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A Sampling Of The Hottest Electronic Gadgets

Written by oneself on 5:13 AM

By: Richard A. Green

Every season brings a new crop of electronic gadgets and widgets of all sorts. Some of the hottest new electronic gadgets this spring are not yet available in stores in the United States, but with the Internet, one can get a jump on learning about them and purchasing some of them. These gadgets cover a wide range of prices from very affordable to high end.

Ultimate Electronics for Geeks

Flash drives are almost indispensable and they are capable of holding more data all the time and the prices have dropped dramatically. Now, these little gadgets are becoming fashion accessories as well. They are now available in specific Pantone colors, Lego blocks, sports balls, and mimobots to name a few.

Another handy gadget for the portable computing set is a new hand-held slimline color scanner. With 400 dpi resolution and enough memory to store hundreds of pages of text, photos, and graphics, the DocuPen scanner is perfect for any office on the go.

And the techies at Apple are continuing to wow folks with electronic gadgets that are both stylish and functional. The i-Pod and its spin-offs are hot sellers because they are fun, compact, and hold a lot of music and other types of media files. The new MacBook Air has created a stir of excitement. It’s packed with power but is slim enough to fit in an envelope making it very portable.

Electronic Equipment: State-of-the-Art Cell Phones

Cell phones and PDAs continue to be hot gadgets with each company offering new and different bells and whistles or imitating others. The i-Phone looks hot and is spawning copycats everyday. The i-Phone is also being designed into a new model with a clear clamshell cover but we don’t know yet when it will be available to consumers.

For hands-free use of a cell phone, PDA, or media player there are a couple of cool new devices coming out. Jabra has an interesting looking bluetooth set. The BT3030 resembles a dog tag. It comes with bluetooth 2.0+EDR, HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP support, and six buttons for sending / ending calls and controlling music playback, as well as volume control. And Tonino Lamborghini has designed a lightweight Bluetooth headset that comes with the legendary bull logo. The Lamborghini Bello weighs less than 9 grams and offers 6 hours of talk time or 160 hours of standby time.

The Blackbery Pearl is now available for AT&T users. This pocket-sized gadget is more than a phone. It comes with a 2 megapixel camera that is video capable, a headphone jack , Quadband GSM/EDGE connectivity, WiFi support, Push-to-talk, GPS navigation, memory card slot, and bluetooth.

American Hifi with Internet Radio

Another way to stay connected is with Sagem’s new WiFi enabled Internet radio and clock. In addition to thousands of Internet-based radio stations, this unit also features an FM radio, digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions and even a remote control.

Solar Clocks – Electronic Equipment

Green-minded gadget geeks will like the Quantys solar-powered clock. It comes with a built-in smoke detector and the company claims it will run for a year on its battery.

Another new gadget is perfect for cyclists. Battery-free Pedalites are powered through cycling energy and provide 360-degree lighting, ensuring that cyclists can be seen from the side as well as the front and back. Another bonus is that the lights stay on for up to five minuets after pedaling has stopped.

Computer Game Stations

And there is always something for the couch potato, too. Amidst the slew of games including the Wii, X-Box, Playstations, and a variety of hand-held games that are all hot sellers.

While You Use the Hottest Electronic Gadgets – Don’t Forget the Lawn

For the person who’s too engaged with their new gadgets to go outside, there is also a remote control sprinkler. The Remote Rain Water Control allows you to water your lawn while you relax in your favorite deck chair with a key-fob remote.

For more information on these and many other hot electronic gadgets, go online and do a little surfing. Sell or purchase electronic equipment at http://www.HighEndCrazy.com.

About the Author
Richard Green is a Civil Engineer who has been active in residential, commercial and industrial construction and development for over 30 years. Richard is currently developing an office park and townhouse project in Asheville NC. Visit http://www.highendcrazy.com or email ashmount@aol.com.

