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Comparing Asus Vs. Other Mini NoteBooks (NetBooks)

Written by oneself on 8:03 AM

If you are interested in a small, cheap and durable computer then you will probably be very interested in Netbooks, which are also known as subnotebooks, and mini notebooks. First let's start by comparing a few of the most popular models:

Asus EEE PC: 7-10" Display, Linux/XP, 900MHz (Celeron/Atom), 2-80GB, 512MB - 2GB

HP Mini Note 2133: 8.9" Display, Linux/Vista, 1-1.6Ghz, 4-120GB, 512MB - 2GB

Cloud Book: 7" Display, gOS, 1.2Ghz, 30GB, 512MB

NoahPad: 7" Display, Linux, 1Ghz, 30GB, 512MB

People that are familiar with computers will already know about Asus, however if you know very little about a computer then you might not know who Asus is. This could be the major reason why the HP Mini Note computer is becoming so popular. Almost everybody will know who HP is; it's one of the most famous computer manufacturers in the world.

The HP Mini Note is a tiny computer which has an 8.9" screen, what's fantastic is that the keyboard is almost the same size as a normal keyboard which is a great achievement! These are available running Vista, or Linux. The HP 2133 is very competitively priced to compete against the EEE PC, and features a conventional hard drive rather than an SSD drive.

All of the major net books available feature Linux; however the HP and EEE PC also have windows options. On earlier EEE PC models it was possible to install XP yourself; newer models do include XP as standard. The HP 2133 computer is however a much more advanced computer which is capable of running Windows Vista.

If you're familiar with Linux then you will know that it's available in a number of different flavors, or distributions. The majority of these come with no support, however the operating system on the HP2133 is from Novell. The difference with this and other Linux operating systems is that they do offer support. Linux isn't always very easy to use, so the support will be very useful.

Make sure you check the specifications of the HP2133 sub notebook computer in your own country as the specs do seem to be varying in different countries. Be sure to check on the hp website and select your own country. This will make sure you know exactly what the computer will be like that you are purchasing.

Although there are many different netbook computers on offer, with many more being released on a regular basis the HP and ASUS are the most popular sub notebook computers on offer. I personally think that it's a tossup between these two computers. The two have slightly different specs, and the HP reportedly has a better build quality.

The newer ASUS models do have larger screens and better specifications; however the HP may still be your machine of choice.

Netbooks or subnotebook computers are a fantastic way to take your computer everywhere you go! They are almost as convenient as a PDA, but are fully featured computers.

For more information about Asus sub notebooks, visit Asus laptop at: http://www.pagerank10.co.uk/computers/asus_laptop_901_1000h

David Miller is a Technical Support Consultant with over 10 years of experience. For more information about Asus sub notebooks, visit Asus laptop at:http://www.pagerank10.co.uk/computers/asus_laptop_901_1000h

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3D Printer Information and 3D Prints Along With 3D Printer Technologies

Written by oneself on 6:55 AM

By Ryan Rounds

3D printing can be referred to as method of getting virtual 3D model printed onto a 2D object. 3D printing falls in the category of 'rapid prototyping' technology. The function typically performed by 3D printers is that of printing consecutive layers on the previous ones for building up a 3D object. It is easier, more affordable, and faster to use 3D printers as compared to other technologies related to additive fabrication.

Technologies: Initially, production of a prototype required a lot of man-hours, tools, and experienced labor. For instance, after designing a novel Street Light Luminaire digitally, drawings used to be sent to accomplished craftsmen where the paper design used to be followed with utmost pains and a 3D prototype used to be formed in wood through the utilization of the entire shop that is full of costly tools and working machinery. One can easily make out that this process consumed a lot of time. Moreover, the skillful labor was not all that cheap. These shortcomings necessitated the need of rapid prototyping.

3D printing has a variation called Inkjet Printing System. It involves binding of fine powder layers (resins, cornstarch, or plaster) by the way of printing a gum from inkjet print head as per the shape of every cross-section as spotted by the CAD file. This is the only technology allowing full color prototypes to be printed. It is believed to be the quickest method.

