the time they're even remotely close to it, he's changed it and they will have to begin again.

Why not think of a nursery rhyme whereas you take the first letter of every word and add a number or letter.g.: "baa baa black sheep have you any wool" turns into "bbbshyaw" and "humpty dumpty sat on the wall" turns into "hdsotw2005". Let your imagination run wild with the sorts of passwords you can create using this technique.

So the next time you hear of someone's account being broken into, or see someone trying to find a sticky note with their password on it, just remember, with a password created using the above techniques you wont really have to worry as much about either of those problems.


To learn more which software can help you to keep your data secure visit the Software-Dudes.com


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Fixing Common Window Errors

Written by oneself on 4:36 AM

By: Thomas Haddelin

Let's face it... Anyone who's ever used a computer before has encountered some kind of crash or error. Often these errors can be fixed, but the user isn't aware of how to do it.

Common errors come in many different types. Alot of them can be corrected, but some are troublesome to repair.

Most of the time uninstalling a particular program can correct the error. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Window issues can be a nightmare to fix. Luckily though, a quick search on Microsofts website will reveal the fix.

Major retailers usually offer some kind of technical support. Alot of companies do not though which can make troubleshooting the errors difficult.

Hardware errors can mean alot of things. Luckily, manufacturers usually update their drivers periodically so simply updating your device's driver can fix most problems.

Usually you can find a way to correct the error, but sometimes a special program is required. Luckily, most of these kinds of programs can be found fairly cheap.

A simple search is all that's required to find just some of the many programs available to fix these kinds of errors. Some programs even offer free technical support for their stuff, making it easier to find and get the fixes you need quickly.

Article Source: http://www.uberarticles.com/articles

To learn more about Thomas Haddelin's free reports about being your own bug doctor, be sure to check out all his helpful how-to's at his bugdoctor headquarters! This and other unique content correcting computer errors articles are available with free reprint rights.

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Should You Switch To Internet Telephony?

Written by oneself on 6:28 AM

By: Kristen Kiya

So you have heard about Internet telephony and know what it stands for. You are aware that it sends your voice in the form of data via Internet and that is what makes it much cheaper in comparison to the traditional public switch telephony network. However, you are still confused if you should make the final plunge with voice over IP service and bid goodbye to your telephony service which you have been using for a decade now!

Ask yourself the following questions. Do you have a reliable high speed Internet connection? Do you have to make frequent long distance and international calls? Are you a frequent traveler? Do you own a business wherein you have number of mobile workers? Does your business house have multiple branches in the same state or a different country? Do you dread to look at your telephony bills every month? Do you like to save your hard earned money?

If you answered any of these questions in affirmative then it is time to switch to Internet telephony service. VoIP offers many service plans which make it convenient for customers with different needs to opt for this promising technology.

There are 2 kinds of IP telephony service. You can either choose to make free calls using this service or pay a small amount for per minute calling. Free calls are usually good enough to call your loved ones while for business purpose where reliability and security is the main priority paid call service is definitely the way to go.

Before going shopping for an Internet telephony service provider ensure that you have a high speed net connection which will help provide enhanced voice quality. Once this is done you can start looking around for an IP telephony provider.

If you are business house your needs would differ from that of a residential. Even different business houses have different requirements. It would help you in opting for the best provider if you know what you need and also make this otherwise strenuous task comparatively easy.

Internet telephony service provider should be able to offer you minimum call tariff along with excellent voice quality. This will be taken care of if the provider works on a resilient network with direct tie ups with Tier-1 operators. Backup routes should be provided too in order to provide a consistent service in case there is a outage of the route allotted to you.

Equipped with all this you are ready to migrate to this new technology and move along with the changing times. Visit: IP Telephony provider.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Tips for preparing for Symbian Signed of Symbian 9 mobile applications

Written by oneself on 5:00 AM

By: Kamil Chen

Every Symbian developer knows that the most of mobile applications for new Symbian devices have to go through the special certification, a Symbian Signing. For many small development companies this new initiative of Symbian has turned to a plaque and made the development of Symbian applications not interesting financially. Symbian market becomes to be dominated by companies, not single developers.

What does the Symbian Signing bring? There are some benefits and some drawbacks as always. Beneficial is this mobile software certification system first of all for the consumer. Buying the certified applications the consumer can be sure that there is a certification authority that has tested the application, so it can not crash the system or include viruses. The main drawback is felt by the developers. They have pay more, wait unpredicted time for the certification and have to fill out many papers to pass the Symbian Signing.

There are some general tips on how to pass the Symbian Signing in first round testing. These tips were gathered from the real company experience, so they also may help your company or team.

The preparing for Symbian Signing begins at the application planning. Please, make your application as simple as it is possible. Take away all steps that are not easy to test or that can cause questions. If it is hard to use and to test the application, you will for sure get questions from Symbian Signed teams.

During application installation, do not forget to place the announcements for the user that warn him about all exceptions that your application has (like application can not be installed on MMC). At the first start of the application you have to announce the user about all features of the phone the application is using, and tell the support mail for the case of questions. You have to place the warnings of the features use on every first feature usage, even if it sounds odd for you.

Be sure that your application not crashes and not closes unexpectedly, and has no obvious bugs that are really bugs, and can not be claimed as normal application behaviour. Bugs and crashing will for sure add one round to your testing.

