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How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers in 4 Easy Steps

Written by oneself on 8:48 AM

Mobile phone technology is progressing at a overwhelming rate. With the progress in technology, also come more abuses. Whether you are receiving prank calls or blatant harassment from someone, it can be annoying and deeply unsettling. To combat these abuses, reverse cell phone number lookup services are being developed that are incredibly easy to use and reliable. You can trace cell phone numbers without the help of a private investigator.

Be wary of websites that offer free reverse cell phone number lookups. Most of these services are scams and offer very little useful information. The best way to trace cell phone numbers is to take issues into your own hands. Luckily there are a few easy online solutions that you can use immediately, that will help you find the identity of the person immediately.

One of the first things you can do is to call the number yourself. Make sure you conceal your identity as the purpose of the phone call is to flesh out the identity of the person. The second thing you can do is to Google it. Type the number into a search engine and hopefully the source will pop up. Another thing you could try is a online phone directory like the White Pages

The best thing you can do in my opinion is to use a reverse cell phone number lookup service. You type in a phone number and a report comes back with the identity, location, phone carrier and other important information regarding the person. It is a much more comprehensive option than the other online services. If you want to take it a step further, many of these services also offer background checks.

We've compiled a review of the best reverse lookup phone number services out there.

Troy H. is a telecommunications enthusiast and has reviewed several of the best Reverse Phone Call services on the internet.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Troy_Haenggi

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Samsung Omnia - Embedded With Lots of Style and Latest Mobile Phone Features

Written by oneself on 10:49 AM

The Samsung Omnia is an advanced phone with all the latest functions incorporated in it. This gadget is capable of connecting with every other device with high-end connectivity options. The device being GSM enabled opines to one's need to remain connected even while travelling to distant places of the world. The handset looks very elegant due to its sleek and very impressive design. The mobile has dimensions of 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm and weighs only 127 gm. So, the users find it very convenient to make use of the device for being carried to distant places of the world.

This handset is also equipped with a TFT screen which features various icons of the phone at all times for facilitating immediate usage by the users. The gadget is one of its kind and the users take pride for owning it. The TFT screen is where the users can watch video clips and film tailors. It also supports the playback of fantastic games. The users are also gratified by availing Internet facility on the handset. It is very obvious that when Internet is accessed, one can surf it with aid of the WAP browser and can download files that a user may be requiring. The memory of the gadget provides extraordinary support in this stride as the card slot supports memory cards up to 8 GB. So, with the memory getting magnified as never before, the users can download and store large gaming files, videos, music, ringtones and loads of information. These files can later on be used for the entertainment purposes.

Music can be played on the Samsung Omnia with the aid of its music player that can support MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, OGG and AMR formats. The media player can play files in DivX, XViD, WMV and MP4 formats. With such advanced capabilities, the handset can be used to play any type of music. Then, there is also the FM radio that can bring the latest radio programs and music with the radio jockey hosting such programs. There is also the 5 MP camera that can be used for photography purposes. This camera is capable of giving a resolution of 2592 ? 1944 pixels and captures videos and photos. There is also a secondary camera for making video calls. The users can also remain entertained by downloading and playing the latest games. One can play online games too, but in such a case one has to remain online. While emailing, the user has to be online. However, the Samsung Omnia also has options such as SMS, EMS, MMS and instant messaging for messaging reasons.

Then there are also the GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WLAN technologies apart from Bluetooth and USB support for connecting to others. It means that the users can easily share files with others without having to bother for anything. Bluetooth is a wireless means to transfer files and USB contradicts it with file transfer by help of the cable cords.

The Samsung Omnia can be used for long hours as its battery gives a standby time of 500 hours and talktime of 5 hours 50 minutes. The users find it very beneficial to use the phone as it can be carried easily and its battery charges rarely ceases to exhaust. The only criteria is that it should be charged properly and the rest follows. The user can listen to music and play games for long hours without having to bother much for the battery support. It is for sure that the battery gives long hours of standby time or talktime.