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The New Genre of Free Audio Books

Written by oneself on 4:50 AM

By Steve Hill

A new way of learning a new skill, keeping up with a new exercise workout, or developing your self-confidence has arrived. A large number of people are turning to audio books to help them get the best out of their lives. An inspirational story can push people to new heights in their workouts. Several free audio book downloads are available now through many different online sites. These books can help take the grind out of your workout and help you release some stress.

Many books are tailored specifically to helping you attain your workout goals. These free audio books are a great way to find more enjoyable ways of working out. In addition, these free audio books are available for download to your computer, MP3, iPod, or PDA. This is a terrific, convenient way to have your book available even when your hand may not be free. These books are also a great way to shorten a long drive or keep your children occupied on vacation.

If you have not exercised much before, these are a great way to help you get started off in the right direction. Many of these free audio books will walk you through your new workout regime with step by step instructions. Some of the audio books are now implementing music as well; to either pump you up or help you relax. This is adding to a great additional bonus to working out. If you are in the right mind frame, you are more likely to keep up with your workouts.

If you can focus on your exercises and not the clock, you can listen to the audio book and often become so involved that you may not realize you passed your goal. Many times, our self-esteem takes a hit if we give up or quit our exercise program. Completing your exercise program is one way of seeing yourself as a capable and healthy person.

You might also listen to free audio books that are inspirational. You can download audio books related to fitness and health, and even yoga. No more excuses about not having time to read or workout. This will help you combine the best of both worlds and turn your exercise time into a win-win situation. You can improve your body and your mind, leading to better self esteem, as well as emotional and mental well being.

Steve Hill is a webmaster from Birmingham, he has interests in a number of websites including: stuttering

free mp3 audio books

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Fiber Optic Cable Configurations 101

Written by oneself on 5:46 AM

By Colin Yao

Many fiber optic patch panels use ST connectors. But modern data communication and telecommunication equipment adapt SC fiber connectors as the first choice.

However, this does not pose ta problem in most situations. Why not? Because fiber optic patch cables are available with ST-ST connectors, SC-SC connectors and SC-ST connectors.

It is the same solution for most other fiber optic connector types such as FC, LC, MTRJ, MU, SMA 905 and SMA 906 or even E2000. But it is a good practice to use the shortest cable possible to reduce the amount of slack in the cable, thus reducing the number of loops in the cable and reducing the possibility of violating the minimum bend radius.

:: Fiber cable types in fiber optic communication industry

Fiber optic cables are divided into two types: single mode fiber and multimode fiber. In addition to this categorization, fiber cables can also be categorized by how it is sheathed.

1. Loose tube fiber

A buffer tube is a protective sheath in which individual strands of optical fibers are encased. This is called a loose tube fiber cable.

Loose tube fiber cables are usually designed for outdoor applications. They may contain water-blocking gel in the tube to protect the cables from moisture, extreme environmental temperature and other hazards.

Loose tube cables can withstand aerial as well as underground installation.

2. Tight buffer fiber4

A single strand optical fiber can be enclosed in a 900um buffer sheathing. This 900um buffer is called tight buffer. Kevlar strands can be included to provide additional protection from the environment and also for fiber cable pulling.

Tight buffered fibers are usually for indoor applications. But they can be encased in additional fiber jacket to make outdoor applications too.

Colin Yao is an expert on fiber optic communication technology and products. Learn even more about ST patch cable, LC ST patch and ST ST patch on Fiber Optics For Sale Co. web site.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Colin_Yao

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What is Inside WiMAX Technology (802.16)

Written by oneself on 7:00 AM

by Shafqat Zia

WiMAX technology is identified as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access; it is formed in June 2001 to encourage conformance and interoperability of the WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) standard, officially known as Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN). WiMAX technology intended to offer wireless data in a related fashion as compare to WiFi but on a outsized level and speed, therefore building national wireless networks with ease.

The driving forces behind WiMAX technology are link-to-multilink microwave networks from organizations for instance Alcatel and Siemens stay alive for years. Alternatively WiMAX offers a consistent technology according to its standard. WiMAX technology open loom could let product manufacturers make revenues of scale via producing number of WiMAX products & components to single IEEE 802.16 standard, this also allow component manufacturers buy low-cost, standards compliant components from rival component providers. This would defiantly help existing wireless service providers.