Alternately, liquids are fed by these machines. Photopolymer is one of such kind. These machines make use of UV (ultraviolet) flood lamp. It is mounted in print head for curing each layer on its deposition. FDM (Fused deposition modeling) makes use of nozzle for depositing molten polymer layer by layer, on the support structure. The other approach is Selective Fusing of Print Media in the granular bed. Here, the media that has been unfused supports thin walls and overhangs in the piece which is being produced, thereby reducing need for temporary auxiliary supports for the work piece.

Ultimately, 3D Micro fabrication technique having a photo polymerization of 2-photons might be used to make ultra small features. Here, the preferred 3D object gets traced out by a completely focused laser in a gel block. The curing of gel into a solid takes place only in places where laser had been focused, owing to photo excitation's non-linear nature. The gel that is left out gets washed away.

Resolution: Resolution is measured in terms of layer thickness. The X-Y resolution is given in dpi. 100 microns is the characteristic layer thickness. The X-Y resolution is compatible with laser printers. Diameter of the particles, i.e. 3D dots is around 50-100 microns.

Applications: Standard applications are inclusive of design visualization, metal casting, CAD/prototyping, architecture, geospatial, education, healthcare, retail/entertainment, etc. Off late, 3D printing technology is being used in artistic expressions. Its biotechnological applications include bio-printing, computer-aided Tissue engineering, and organ printing.

Self-replication: The main purpose behind using 3D printing technology is its ability to replicate itself. RepRap is one such printer. It has the ability to print plastic parts and circuit boards. It is believed to print metals in future.

Go to Prototype Zone to get your free ebook on Prototyping at Prototyping. Prototype Zone also has Rapid Prototyping Forum, 3D Printer Blog and other information on Prototype Information and daily news. You can Find Prototype Zone at http://www.prototypezone.com/

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Dual Core Processors Will Increase Computer Speed

Written by oneself on 8:31 AM

Dual core processors have become very popular in the world of computing. Some hot tips about dual core processors have been printed in many computer magazines for the last few years and have served to wet the appetite of many computer users looking to upgrade their computer systems. The ability of dual core processors to make computer systems run much faster and cooler means that many people want these processors in their computers.

The hot tips about dual core processors have been talked about in many computer user forums online for many months now and the consensus seems to be that everyone wants them to be in their computer systems. While many older computers may not have the correct architecture to accept these dual processors, many of the newer models of computer can easily adapt to this innovation. The ability of dual core processors to handle multiple programs at one time is a very attractive aspect for anyone thinking of buying dual core processor architecture for their computer system.

The goal of the companies that are producing these dual core processor systems has been to get a system that can do the work at the best price for consumers. Because hot tips about dual core processors have become commonplace among many computer users, the popularity of these processors has grown a lot. Many people have been waiting for the 'bugs' to be worked out of the dual core processor systems, before they purchase a system for their own computer. The main groups of computer users who are interested in this technology are the ones that use higher memory applications and people who use a lot of graphic programs such as computer games. This last set of users has been behind the dual core technology since the beginning as this innovation will enhance their playing considerably and allow their systems to compete with video game consoles already on the market. Once dual core processor systems can easily compete with video gaming consoles, and then the gaming consumer will think twice about buying a video console rather than upgrading to a dual core system.

While some manufacturers of these processors have gone after the gaming market, others have aimed their marketing towards the business sector. Offering reliable and powerful processing systems to both markets has resulted in many computer users having much more powerful systems with a high level of reliability. The speed at which these processors deliver results is staggering to many users who have been waiting for innovations such as this to come along. Many hot tips about dual core processors can be traced back to online forums among users who wanted a better and faster way to process computer applications. The companies that create these applications wanted the manufacturers of the processors to make the processors faster so that the newer programs could be run much better and faster than they once had. This allowed for a great deal of innovation in the programs being produced as well. Knowing that the dual core processors could handle the program criteria allowed the programmers of games and applications to do whatever they wanted in the creation of a better and faster game or applications program.