Information about Samsung Omnia can be gained from the internet. One has to just become online and there are numerous websites that give authentic information about this widget. It is for sure that one would get all answers to queries related to the features and price of the handset. Orders for purchasing such devices can also be made on the online websites as there is option for that. Once an order is placed, the handset is delivered instantly.

Raina Kelsey is an expert author . Samsung Omnia and other Samsung Phones available with leading retailers of UK.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Raina_Kelsey

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New Annoumcement for Sony Ericsson G700

Written by oneself on 11:08 AM

Sony Ericsson has launched its latest Symbian OS smartphones, the G700 and G900. The G700 is a compact candybar phone that has a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus. It has a fully interactive touchscreen that allows users to quickly jot down notes with the stylus. Meanwhile, the attractive G900 has a few extras over the G700, including a powerful 5-megapixel camera for taking high quality photos and videos.

Sony-Ericsson-G700-Business-Edition-Mineral-Gray Sony has released the G700 phone featuring a 2.4-inch touchscreen display, 3.15-megapixel camera, 160MB of built-in memory, an M2 card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and USB 2.0 support. Video after the break. The G700 Business Edition is similar to the G700c except is does not include a camera. Key features include a touchscreen interface, 3G data, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, Quickpffice document viewer/editor, Symbian OS v9.1, media player and expandable memory card slot.

Sony Ericsson G700 is a Symbian UIQ smartphone with 2.4" QVGA touch-screen and numeric keypad. It has 3-megapixel camera with fixed focus, M2 slot for memory, Stereo Bluetooth and personalised interface for fast access. Sony Ericsson G900 - G700 Launched. Sony Ericsson launched a new generation of phone: Touchscreen organisers with a broad appeal. The G900 and G700 phones are essential tools designed to organise the lives of all those with busy schedules to juggle, both at home and at work.

The new G-series from Sony Ericsson was launched at Mobile World Congress Barcelona as the Swedish-Japanese firm's "touchscreen organizer" offering. Sony Ericsson is touting this pair of handsets as a "personal organiser in-your-pocket keeps your contacts, calendars, notes, pictures and favourite Web sites all in one place and just a fingertip away." By which we presume that the Sony Ericsson G900 and G700 will be pulling PDA-duty for the smartphone set. Please Purchase Online http://www.phoneandbeyond.com

About the Author

by swornambigai

Representing Sony-Ericsson-G700-Business-Edition-Mineral-Gray in the website http://www.phoneandbeyond.com

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The HTC Touch Diamond : Bringing The Latest Technology

Written by oneself on 6:21 AM

Raina Kelsey

After a long waiting, the HTC Touch Diamond phone is released with much zeal in the world market. This phone caters to every need of the buyer. When its features, size and facilities are considered the handset is known to meet the tough competition of comparison with other high end phones. This device has dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm.

As the HTC mobile has the capability to connect on 2G as well as 3G networks so it is possible for people to use it for transferring data easily. The gadget is light and that eases its carrying capability. This mobile is fitted with a lot of extra-ordinary features. It includes high resolution screen, 3.15 MP camera, a music player and stereo FM radio. Connectivity is further exalted in this gadget with the option of several optional methods to connect. This mobile can be used for both professional as well as entertainment reasons.

An impressive part of the handset is its TFT screen that measures 2.8 inches. This screen gives 480 x 640 pixels and it displays 64 colours. The control features of the mobile include the Touchflo technology. It provides users with a 3D swipe facility that helps in navigation. This screen is also capable to detect the uniqueness of one's handwriting. Besides fascinating videos and pictures can be watched on this screen. Fabulous games can also be played with ease.

The HTC Touch Diamond is known for its polyphonic and MP3 ringtones that come preloaded. It is also true that the users can download such ringtones easily from the internet and store them on the phone's memory. There is the vibration facility too if one does prefer to use the ringtones at all times. As the gadget has 4 GB memory space, so it is possible for people to store ringtones, unlimited contacts, images, wallpapers, music files and video files. The phone has music playing capability in the form of music player capable of playing in all popular formats. Then there is also the FM radio for playing of amazing programs in presence of the radio jockey. The users can also play games on this device that are high definition ones.