Before Symbian Signed submission please make sure that you have run the last Symbian Signed tests on your application. Yes, it is time consuming, but it is worth it. Please note that for every test that you can not run you have to write exceptions with explanations – why this test can not be run or why you think that this test is not applicable to your application. It is also worth to make sure that you are using the last version of the tests, as they change often and without reason.

In your texts and explanations that you are submitting to the testing house you have to be as precise as possible. If you are sure that the error will occur, find a good reason for its occurring. But if you know that the error is small and very hard to find it is recommended that you just not mention it and hope for the best.

Symbian Signing is not so difficult as it may seem. If you are accurate enough and treat the process with humour you will soon be able to get the application accepted in the first round.

Author of this article is: Kamil Chen, a fan of mobile devices and mobile software, participating in the Symbian software projects www.symbianguru.com and www.symbian-review.com

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Samsung Z400: Features Unlimited

Written by oneself on 7:41 PM

by: Alice Erin

Samsung Z400 can be said as a good mobile phone from Samsung mobile phone range. If you are fond of photography then this is the mobile phone for you. It has a dual camera which will give you a pleasure of the mobile experience.

It can be said as a mini digital camera with 4x digital zoom to magnify and customize the frame. The CMOS sensor guarantees for a best images which you can have with Samsung Z400 mobile phone. You can take the pictures and can send it or print with the Bluetooth enabled laptop.

You can avail the features of Microsoft office with this mobile phone. The document viewer allows you to read all the files in word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can also do it with HTML, PDF and text files.

It has a memory of 30 MB which can be extended using the micro SD card. You can also go for a cordless with a wireless stereo head set or you can avail the facility of hands free with the speaker phone option.

With the Samsung Z400 you can get the talk time up to 5 hours and can have a standby up to 400 hours. The colour display is TFT and 256k and the ring tones polyphonic. You can enjoy the songs with the MP3.

It has a GPRS class 10 facility and you can shoot videos as well. You have the facility to shoot the videos and upload the files and can also export them using the micro SD card.
Bluetooth is also there Version is 1.2 With the help of bluetooth facility you can load your mobile phone with pictures,wallpapers and ringtones from other bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

It is very difficult for you to get such a feature in any other mobile phone. Therefore it is advisable to go for Samsung Z400 as it would be a wise move.

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Article Source: www.iSnare.com

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Coffee and Computers Do Mix

Written by oneself on 7:32 PM

René G. from Munich Germany has just designed a case for his computer which incorporates a coffee maker so he can enjoy the latest update from World of Warcraft and have his machine make gourmet coffee at the same time. 80 hours and $3000 were put into the making of this machine and he says that every penny was worth it. He is a man that clearly enjoys his coffee and his computer!

He said one of the more difficult parts of making the machine was the cooling system. If the computer grew too hot in the case then the hardware would fry but if it wasn't warm enough...well, no one likes cold coffee. So a compromise had to be met.

There is no water supply contained inside of the computer so a tube runs into the back of the computer to provide the clean, clear water to make his coffee. It then mixes in with the already self-contained pre-ground coffee. Next, it drops into his pot which is carefully heated to a comfortable 200F before being expelled out of a faucet via a spout on the front of his tower to be enjoyed for reading emails and surfing the web. René says that his complex system would be capable of brewing thousands of cups of coffee a day. He had this in mind for having friends over for a LAN party whenever they felt like it.

Rene is a clever man for sure - coffee and computers combined - two of his first loves. Now that's the power of innovation for you!

Find out more about coffee and coffee makers

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eric_Hartwell

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Should Cars Also Be Wi-Fi Hot Spots?

Written by oneself on 4:19 AM

by: Chris Bryant CCIE 12933

Before we start, I should say up front that I absolutely love technology, particularly the Internet. The ‘Net has made it possible for me to make a good living while working from home doing what I love, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Having said that, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal really made me wonder if we’re ready for the next step – our cars as WiFi hot spots. Roger Cheng’s September 4 article mentions that Avis Car Rental is already putting a WiFi box into their cars (at an additional charge of $10.95 per day). These boxes are created by Autonet Mobile Inc., and they hope to offer the WiFi box as an option in new cars as well.

Having our cars serve as WiFi hot spots is the next logical step in keeping us connected to the Net while we travel, since Amtrak is working to offer internet access to passengers, and American Airlines is planning to offer WiFi access to passengers in 2008. There’s a key difference to offering WiFi access to me while I’m on a plane or train as opposed to a car – I’m (hopefully) not driving while I’m on Amtrak or American Airlines!

I’m not going to get into a discussion of whether cell phone usage when driving is dangerous. I do think we can all agree that surfing the Net while driving is not the best idea, though. We’ve got drivers texting and talking while driving now – hopefully they’ll be able to resist the temptation to surf while they’re driving, but somehow I doubt it.

Again, I’m not against technology or immediate Web access; on the contrary, I like the idea! Claudia Goldsmith of Nokia was quoted in the article as saying that a car could potentially keep a Net connection at 70 MPH. Let’s hope it’s the passenger working on that connection, and not the driver!

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage, home of free Cisco CCNP Exam and Cisco CCNA Certification tutorials, The Ultimate CCNA Study Package, and Ultimate CCNP Study Packages.

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