When talking about hot tips about dual core processors, it's important to realize that not only are these new processors faster at handling multiple tasks, but they are more capable of being able to deal with many computer programs and processes running at the same time. Since many people seldom run a single program or application on their computer at any one time, this ability to handle multiple applications is very important. The chance of your computer crashing under the load of trying to operate many programs at the same time is very slim now.

These powerhouse processors can easily handle all the computing needs you have. You can read all about the newest innovations where dual core processors are concerned by simply searching online for manufacturers who specialize in these systems for computer users.

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Tracfone Motorola V170 Features

Written by oneself on 7:34 AM

By Cheryline Lawson

The Tracfone prepaid cell phone is taking the nation by storm. The company claims that it has over ten million customers who are taking advantage of a prepaid cell phone that allows them to save on their cell phone bills each month by not being stuck with a contract for two years or have to worry about mounting expenses each month. There are also no credit checks done.

According to the company, the cost of the Tracfone cell phone is minimal and comes with 120 minutes loaded on the phone as a promotion to new customers. You are in control of your cell phone bill. There are three ways to control your cell phone service. You can buy airtime by paying as you go, you can go on the monthly or yearly cell phone plans that are said to be much more economical than regular cell phones.

Tracfone offers many of the name brand cell phones including flip phones from major companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and LG. You can take pictures on your phone; download music and ringtones as well as text messages.

You are able to use your phone anywhere in the USA because Tracfone uses the wireless networks to offer their service.

Tracfone runs many promotions that offer free cell phones, bonus minutes, Tracfone bonus codes and coupon codes as incentive for new customers.

Some of the features that the Tracfone prepaid cell phone offer are:
• For every call - a single rate
• Long Distance and Roaming calls - both internationally and domestic
• Sends text message, receiving voice mail as well as free caller ID
• Call waiting for free, color screen savers and wallpaper
• Supports different languages
• Phonebook
• 20 ringtones already preloaded,
• Alarm clock, calculator, stop watch
• TracFone Airtime Balance displayed on screen to show remaining airtime and airtime used to monitor and control your minutes and costs.
• The Motorola Tracfone is 3.6 x 1.92 x 0.92 inches
• Weighs 3.07 ounces
• Includes Lithium-ion battery
• Talk time of as much as 6.6 hours
• Up to 12.5 days of standby time

• Comes with phone battery
• Also comes with an AC adapter
• Includes SIM card

The Tracfone website shows a video of how to get one of the phones for free, how to add minutes, how to get Tracfone secret codes and how others are benefiting from the prepaid phone.

To watch the Tracfone video and learn about how to get a free Tracfone prepaid cell phone and bonus codes, CLICK HERE

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cheryline_Lawson

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Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD compatible 3wavelength playback / recording Optical Head

Written by oneself on 7:26 AM

In addition to CD and DVD, the blu ray disc BD has a single 3 wavelength playback / recording optical head, capable of recording and playing back 3 formats. There is need for BD blu-ray disc recorder to record and playback DVD-R and CD-R. Therefore, a 3 wavelength recording / playback optical head is required to make it possible. A single unit 3 wavelength laser and also an objective lens corresponding to the 3 wavelengths have been developed in order to develop a 3 wavelength recording and playback optical head with most simple structure.

A prototype optical head was made to realize a common optical path for the 3 wavelengths, by utilizing the laser and the objective lens. A variable magnification function is the key to realize the 3 wavelength optical head in the 3 wavelength objective and laser lens. The function was realized by introducing expander lens assemblies whose magnifications were different for corresponding objective lens apertures for BD, CD and DVD. The efficiency from each laser to BD, DVD and CD can be maximized with the help of this function. This function enables high speed recording for each format. As for the object lens, introduction of aspherical glass and hologram lens to achieve spherical aberration correction corresponding to each wavelength enables one optical system to deal with 3 wavelengths.

With advancements in technology, the number of parts and size of the prototype optical head can be reduced by combining, for example, optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) and so on. From the above discussion, we come to the conclusion that the single 3 wavelength playback / recording optical head is key to the expansion of BD bluray disc markets.