The 3.15 MP camera can capture pictures at 2048 x 1536 pixels. It ensures users the possibility of photography with this device. The auto-focusing and video recording capability is more enduring and helps people to make use of the camera for achieving high goals. Photographs can be clicked and saved whenever the user is on a vacation or tour to a holiday destination. It becomes a remembrance for lifetime.

This mobile can also connect with other similar devices with various options. The options are in the form of Bluetooth, USB, 3G, GPRS and EDGE. It is the reason why people can transfer files to other devices very easily. It enables sharing of music, videos and pictures with others instantly.

The WAP browser of the HTC Touch Diamond plays a vital role in internet surfing and downloading of files. The users can access the net and penetrate into it to access any website. The users can then download the required items from the website. The Li-Ion battery of the mobile gives the option of net surfing for longer duration. This is because it offers 285 hrs of standby time and 5 hrs 30 mins of talktime.

Raina Kelsey is an expert author. Mobile phone deals on HTC mobile phones available at leading online shops of UK.

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_599232_45.html

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Digital Signage Players – SSD or HDD?

Written by oneself on 10:02 AM

By: Crystal Hargrave

If you are involved in implementing a digital signage network, you know that the digital signage player is the heart of the system. Before you decide on which digital signage player to use, you need to learn all you can about SSD and HDD.

What are SSD and HDD?

HDD stands for hard disk drive. If you own a computer, and who doesn’t these days, you’ll likely be familiar with HDDs. They consist of two platters with magnetic surfaces. The platters rotate at very high speeds. Read/write heads in the drive mechanism either read or write data to the disk.

SSD stands for solid state disk (or solid state disk drive). The name comes from a term in the electronics industry that refers to circuitry built entirely of semiconductors. In the context of computer drives, the term SSD refers to the fact that storage is done through semiconductors rather than the magnetic media used on a hard drive. Because they do not rely on spinning platters, SSD drives contain no moving parts.

Storagesearch.com describes SSD as follows: “… the storage medium is not magnetic (like a hard disk) or optical (like a CD) but solid state semiconductor such as battery backed RAM, EPROM or other electrically erasable RAM-like chip.”

Now that you understand the differences, you might be wondering what any of this has to do with digital signage players.

Data Storage Methods and Digital Signage Players

The type of memory used in your digital signage player can have a tremendous impact on life span and performance.

Consider the mechanics of a typical HDD and you’ll understand why. With all of those moving parts, wear and tear is inevitable. Some experts estimate HDD lifespan to be about 3 years.

On the other hand, SSD drives can last up to ten years, an important consideration when you are investing a significant sum in your digital signage player. Typical SSD Flash chips have around 300,000 write cycles (the number of times data can be copied to them), but some have up to one million write cycles. Most chips also include a “wear-leveling” algorithm that balances the data storage across all of the blocks in the drive.

Response time is another area where HDD and SSD differ. When data is retrieved from a hard disk drive, the motor needs to start so the platters can spin and the heads can read the data. All of those mechanics take time, which makes data retrieval from an HDD much slower than from an SSD. Mark Kyrnin, writing about SSD on about.com, cites a study using laptops that showed a 20% speed increase on SSD versus HDD.

With their many tiny moving parts, hard drives are also very fragile. There is a higher risk of mechanical breakdown in digital signage players using HDD, and a small glitch is all it takes to bring down an entire digital signage network.

Although the technology is superior, users of digital signage players may find the cost of SSD something of an issue. SSD drives are more expensive than HDD, even when you factor in the costs of repairing and replacing hard disk drives. Despite costs, according to Digital Signage Today, most experts still prefer SSD for digital signage players, and they certainly see SSD as the way of the future.

As with all computer technology, new efficiencies are being developed to lower the cost of SSD and make it more affordable for retailers of all sizes. When the economics become more manageable, SSD is expected to dominate the market for digital signage players because of its longer life span and better reliability.

About the Author
For more information on digital signage contact http://www.ek3.com/digital-merchandising-products/digital-signage.htm

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Why is metro or "WAN" Ethernet the future of computing?

