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Don't ignore the importance of jewel cases

Written by oneself on 4:03 AM

by Vivek Kushwaha

Blank discs enable you to carry data anywhere you want to access. Blank cds are in huge demand as they store much more data than floppies. These CDs are of two types, first type allows you to write the data only once and you can read the information on any computer system. Another type allows you to write and erase data as many types thus they are called rewritable CDs. Rewritable CDs are little expensive.

Blank cds are available in many drive speeds such as 1X, 4X, 8X, 12X, 32X, 52X. Less number means CD will take more time to burn and high number means CD will take less time to burn. Blank discs are available in a wide price range, high price for high quality. There lifespan is approximately of 3-5 years depending upon how you take care of your CD. The quality of your CD is directly to their lifespan; don't expect cheap and low quality CDs to stay long. One important thing about these disks is that you have to destroy them physically if you want to destroy the data. A standard CD is of 120 or 80mm.

DVD blank media is another technique of recording data. It is also known as digital video disk or digital versatile disk. Main advantage of DVDs on CDs is that DVDs can store data 5-6 times as compared to CDs thus cost of DVD is a sheer more than CD. A standard DVD is 12cm diameter and also comes in 8cm which we call mini DVD. DVD blank media also comes in many drive speeds ranging from 1X to 24X. Just like CDs DVD writes faster on higher number. The technology of DVD has further enhanced and blu ray disks are ready to hit the market. Blu ray allows you to store data up to 50 GB.

Rewritable DVDs are also available in market which can write and erase data as many types just like rewritable CDs. Rewritable DVDs are expensive than rewritable CDs as DVDs can store up to 4.5 GB(giga byte) whereas CDs can only store up to 700MB(mega byte).

DVD or CD contains very important data, but sometimes due to improper handling we self destroy our DVD/CD. Thus, CD jewel cases have been introduced to protect your DVD/CD from dust, scratches and the factor which can corrupt your data. There are many companies which are manufacturing CD jewel cases.

So, don't rely on local cases which may immediately break after falling. CD jewel cases are shock absorber and gives proper protection to your CD/DVD understanding importance of your data.

About the Author

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher in Business Development. Visit at http://www.totalblankmedia.com/ to know more about Blank Discs, Blank cds and DVD blank media.

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The answer for laptop battery frequent asked questions

Written by oneself on 7:57 PM

by Jack

The answer for laptop battery frequent asked questions

Last week I buy a dell notebook from Dell.com, then I want to know some laptop battery tips and problems by google. I found many frequent asked questions about laptop battery, but there are various answers for them. So I send a email to laptop battery expect "Jack Smith" in http://www.laptops-battery.co.uk/ about these doubts. He reply me in the August 11, below is the reply content.

What is the six months warranty laptop battery?

Generally the laptop battery quality warranty is one year, but we can find many 6 months warranty "Original laptop battery" in ebay and other online shops? What is these six months warranty laptop battery?

Most the six months warranty batteries are the old battery with the new cells, old original battery shell and protection board. You can find the detail introduce here "How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery". As the battery protection board is old one, so the laptop battery can only work properly about six months.
For laptop battery, the higher capacity the better?

For different models (particularly different size) battery, the higher capacity battery can work longer. Exclude the size and weight factors, of course that the higher capacity the better.

However, the same battery type, the same nominal capacity (for example,Inspiron 6400 battery 6600mAh), the actual measurement capacity is different: for example One capacity is 6600mAh, and the other is 6700mAh, then the 6700mAh battery is better then 6600mAh?

The actual situation may be that : In the high capacity battery's electrode materials, increase the initial capacity of more things, and reduce the materials to stability of the electrode. It may result that after used for some charging-discharging cycles, the capacity of high-capacity battery reduce rapidly, while the capacity of low battery is still strong. Many laptop battery manufacturers often use such method to produce the high-capacity battery. After used for six months the battery standby time is too less.

Enhance the battery capacity can reduce the battery cycle life. If the laptop battery manufacturers are not make great efforts in battery material, it is impossible to truly "improve" the capacity of the battery.

It is worth to store the fully-charged battery

Lithium-ion batteries have a very bad characteristic, that is the lithium-ion laptop battery aging time. When a lithium-ion battery in storage for some time, even not in recycled, its capacity also lost in the storage. Because the lithium-ion battery anode materials begun the failure process when manufactured. Different temperatures and battery charged state cause the different consequences statute. You can the get the general conclusion by following data ( the percentage of capacity in the form):
Storage temperature - 40% state of charge ------- 100% state of charge
0 degrees ---------- 98% (a year later ) ------- 94% (a year later)

That is the all, hopes that can help you.

About the Author

Jack is a battery expert in http://www.laptops-battery.co.uk/

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Through Cellular Amplifier Week Signals Can Be Fixed

Written by oneself on 4:59 AM

By: Supreet

Although television commercials make you want to believe that there is no solution to improving your cellular reception unless by switching providers, there are other ways. There are a number of different manufacturers of devices that can actually pick up your local signal, however weak, and rebroadcast it within your home, workplace, hotel room, etc.
What You Need to Know First

Before you go out and drop a couple hundred bucks on a cell phone booster, make sure you know what you need. There are different cell boosters and Cellular Amplifier is one of them. These amplifiers are made of according to the size of the area you want to improve cell signals in. There are also different types that are portable for a car or boat and some that are stationary. And finally, what frequency band does your cell provider transmit on?
Cellular Amplifier vs. PCS Frequency Bands
Knowing what frequency band your provider transmits on is probably the most important thing to know first. There are several providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel that transmit on the Cellular band, or 800 MHz and then there are providers like Sprint (but not Nextel), T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket, and Suncom that transmit on the 1900 MHz band.
You can either get a Cellular Amplifier booster kit especially if you are getting this for a public place, or ask your provider which band they transmit on if you're not sure. There is a third band called iDen which Nextel and other walkie-talkie type phones use as well.
Suggested Brands
There are essentially two brands of cellular amplifier phone boosters that I'd recommend. If you want to improve cellular signal reception in a small area, like your house or a personal area in an office, I would suggest using a Boost router. If you're looking for a more serious commercial-grade solution, I would take a look at Wilson kits, which are bit of a higher cost point, but necessary for large areas with high volumes of calls.
These amplifier boosters are typically not quite as effective. Outdoor Cellular Amplifier, which don't inevitably have to be mounted outdoors but it comes in different sizes and shapes, including the Yagi style and Pole style. Indoor amplifier antennas are often in the form of panel antennas for commercial-grade booster kits.
A Cellular Amplifier booster that is completely wireless means there is no direct line-in to your phone to talk will you have three main components: an "outdoor antenna" that picks up existing signals, an amplifier to boost the weak existing signal, and an "indoor antenna" to communicate with your phone. Some of these components are often built-in to all-in-one kits, making antennas hidden.

Through Wilson Amplifier store you will get every kind of amplifier kit components under one roof, like you need not to go anywhere in search of these amplifier components. You will get everything from a cell phone to cellular amplifier. These kits are quite effective and useful for everyday life. So don"��t get late go today itself and buy a cellular amplifier kit for yourself.

Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline.com
About the Author:
Cellular Amplifier
The author is an executive with Wensil I Technologies

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