In addition, service providers lacking a mobile network can start a WiMAX technology network at comparatively stumpy price. WiMAX technology would also allow interoperability among different systems. WiMAX technology will offer high data speed network connections and in this manner serve as a backhaul for WiFi LAN (WLAN) hot spots, where people on the move can access carriers' WiFi services on mobile technology basis. WiMAX technology possibly will offer a much cheaper, easier to build network infrastructure other than the physical medium of WiFi backhauls that cable, T1 or DSL systems presently offer. These issues, together with user's requirements for broadband facilities, will offer the grounds to markets to grow with WiMAX and wireless-broadband. However, the WiMAX technology faces some solid challenges ahead of it can become commonly accepted by users.

Because WiMAX is based on IEEE 802.16 Standard and HiperMAN, the IEEE and ETSI have each become accustomed it's standard to take in many of the other's essential characteristics. IEEE 802.16 standard partitioned its MAC (Medium Access Control) layer into sub-layers that hold some different transport equipments and technologies, together with Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6 and other asynchronous transfer mode. This allows traders to use WiMAX technology it doesn't matter about what technology they support for transmission. WiMAX technology has a wide communication range up to 50 kilometres because principles allows WiMAX network to transfer data at higher rates and because of this move towards use of directional antennas that generates persistent radio signals. WiMAX base station provide service to only 500 users at a time not more than that just because to they are sharing bandwidth and this factor may result in lower date rates among. Technically every single station will possibly provide communication an area inside a 10 miles radius. On the other hand WiFi has a range of only a few hundred feet while other third generation mobile networks have the range of few thousand feet.

As compare to other wireless standards their address broadcastings over particular frequency range, WiMAX network allocates data communication over several broad signal frequency ranges. The capacity to work in several ranges makes the most of the technology's ability to communicate above the frequencies that will evade interference with other wireless network applications. WiMAX system's communication date rate and range differ a lot depending on implementation usage of frequency bands. These advantages of flexibility allow providers to employ different frequencies that depend on the speed and range needed for a particular data communication. The WiMAX technology attains higher data transmission rates in part by OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). OFDM amplifies data capacity and bandwidth via dividing broad capacity channels to many narrowband channels; every channel uses different frequencies that can transmit different pieces of a message at the same time.

The spaces between channels are extremely close mutually other than avoiding intervention as nearby channels are orthogonal to each other and therefore no overlapping between them. The primary IEEE 802.16 standard uses the 10 to 66 GHz frequency range. On those higher frequencies WiMAX network needed a straight line of sight among senders & receivers. This factor shrinks the multi path distortion that arises when transmitting signals not follow the line of sight echoed of outsized items and finish off out of organization, in this manner jumbling the inbound communication and reducing bandwidth. Dropping multi path distortion could therefore enhance the bandwidth. In theory WiMAX network can offer single channel data rates up to 75 Mbits/s equally on the downlink and uplink. Service providers can use several 802.16 channels for single broadcast to offer bandwidths of up to 350 Mb per second.

The accepted IEEE 802.11b WiFi WLAN technology data rate are limited to 11Mbps, on the other hand newer 802.11a and 802.11g provide upto 54Mbps in favourable conditions but practically all of the them transmit at lesser speed. Third generation mobile network technologies will support around 115 Kbps.

As far as security is concerned in WiMAX technology it uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) authentication, which transmit via digital certificates by identifying parties over trusted authorities. The IEEE 802.16 system encrypts data by using 56 bit DES (Data Encryption Standard) keys. In the meantime WiMAX network is extremely scalable as it is simple to include broadcast channels to offer extra bandwidth as required.

The expenditure of setting up wireless technology is significantly increases when the wireless services are supplied at higher frequencies as the line of sight constraints required the setting up of further antennas to cover up the equivalent geographical area. The available frequencies for new wireless standards such as IEEE 802.16 are normally higher as some of the other wireless technologies are more sought-after to lower ranges that have been approved for other use.

