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After a long waiting, the HTC Touch Diamond phone is released with much zeal in the world market. This phone caters to every need of the buyer. When its features, size and facilities are considered the handset is known to meet the tough competition of comparison with other high end phones. This device has dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm.

As the HTC mobile has the capability to connect on 2G as well as 3G networks so it is possible for people to use it for transferring data easily. The gadget is light and that eases its carrying capability. This mobile is fitted with a lot of extra-ordinary features. It includes high resolution screen, 3.15 MP camera, a music player and stereo FM radio. Connectivity is further exalted in this gadget with the option of several optional methods to connect. This mobile can be used for both professional as well as entertainment reasons.

An impressive part of the handset is its TFT screen that measures 2.8 inches. This screen gives 480 x 640 pixels and it displays 64 colours. The control features of the mobile include the Touchflo technology. It provides users with a 3D swipe facility that helps in navigation. This screen is also capable to detect the uniqueness of one's handwriting. Besides fascinating videos and pictures can be watched on this screen. Fabulous games can also be played with ease.

The HTC Touch Diamond is known for its polyphonic and MP3 ringtones that come preloaded. It is also true that the users can download such ringtones easily from the internet and store them on the phone's memory. There is the vibration facility too if one does prefer to use the ringtones at all times. As the gadget has 4 GB memory space, so it is possible for people to store ringtones, unlimited contacts, images, wallpapers, music files and video files. The phone has music playing capability in the form of music player capable of playing in all popular formats. Then there is also the FM radio for playing of amazing programs in presence of the radio jockey. The users can also play games on this device that are high definition ones.

The 3.15 MP camera can capture pictures at 2048 x 1536 pixels. It ensures users the possibility of photography with this device. The auto-focusing and video recording capability is more enduring and helps people to make use of the camera for achieving high goals. Photographs can be clicked and saved whenever the user is on a vacation or tour to a holiday destination. It becomes a remembrance for lifetime.

This mobile can also connect with other similar devices with various options. The options are in the form of Bluetooth, USB, 3G, GPRS and EDGE. It is the reason why people can transfer files to other devices very easily. It enables sharing of music, videos and pictures with others instantly.

The WAP browser of the HTC Touch Diamond plays a vital role in internet surfing and downloading of files. The users can access the net and penetrate into it to access any website. The users can then download the required items from the website. The Li-Ion battery of the mobile gives the option of net surfing for longer duration. This is because it offers 285 hrs of standby time and 5 hrs 30 mins of talktime.

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