Written by oneself on 6:31 PM

by S.Sullivan

Ethernet is a fairly new type of broadband usually confined to a particular building or dense metro area. Although ethernet technology has been in use since the 1970s within local area networks, it only recently has been in use as a wide area network transmission medium as well.

Ethernet for broadband can be delivered over fiber optic cables installed throughout an entire building (also known as "lit" or "on-net") which can substantially reduce normal provisioning time for clients residing in that building. But the main advantage is that ethernet over fiber can be run at native speeds of 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps (also known as Gig E), which is a major leap forward compared to traditional forms of accessing bandwidth.

In the past, ethernet was just a protocol used to transport the "data", so limitations of the underlying transport mechanism applied. For example Ethernet-over-T1 (via copper) operated at a maximum data rate of 1.544 Mbps, and Ethernet-over-DS3 operated at a max of 45 Mbps. Now because of the fact that new equipment specially made for extending ethernet's range have entered the market, limitations have been significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. It's now possible to augment and lengthen the bandwidth of a fiber lit building by using ordinary copper wires, via a new concept termed as Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC) or Ethernet-over-Serial/DS1 (EoS). This is speculated to revolutionize the industry if/when it becomes widely supported by the fiber carrying telcos. Ethernet provides significant cost savings over SONET, ATM, or Frame Relay circuits, and is the best technology for support of IP applications.

Over time, Metro Ethernet will overwhelm SONET in the MAN/WAN market. Ethernet is cheaper, has better economies of scale and allows for simpler, more unified networks. Ethernet is at the gates, and it's coming in. The market for managed Metro Ethernet services is expected to grow by 30 per cent a year until 2010, when it will top $25 billion worldwide.

Shaun Sullivan Telecommunications Broker/Consultant Ph: (512) 342-2173 TF: (877) 993-2804 info@telecommunicationserviceprovider.com http://www.telecommunicationserviceprovider.com/ Check and see if your building qualifies for Metro Ethernet here: http://www.telecommunicationserviceprovider.com/service_quote.html

About the Author

Telecommunications Broker/Consultant: Partnered with over two dozen carriers such as: AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, XO, Level 3, Paetec, Sprint, Global Crossing, etc.

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Flash Memory and How it Works

Written by oneself on 6:25 PM

Whether you are someone who is interested in learning about flash memory or you are simply looking for a good solution as to how to back up your data quickly and easily, you will find that flash memory is an easy subject to grasp and understand.

For many professionals who are working in this line of work, the use of flash memory has been a real 'life saver' so to speak, but chances are, very few of these people could actually tell you how these handy devices work.
Take a look below at some of the essentials of flash memory and what it can do for you.

The first point that you need to know about flash memory is that it is considered non-volatile; that is, although it can be easily erased and reprogrammed, no energy is needed to make sure that the information stays onto the drive. You will find that the information that can be accessed on the flash memory drive can be accessed very quickly. In addition, this means that flash memory is resistant to shock and as a result has proved that it is one of the best tools around for carrying data or transferring it.

When you think about flash memory, you will find that this is technology that is often used in memory cards and USB flash drives. This means it can be used for general storage and for the transfer of files between computers.

For instance, if you find that you have a great deal of information stored on one of your computers and would like to transfer some of this information to another, you will find that instead of having to connect the two computers together physically, you will simply be able to plug the flash drive in, copy or transfer the information to the flash drive and put that information onto the new computer. This can be extremely handy if you find you need to move between computers on a regular basis.

When taking a look at how flash memory works, you will find that it stores the information that it has in a range of memory cells. These cells store one bit of information, although there are several types of newer flash memory cards available that will allow you to use multi-cell devices, which will allow you to store a lot more information. This technology is easy to write to and to write over and you will find that it is this that essentially makes flash memory so useful.

When you are looking for examples of flash memory, you will find there are some which will include your computer's BIOS chip, the memory stick on your digital camera and on your video game consoles, (just to name a few). When you are thinking about storage and transfer of your data, you may very well already be thinking of flash memory!
Take some time to think about how this highly versatile technology can work for you at home or at work.