During the development of WiMAX technology, the WiMAX Forum has strongly supported and encourage the WiMAX technology, which involves a cluster of commercial leaders such as AT&T, Cisco, Samsung, Intel, and some others giants. The WiMAX forum group's workforce is comprised of many working groups that highly focused on regulatory, marketing, technological characteristics. WiMAX product certification program was extended by the certification working group which intends to certify interoperability among WiMAX products from manufacturers internationally. More on Free WiMAX Info

About the Author

S Zia is the technical editor of Articles on Mobile Computing & Wireless Technologies also Author of http://www.freewimaxinfo.com

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CPU Stress Test - Computers Get Stressed Also

Written by oneself on 5:18 AM

By Felix Nutter

In the IT industry it is not uncommon to hear someone talk about running a stress test on something. While a medical stress test is intended to check for abnormalities in the human heart an IT related stress test is something totally different. The two types of stress testing that you might hear discussed are software stress testing and CPU stress testing. Software stress testing is simply the tests that check a program for its ability to function under a heavy load. This includes it error handling, availability and anything that might be considered out of the norm for that program. A CPU stress test is slightly different.

Why Stress The CPU?

There are times when an IT professional will want to modify certain operating parameters of a CPU that they are working on. This may include such modifications as underclocking, overclocking, undervolting or overvolting. Underclocking allows computer programmers to run their CPU at a reduced speed which can lower or eliminate the need for a cooling fan. Overclocking is the complete opposite. The programmer is looking for more processing speed but is at risk for overheating. They may have to add another method of cooling the CPU so that it does not malfunction. Undervolting and overvolting are somewhat the same as clocking. Undervolting saves power and overvolting enhances performance.

Bring On The Test

When a programmer changes their settings in order to achieve on of these states there is a need to test the CPU to make sure that it can operate properly. There is a chance that heavy CPU loads may render the new parameters unsuitable. One of the best ways to check a CPU for this is to run a program that is very CPU-intensive. One of the most widely used programs is Prime95. The program is allowed to run for a long time to see whether or not the computer will crash or freeze up. One of the alternate names for CPU stress testing is called torture testing. One of the most important requisites for software suitable for stress testing is that they must run instructions that will use the entire CPU chip. Most programs only run a few units which make them very unsuitable.

A Word On CPU Stress Testing

If you are not a programmer by nature or by hobby then you should possibly avoid trying to place your CPU in a situation that will require stress testing. It is very easy when over or underclocking a CPU to mess up an entry and end up frying your CPU. It is equally as easy to overvolt your CPU and fry it as well. Undervolting might damage your CPU but not quite as easily as overvolting. If you would like to enhance the operating capacity of your CPU then you would be best served by taking your it to a programming professional. Make sure you get one who can guarantee their work however. This will ensure that you get your CPU back in as good if not better shape than when you sent it off.

Felix Nutter
Coach Life Training Uk

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Felix_Nutter

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Sony Ericsson W910i

Written by oneself on 8:41 AM

By: Caroline Telford

When deciding on a mobile phone there is several different factors that may play into your decision. These include what you will be using your mobile phone for. If you are on a business trip you want to have contact with your clients, your job, co-workers, and also your family. If you love music you will want a mobile phone that allows you hours of songs without changing a CD. If you want to manage your home using your mobile phone you will want a mobile phone that offers a calendar for appointments, task list, to do list, bill paying, stopwatch, calculator, and text messaging.

There is a mobile phone by Sony Ericsson that can offer you a little bit of everything and more. This is the Sony Ericsson W910i. This mobile phone can make life a little easier no matter what your reason is to use a mobile phone.

A digital camera is included in the mobile phone. It offers a 2.5 megapixel digital zoom so you can receive clear detailed pictures that you can share with others or turn them into your screen saver and contact photo. Enjoy picture blogging as well as video recording with this model.

Music is important to anyone and that is why the Sony Ericsson W910i comes with everything that you need to listen to the best tunes. You can enjoy music tunes downloaded from a MP3 format and more. Extra music features include the MegaBass, shake control, TrackID, playnow, Bluetooth stereo, and more. The shake control allows you to listen to your favourite tunes by pushing the walkman button and shake your wrist. The walkman player is the main look on this mobile phone.