For further details and online order, please visit www.tape4backup.com

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ShawnPaul Tape4backup.com, 34972 Newark Blvd, # 501, Newark CA 94560 Tel: 888-491-4949 Fax: 888-449-5050 Visits Us At: http://www. tape4backup.com Email Us: links@tape4backup.com

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Blu-Ray Publishers – Advanced Option to Store and Distribute Data

Written by oneself on 4:18 PM

Blu-ray disc is the optical disc storage media format which is used to store the high-definition video and data. The disc has the same dimensions as CD or DVD. These discs have the high storage capacity compared to the DVD format. Now many CD and DVD publishers have announced that they will not support the CD and DVD format.

With the advancement of technologies and emergence of new high quality products have brought a revolution in all the industries. Many disc publishers have now switched over to be the Blu-ray publishers. They specifically burn only Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray publishers have now refused to use CD and DVD format as new formats have been introduced in the market. So, if you have brought a new CD or DVD player, sooner you need to bring a new updated version of the player. The CDs and DVD are going to be extinct from the market.

The Blu-ray discs are becoming popular among the users and Blu-ray publishers are also gaining the momentum. These discs are very appropriate to store video and audio based files. Many companies need to produce the high-definition videos for their business; therefore, Blu-ray publishers are given tender to publish the discs. It is a cost effective method to get the discs published with the data. The number of discs publishing is under the control of the Blu-ray publisher and therefore, you can get as many discs as you want.

Many business houses use these discs for their business promotion and marketing material. However, every disc player like CD player or DVD player can not read the Blu-ray format. A player designed specifically to read Blu-ray discs are required to go through the data stored in it. But as these discs are not much popular in the market at this point of time, therefore, users are not recommended to throw their old DVD player to get the Blu-ray disc player. However, you can buy a player that can read both DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray publishers are improving the business day by day as with the gaining popularity in the market. Though this technology is still not so common in the market, but people are becoming aware of the need to Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray publishers.

All Pro Solutions, Inc. is a manufacture system that is perfect for all types of DVD CD Publishers and data storage needs. Our Blu-Ray Publishers system are well known in the industry.

Computers-and-Technology Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline.com

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How To Find A Proxy For Facebook

Written by oneself on 6:23 AM

Proxies allow you to surf the internet with a high level of privacy, security and anonymity. When you access a website from the proxy server site, information like your browser type, location, operating system and IP address is eliminated and the proxy server website is recorded as the accessing computer instead of your computer. This helps you maintain the privacy, security and anonymity you desire, as it facilitates web browsing without your information being identified and bypasses the network filters and firewalls.

The process is very simple and convenient. You are not required to install or download any software to browse the blocked sites. All you have to do is type the desired URL (for example: www.facebook.com) on the main page and all connections and traffic to and from the destination URL is redirected via the proxy, making it look as if the traffic is evolving from the main proxy, thus bypassing the domain based URL filtering blocking system.

These proxies allow you to access any website without revealing your personal information, surf, download games and news, access online social networking websites and shopping sites, share videos, music, chat and a lot more.

When you use a proxy server, your computer establishes connection with the proxy instead of the destination website, and thus the blocking or filtering firewall will be able to trace this connection only. Further this proxy server, which may be transparent or anonymous, will create a connection to the desired URL which you want to access such as Facebook.com, and retrieve that website, eliminating any trace of your computer.

The proxies allow users to browse through the Facebook website, profiles, post comments, blogs and surf the site for music. Sometimes, you may be required to use the IP address of the proxy (i.e., instead of the domain name, which can be retrieved by pinging the URL from command prompt.

The number of web proxies is everyday increasing and more and more are being setup to earn revenues through advertisements. To search for proxies for websites like Facebook, you can use the search engines like Yahoo or Google. There are a number of websites offering these services and you can choose any of them as per your requirement. These proxies are Youtube and Facebook compatible and you can access any blocked site which is blocked by your school, university or company.

Naren Verma is a webmaster who owns various proxy websites. If you enjoyed this article, you may like to check his proxy website Unblock Facebook to enjoy the web freedom in which she strongly believes.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Naren_Verma

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