About the Author
Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For logo branded USB Flash Drives, he recommends Flashbay.com.

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Samsung Armani & Sony Ericsson C905: Rising in the market

Written by oneself on 5:47 AM

Mobile phone is a device which has become a necessity these days. It has become so popular and essential that almost everyone owns it. With the diverse kinds of mobile phone users, even the needs are different. Every customer looks for a particular feature in a mobile phone. Some people need good music and speaker quality, some people look for a classy design, some want a good camera and so on. However, most of the customers look for all these features in a compact and stylish mobile phone. Many mobile phones manufacturing companies design and produce these gadgets to satisfy the needs of the customers and among the popular ones are the two very popular names in this sector- Samsung and Sony Ericsson. This article is a discussion on the two very elegant, sophisticated and powerful mobile phones- Samsung Armani & Sony Ericsson C905.

The Samsung Armani is a very stylish touchscreen mobile phone which is loaded with powerful and interactive features and functionalities. This device has all that one can ask for in a communicating device. The designer name attached to it makes it even more appealing and desirable. Giorgio Armani is a very famous and designer brand name. This hand-held device is a 2G network GSM enabled phone with a smart and classy body. The dimensions of this phone is 87.5 x 54.5 x 10.5 mm which makes it extremely compact and pocket friendly. In addition to this, it has a net weight of only 85 grams. This phone has a 2.6 inches wide TFT touchscreen which has the capacity to display 256K colours with the help of the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

This handset delivers an amazing and very dependable battery back up. It uses the Standard battery, Li-ion 880 mAh, to provide the users with the uninterrupted and continuous talk time of 6 hours and a standby of 220 hours. The camera of this phone is blessed with 3.2 megapixels which has the capacity to display images with the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which captures extremely grainless and aesthetically pleasing photographs. This phone is also equipped with a MP3 Player which also supports other formats like ACC and ACC+. This phone has a Document viewer (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS) which enables the user to view these file formats easily. It has a 60 MB embedded memory with the capacity expand the memory as per requirement. It supports the microSD (TransFlash) memory card.

On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson C905 is a phone built with a slider mechanism. This phone can easily be called light in weight and heavy in features. It is a 3G network GSM enabled mobile phone with the latest HSDPA technology. This handset is designed with the dimensions of 104 x 49 x 18-19.5 mm which makes it extremely convenient to carry in a hand and smoothly slide in the pocket. This device has the net weight of 136 grams. It is crafted with a 2.4 inches wide TFT screen which has the ability to display 256K colours. This makes it very bright and colourful to look at. The display becomes even more lively with the when it is complimented with the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. In addition to this, it also has an Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate.

This phone flaunts 8 megapixels camera which is supposed to be a great achievement. This feature has been appreciated worldwide. Such a nice camera quality is generally found in the high-end digital cameras available in the market. This features is accompanied by the resolution of 3264x2448 pixels which makes the images look brighter than ever. Moreover, it also has features like autofocus, image stabiliser, xenon flash to enhance the picture quality further. It has a unique function of Camera images geo-tagging too. This phone has a Built-in GPS receiver which helps the user in never getting lost again. It directs the user to the desired destination without any hassles of carrying maps, etc. A-GPS function is the advanced version in which there is voice instruction for direction.

About the Author

Alana Donna is an expert author. For more information about cheap mobile phone deals and Samsung Phones, please visit website.

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HTC Shift - the ultimate mobile broadband device!

Written by oneself on 2:11 PM

By:Mark Bonnett


In a world where broadband internet access is everyone's goal, one device rules them all: the awesome HTC Shift.

Due to be released on Orange very soon, the HTC Shift is all set to shake up the world of mobile broadband, because it is, simply, the ultimate all-in-one solution. Combining all the good stuff of a UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC, to the unitiated) with a built-in HSDPA modem, it's the perfect tool for getting the internet on the move.