Games are important to those who have to sit and wait. That is why you will enjoy the games already added to this mobile phone. You can also enjoy video streaming, games in 3D, sharing video clips, and more. You can download more games from safe sites to enjoy on your free time.

You can also keep in constant communication with friends, family, and co-workers through simple emails, multimedia messaging; text, audio, or video, voice recorder and sender, and SMS. This is a great feature when you have to make yourself notes but you don't have the time to write it all down. Now you don't have to. Talk your notes on the go.

Organization is important to everyone and the Sony Ericsson W910i comes with everything you need to organize your life. An alarm clock can be set at different times of the day so you can be reminded when it is time to do certain tasks. Make yourself notes to help you remember certain things in your day that need addressing, and a calendar to help you keep track of appointments. Organize your contacts in your contact book that will feature pictures beside of their number so you will know who you are talking to.

Check out all the mobile phone reviews online to find out if the Sony Ericsson W910i is right for you. Review Sony Ericsson W910i online to see pictures of the mobile phone. A Sony Ericsson W910i review will tell you how consumers viewed their mobile phone after they purchased it. This is a great way to be aware of simple or difficult problems that each phone may contain. Call your mobile phone dealer to find out what mobile phone deals are available for you.

About the Author:
Buy the Sony Ericsson W910i mobile phone today. Thousands of mobile phone deals to choose from.
Mobile Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline.com

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Apple Vs PC is No Longer Apples Vs Oranges!

Written by oneself on 5:18 AM


There are Mac people and there are PC people. The divide has essentially been one of taste and can be compared to the Pepsi vs. Coke divide. Mac is seen as optimal, even necessary for music compilation, video chatting and creative cool tasks of the like. Those who prefer PC are of the opinion that it is needed for serious computing and number crunching which could not be accomplished by an overpriced toy. These strong opinions have remained stagnant due to the dissimilar components being very difficult to compare. A logical comparison is now plausible due to products’ increasing similarities.

Previously, a factual comparison of fundamental characteristics was not possible due to the components being very different. Apple Macs are now migrating to Intel processors which enables a comparison of hardware. Furthermore, both manufacturer’s buy memory, hard drives and graphic cards from similar suppliers. And the operating systems are very different in style but are very similar in Internet, multimedia and productivity applications. The major difference lies in the system components designed to accomplish the same goals. PC vs. Mac components are as follows; Internet Explorer vs. Safari, Windows Media Center vs. Front Row, Photo Gallery vs. iPhoto, Backup and Restore Center vs. Time Machine.

The debate just about boils down to a matter of preference and style. Previously the price of Macs discouraged many buyers however, the playing field has leveled and prices are now similar. It is notable however, that Mac offers less of a variety so if Mac has not put together a system that will fit your particular needs than it may be more cost effective to go with a PC.

Across the great divide: MacBook Pro vs. the PC competition by Michele Thatcher is a comparison of Apple Mac Book Pro and the Acer Travel Mate 8200. The two computers were compared using eight different criteria and the following results were obtained. The Apple was more compact and lightweight. Brightness and color were more impressive on the Apple although text was crisper on the PC. The MacBook Pro also included hundreds of dollars of equivalent PC software. Acer overpowered the MacBook Pro with a profusion of ports, superfluity of slots, and competent connections. The Acer TravelMate 8200 also outran the Mac book pro on 5 out of 6 performance tests, including computer game graphics performance. The price difference was approximately 400 dollars with the Acer being less expensive. Battery life and Warrantee and Support were determined to be comparable. Since this report was published in 2006 the similarities which were already prevalent have increased.

Converting files from PC to Mac has been streamlined over the past few years with user friendly software. Programs that are found on both the PC and the Mac do not need additional software to transfer back and forth. Networking a PC and Mac is also living down it’s notoriously difficult reputation with the help of new applications. The easy conversion and competitive sales price is evidenced in it’s sales increase from 5.2% of the market share in the first quarter 2007 to 7.5% in the second quarter 2008.