Features of the HTC Shift

Known round the world as an Ultra-Mobile PC, or a sub-laptop, the HTC Shift is an absolute powerhouse of a device. The trap many are going to fall into, though, thinking it's a mobile phone. Because it's not, it won't do phone calls (and dear lord, if it was, that'd be one BIG mobile phone!) What we have here is essentially a laptop in a squashed-down body. You know it's a fully featured PC, because it comes complete with Windows Vista Business, the latest in the long line of Windows operating systems, designed to give you all the grunt and power of a what you might call a 'proper' laptop. But combined with that, it also includes a stripped down version of Windows Mobile. Why, you may ask? Well, once you've finished using one of the many programs in Vista, you just switch it to mobile mode, and you get a lot of functionality, and you get your messages, without Vista being left on, draining the battery. That's just an awesomely clever thing for HTC to have built into the Shift.

And then, of course, you have a long, long list of other features. You have full Office functionality, you have full internet functionality and of course, full email functonality. So, whether you're using the HTC Shift for work, rest or play, it will instantly shift (geddit?) into whatever gear you need! Add in to that a massive 7 inch screen, and security in the form of biometrics (fingerprint scanner, the ultimate in security, to you and me), and it makes the HTC Shift one hell of a powerful device.

Mobile broadband - the future!

But the HTC Shift mobile PC's real party trick is mobile broadband. At speeds of up to 3.6Mbps. Built in. Just imagine that for a second. You're out on the train, trying to organise tickets to go see a film after work. The cinema's automated booking service is a nightmare. But you're not worried, because you have an HTC Shift, so you change it from Windows Mobile to Vista mode (a process that takes all of, ooh one button-press!), and book the tickets online. And then jump on Messenger and tell your friend the tickets are booked without having to pay for a phone call.And all the time you do it, you'll be getting that lovely warm feeling inside, knowing that with mobile broadband, you're getting internet speeds twice as fast as the average your friends get, sat at home!

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 - The inside scoop

Written by oneself on 6:09 AM

By:Mark Malone

The BlackBerry 9000 surprises. The new 9000 is elegant, sleek and provides unmatched functionality for business while making simply daily tasks a snap with more features than ever.

The new BlackBerry 9000 supports the latest in communication technologies such as HSDPA high-speed networks. It of course supports WI-Fi as would be expected and boasts built in GPS capabilities and several multimedia features.

With a satin chrome frame, black casing and leatherette backplate the BlackBerry 9000 shouts style and professionalism. A newly designed full keyboard makes the new BlackBerry Bold smartphone easier than ever to use.

The BlackBerry 9000 in particular is better than ever before. The HSDPA support and 802.11 a/b/g Wi-fi capabilities mean one thing for streaming video, loading web pages and downloading email attachments: speed. With a processor of 624MHz, two times that of the cousin curve, it outperforms any other handheld device on the market. It also features 128MB flash memory and

1GB onboard memory. A microSD/SDHC slot allows the user to add even more memory if desired. As you’d come to expect from Blackberry you get great applications like email, web browsing, an organizer and great messaging capabilities.

Some are calling the BlackBerry 9000s display panel the best ever seen on a mobile device: 480×320 half VGA resolution! This is a color LCD which is actually fused to the lens, meaning unparalleled image quality. Pictures are sharp and lifelike, videos play just as smoothly as on your PC and documents, messages and webpages are sharp and readable.

This incredible display quality combined with the latest generation of browser, the BlackBerry 9000 is made for the web. The trackball fills the functionality of a mouse, allows zooming on portions of web pages and the BlackBerry 9000 also allows users to decide whether they see the full website content or mobile version of a page, if available. Downloading attachments is now supported with the updated browser and streaming video using RTSP standards.

Not only for the business professional, the BlackBerry 9000 can perform numerous entertainment duties as well. You can now record video with the 2meg camera with 5 times zoom and flash. Watch photos, sideshows and movies in full screen mode with the new media player! The headsets speakers provide a surprisingly rich, full sound and the BlackBerry 9000 even has equalization software for when it is plugged into external speakers or headphones. The EQ has 11 presets designed for different styles of music to get just the right sound.

Managing music and video files is breeze with the Roxio media manager included in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager suite. Also included is Roxio Photosuite 9 LE, allowing the user to create photo albums, even enhance photos instantly. You can sync your iTunes collection with the new BlackBerry Media Sync application.0 support means you can transfer files form your PC to your BlackBerry Bold smartphone in a flash.