The divide between the sleek, stylish cutting edge Apple Mac and the all business, efficient PC is ongoing. A logical comparison is now plausible due to products’ increasing similarities. These similarities include functionality and price coupled with the ease of conversion and networking results in an evolved perspective!

Educational Software and Games

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I have an extensive background in Finance and Fiscal Procedure. I also have a web business where I offer Computer Learning Software for Kids. I am very interested in the product itself as well as the subject matter that it involves. Please use the link above to visit us at The Software Spot! Thank you, Allison Merlino

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You Can Now Take Pictures From Your Watch!

Written by oneself on 7:14 AM

By: Daniel Millions

Many people enjoy personalized objects and gifts including photo watches. Photo watches are considered novelty watches that are suitable for different occasions. Photo watches can be personalized with personal photos that are displayed on the watch face. Although the photo watch is considered novelty, it can be manufactured using fine materials and accurate watch movements.

Generally, the best photos for a photo watch are close ups of the subject. A close up photo should be used because the space on the watch face is small. If a person or pet's picture is to be used, a photo which shows only the face and uppermost shoulders would be an appropriate choice. If a person's face is small in the photo and the photo has to be enlarged to fit the watch face better, the picture may lose details or become blurry.

The appearance of the photo should have enough contrast so that any facial or other small features are not lost in the rest of the photo. When the photo is placed on the watch face, the hands and face numbers are placed over the picture. The placement of the hands and numbers should be considered so that a photo's best features are not lost beneath these watch features. Up to two faces are best on a watch face photo since too many photos may not be recognizable after the hands and face numbers are placed on the watch face.

People will find that many photos are suitable for placement on a watch face. It can be hard to pick a favorite photo in some cases. Favorite subjects include family members, pets, special places, objects and people. Parents can buy a picture watch for their children, parents, friends or each other to commemorate a special relationship.

Pet owners, children included, will enjoy wearing a watch with their favorite pet's face on it. Instead of a photo, the customizable picture watches can be made with a company logo on the watch face. This enables a company to give gifts that are branded with their logo. The photo or picture watch is versatile when it comes to adding a favorite picture or business logo.

There are many photo watches available that can suit any style or color desired. It is possible to find a quality photo watch to suit different budgets. Photo watches are created with different styles such as formal, casual, sporty and teen. Photo watches are available for men, women and children. Photo watches may be created with a metal or plastic casing and the ability to use different materials in their construction adds to their range in prices.

Photo watches make a great surprise gift for someone else or a buyer can buy the photo watch as a special keepsake gift for him or herself. The photo watch can make a touching gift for the recipient when the personal photo on the watch face is chosen for its meaning to the wearer. Photo watches have many fans because of their versatility as a jewelry item.

About the Author
At BestSwiss you will find high quality Replica Watches including but not limited to Replica Rolex's.

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HDMI to Component

Written by oneself on 5:35 AM

Several people a day are searching for an interconnection solution by trying to connect HDMI to Component outputs through a cable for their high-definition equipment. Unfortunately, this isn't a matter of rearranging wires and having the right type of connector. There is a fundamental analog versus digital incompatibility problem similar to the upcoming digital broadcast TV switchover versus your current rabbit ears that receive analog broadcast signals. They aren't compatible and leave people confused just like the poor fellow in the commercial.

Analog and Digital Signals are Completely Different

Component video is based on an analog format. With analog signals, the voltage signal on the wire is in a wave format and how the wave changes in height is what is important. Theoretically it has an infinite number of values between zero and the maximum, somewhat like the variable windshield wipers I had on an old Thunderbird. With the HDMI or DVI format, these are based on digital signaling. Digital as you probably have heard, uses ones and zeros with a series of pulses all at the same height and they are either present or missing. At the other end, processing equipment reassembles the information. In a 4-bit binary coding, you can have 1 of 16 different values as 4 1's and 0's assembled as a group can have 16 different combinations. So equipment at the other end of the cable that is detecting signals and looking for analog sine waves would put out total gibberish if it just received pulses of 1's and 0's.