Another great feature is the integrated GPS, which can be used even while making a call. The BlackBerry Bold can tell you exactly where you are and with the BlackBerry Maps application, can tell you how to get where you’re going too.

State of the art acoustic design has gone into the BlackBerry 9000, giving the receiver a larger audio “sweet spot"; this means greater clarity for your calls. Voice Activated Dialing is also included, as is Bluetoth 2.0 support which makes for truly hands off operation.

A host of convenient extras are includes, such as a travel charger, carrying case, stereo headset and USB interface cable. BlackBerry 9000 users can personalize their phones with backplates of different colors. With a rechargeable 1500 mAhr battery you get 5 hours of talk time and 13 days of standby.

Have you decided to buy one yet? I know I have...visit http://www.cheapblackberrybold.com for more information


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Know These First Before Buying 3G iPhone

Written by oneself on 9:16 PM

By: Gerardo Medina

Apple Inc.'s 3G iPhone is now out in the market. With its release comes the opportunity for all of us to have a hands-on feel of the latest communication wonder. Before packing our bags and get ready to rush to the line, it would be best to consider a few things.

Recent 3G iPhone reviews:

The Price
The buzz about these 3G iPhones suddenly becomes an apple to the senses knowing that on top of being faster, it is "half the price" of the older version. What about the service plan? It's now $70 per month compared to the original $60 a month (exclusive of the text plan). This only means that you are gonna pay an extra for the text messaging plan depending on the package that you are taking.

iPhone User?
If you are currently using an iPhone and still under an existing plan, you will be able to upgrade to the newer version by paying an early upgrade fee which will add up to the price of the latest edition depending on whether you are considering an 8GB or a 16GB model.

According to reviews, the latest 3G iPhone needs some improvements on its copy/paste and saving files function. Another thing is that the phone's camera being a high-end product, fall a little short of the expectations.

Battery life
Due to the use of the 3G network, the new iPhone batteries drains a lot faster and based on stress tests the batteries last shorter than what they claim.

This time....the Good News!
Great Sound Quality
The new 3G iPhone prides itself to belong to those that produces the best sound quality in the phone industry today.

App Store of Apple
The new Apple App Store is gaining popularity fast. This gives the user the ability to get thirt-party apps without hacking it. This is really great and getting access to an app to compensate whatever feature the new 3G iPhone is lacking is just perfect! The store is available to both 3G and non-3G iPhones.

Advancement in the world of technology is in itself constantly in a race and the market entry of the latest 3G iPhone of Apple Inc. is a work of art. As mentioned earlier, despite the missing or lacking features of the product, the Apple App Store will always be there to fill in. Now it's time to rush to the lines just be sure to check the website first (Apple Inc.) for news and unit availability.

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The Author is a fan of the Technology and Gadgets World. http://downloads.pinurl.com

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Nokia 6300 - Simple and Stylish

Written by oneself on 6:36 AM

Nokia periodically releases new mobiles ranging from basic phones to highly sophisticated phones. It produces phones in Multimedia series, Enterprise series, Gaming series, Communicator and many more. To retain the market and to obtain new customers Nokia produces mobiles in all budgets and with varied features periodically.

Nokia 6300 is a stylish mobile with great looks, and advanced technologies. This phone has good multimedia capability, and connectivity options. This phone is handy for surfing, playing, communicating and lots more. This beautiful stylish mobile is available in four attractive colours like Silver, Black, Red-Silver and White - Silver.

The dimensions are 106.4 x 43.6 x 11.7 mm and weighs 91 grams. The stainless steel casing adds style to the phone. The main attraction of this phone is well proportionate keypad. The screen provides 16.7 million colours on TFT display. It has built in memory of 7.8 MB and you cannot expect much from it, but the memory can be expanded up to 2 GB with the help of a MicroSD card.

The 2 Mega pixel camera is good for capturing images and videos, the camera offers an amazing 8X digital zoom. The user can capture, save and share the images and videos. The camera offers a very high resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The video recording is done in QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) which allows the user to record videos at a reasonably good resolution of 176 x 144 pixels. It provides the freedom to change the ringing tones and also allows us to create ring tones. The phone is capable of playing 64 voice polyphonic sound, MP3, MIDI and true tone ringing tones. Nokia 6300 also enables you to set the video ring tones. The users can store music in various popular formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H263 & H264. The FM radio and music player are ready for the music lovers. The phone also has flight mode which allows the user to use the mobile in areas such as hospital, flights, and other restricted areas where the usage of mobile phones are prohibited.

Nokia 6300 is backed with second generation technology. This tri band mobile is available in 2 flavors one is GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 for European countries and another one is GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900 for US. The various connectivity options available for Nokia 6300 are class 10 GPRS which offers download speed in the range of 32 to 48 kbps, class 10 EDGE which offers download at the rate of236.8 kbps. This must be satisfactory for most of the applications like browsing. Nokia 6300 features the Bluetooth version 2.0 to transfer and share the files between the mobiles, PC or any other compatible device. If you need more bandwidth to transfer the files between your PC and Nokia 6300 you can use the mini USB port.

The powerful Li - Ion 860 mAH (BL - 4C) battery provides sufficient energy to keep the phone alive in standby mode for 264 hours and can support 3.5 hours of talk time. As a result, the users can enjoy the charm of sharing files at high speed. It is possible because of EDGE and GPRS. The built in Bluetooth technology provides data transfer with other devices. It includes other standard function of the normal phone like calendar, alarm clock, remainders, messaging service and internet browser.

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How to Quickly Perform a Clean Reinstall of Windows XP

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Many people find themselves wanting to perform a clean reinstall of windows XP. However, most people immediately give up even before they start. This is because the reinstallation process could seem a bit complicated. But if you are presented with a quick and simple step-by-step guide, reinstalling windows XP is not difficult at all.

Before you start performing the clean reinstall, there are things you have to do first. First, list down all the hardware and software that you use. If your system is newly built, then you should already have a list of your hardware. If you don't know what hardware your system is using, you can go online to get a listing of your system specifications. Then, you can also visit the manufacturer's website to check if there are drivers for your hardware. Important drivers include scanners, printers, pen tables, and so on. Also check for software compatibility. Usually, driver disks are shipped along with the hardware for newly built systems. Another option is using Windows 2000 drivers. Once you made a list of these, it's time to create copies of any existing data and other important programs.

Now, you're ready to do a clean install for Windows XP. First, change your CMOS settings of the BIOS for the boot order to boot from the CD. Once done, you can then boot your PC using the Installation CD.

After you have changed the boot order in the CMOS settings of your BIOS, save the changes, and then reboot your PC. Your installation CD should already be placed inside the CD-ROM. You will then be prompted to press certain keys to directly boot from CD-ROM emulation, usually the space bar. Do what the prompt says.

The installation will then begin copying the preliminary setup files to your PC. This might take some time, so be patient. Once completed, you can then start directing the install process.

You will be asked whether you want to do a new installation, repair and existing installation or quit. Since you want to do a clean reinstall, press the key corresponding to "perform a new installation". Agree to the terms of agreement once you have read it.

Then, decide on which partition of your hard drive you want to install Windows XP on. Just remember to keep partitions within reasonable size. A tip is to use multiple partitions of 4 to 8GB, and if possible, on more than just one hard drive.

Once that is decided, it's time to format. You can format the partition either to NTFS, which is recommended for single OS install, or FAT32. Choose to do a full format. Once the partition is formatted, the setup program will automatically start copying files. Again, this could take some time so use it to take a break.

Afterwards, select your region and language, type in your name and organization and key in your product license key. Name the computer, type in an Admin password, and remember to take note of the password for future reference. Then, enter the accurate date and time. Select your network settings. If you are using a dhcp server to assign IP addresses, leave it automatic. But if you have static IP address for broadband Internet access, then use the settings provided by your ISP. Choose a domain name or workgroup, and register your copy of Windows XP (after installing all hardware on your system). Log in, update drivers, and you're done!

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