So What Are the Alternative?

Some solutions are very easy. If an HDMI or DVI output is available on both boxes, use those. The difference between DVI and HDMI is that HDMI caries the audio in addition to the video signals. But DVI is just as good and other than the expense of an extra audio cable, that will solve your problem. If you were trying to use the Component outputs because you already had the HDMI port tied up, they make HDMI switch boxes that are fairly inexpensive where you can plug multiple HDMI cables in on one side with one output on the other.

If you are trying to convert Component to HDMI because you heard HDMI is superior to Component cables, not so fast. There are several studies and arguments that show while HDMI cables and digital in theory might be superior, because there are so many potential conversions between different lines of resolution and formats from the origination of the signal until it finally is displayed on your TV, sometimes Component connections end up delivering a better signal and picture. This is especially true when cable lengths start exceeding 25 feet. So if you have the option, try both types of cables and see which one delivers the best picture.

If you are totally stuck for some reason and must convert from Component to HDMI cable, they do make converter boxes but they typically cost over $200. But if you are going the opposite way, even with these boxes you can run into High Definition Content Protection content protection restrictions and not be able to view HDCP protected sources.

So hopefully your HDMI to Component solution is simple to solve with one of the above HDMI or Component cable solutions. Or if all else fails, it makes a great excuse to go out and upgrade your equipment!

About the Author:
Vic Metten spends his days finding the best Buy hdmi cable and dvi-d cable for his clients. As a home theater system installer, Vic can hook up any system with an HDMI cable, a component video cable, or a dvi cable. He even knows the best places to buy an hdmi cable or component cable. After all, it's all part of the job

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5 Ways to Take Care of Your System After Your Best Computer Buy

Written by oneself on 7:06 AM

By Scott Jackson

You've just made the best computer buy that you have done in a long time. A real screaming hot system with plenty of ram and the new Vista operating system is something you have been dreaming of for a while. You begin exploring your system to find all the features this new baby has. Fast speeds, new graphics, new programs, widgets and tons of web surfing power are what you got in your new system. You feel like you just got a Ferrari. But remember, even those sports cars need tune-ups and maintenance every once in a while.

Web apps leave little cookies, adware, spyware and other bits of code. When you install and uninstall programs they leave parts of themselves on the computer, in the registry and the operating system folders. So you have to tune up your new system every once in a while and begin performing regular maintenance after you get your best computer buy.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Clean out the history and internet cache. This will free up valuable space on the hard drive and you browser will run smoother.

2. Defrag the system on a regular basis. Defragging puts all the files in a uniform order. It takes a while on larger hard drives but improves performance.

3. Use a registry program to clean and maintain the registry. This will remove those left over bits of code and correct active x problems and other registry quirks.

4. Scan for viruses. You should get a good virus and firewall program (many are available from very expensive to free programs) and scan on a regular basis to keep you computer running safely. You should also update the virus library quite often to keep up to protect your system.

5. Scan for adware and spyware. There are many good programs out there that will keep an eye on your system to protect you and your computer. They can rob you of computer performance and can even steal information off your system with really bad ones. You may not even know that you have them. Just visiting some sites or download some web apps will put them on your system.

You just spent a ton of cash on your best computer buy so you want it to last as long as possible. Protect and maintain your investment and it should last for a long time to come. You can set many of these safety procedures to automatically happen from your operating system and the program that you got with your computer or purchased to take care of them.

Down time due to bugs, little hard drive space and a ton of other preventable issues can cause you a ton of grief and headaches when a little preplanning and maintenance would have taken care of this.

Scott Jackson has been working and maintaining computers for over 20 years. He started with the old Comodor Vic 20 computers and has been building his own systems since. Stop by his page and give a try to a registry maintenance software he recommends. Try if for free and see if you need to have work done on your registry. To get the free scan visit: http://www.squidoo.com/maintainbestcomputerbuy - Scott believes in keeping a computer running smoothly and error free.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Scott_Jackson

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Duel of the fates - the Sony Ericsson X1 vs the Nokia N96

Written by oneself on 6:43 AM

by Matt Sharp

Two mobile phones are easily the most anticipated in the country, as I sit here and type this: the Sony Ericsson X1 and the Nokia N96. But which one should you get? Read on to find out!

A history of not-violence - Sony Ericsson vs Nokia in history

The tussle between Sony Ericsson and Nokia goes back a long way, with their top-end mobile phones being the main weapons. right from the days of the Sony Ericsson P800, that rivalry's been there, but nowhere is it more obvious than in the Nseries mobile phones by Nokia. You see, Sony Ericsson took an early lead in the smartphone battle, using Symbian. Erm, but then, Nokia did the same, and they overtook their rivals. Well, the rivalry still holds today, and their two top mobile phones, the big hitters in their respective arsenals, are going to war.

Nokia N96 - master of multimedia

Following on from the much-loved N95, the Nokia N96 picks up the torch in admirable style, and it's clear that this baby is intent on being perfect at one particular feature: multimedia. The Nokia N96 wants to do better multimedia than its rivals in the world of mobile phones, its as simple as that. And, to be honest, it may very well be on course to succeed in that goal! Not only do you get a 5 megapixel camera, with brilliant video capture, but it has superb music playback, access to Nokia's Ovi Portal (for media content), and unlike any other mobile phones, the Nokia N96 comes, as standard, with BBC iPlayer, right out of the box, as well as a massive 16Gb of memory to store videos on. The Nokia N96, if I'm honest, pretty much has the video realm al to itself, as not many mobile phones even come close to the sheer brilliance on display here!

The Nokia N96 doesn't have everything it's own way, though, as the Sony Ericsson X1 is here to take it on!

Sony Ericsson X1 - a brutal powerhouse in a sensible suit

A quick glance at the specs of the Sony Ericsson X1 seems to imply that it's nowhere near as good as it's Nokia rival. However, as is usually the case with mobile phones, things are a bit more complex than that. You see, whilst the Nokia N96 may well take the crown for multimedia and the camera, it's my honest and sincere opinion that the Sony Ericsson takes the crown for, well, everything else. It's got a bigger screen (and it's a touchscreen, at that) than most other mobile phones, it's got GPS and HSDPA to rival the Nokia N96, and the Sony Ericsson X1 just feels smarter. With that slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Sony Ericsson X1 feels like a proper, full-on, PC-like smartphone. So, it really depends on what you want. If you want the best multimedia, the Nokia N96 is the phone for you. But if you want the best all-round mobile phones, then the Sony Ericsson X1 is your man!

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Sony Ericsson C902 - Get Yourself a Trendy Mobile

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By Samuel Herrick

The Solid bar designed Sony Ericsson C902 keeps the users entertained for long hours with the music features. This widget laden with special features has the 107 grams of weight with the 108 mm deep by 49 mm wide and 10.5 mm high dimensions. The slender and sleek phone's weight is good for a handset. The display screen is empowered with two thousand fifty six colours with the QVGA colour screen. The two inch colour screen is integrated with 240 x 320 Pixels resolutions. The 3G smart phone comes with touch keys option, where users can control and select camera feature by their own. This attracting device comes in four vibrating colours which are swift black, luscious red, titanium silver and cinnamon bronze. The accelerometer feature allows you to rotate the handset and screen comfortably.

The phone book feature has the facility to store 1000 entries of contacts, which is compatible with photo call and 30 received, dialled and missed calls record. The 3G technology phone comes with a quad band feature, which has a 2G or 3G network facility. The 2G network facility has the 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 GSM frequencies and 3G technology has the 2100 HSDPA.

This multi-features phone is also equipped with some unique functionalities, which include video player, high resolution display screen, email, connectivity options, gaming consoles and lots more. Sony Ericsson has came up with lots of new series phone like J series, W series, C series, F series, K Series, S Series and T Series. Sony Ericsson belongs to the C series that grabbed everyone's attention. This phone completely suits your style and matches with your business as well as personal life. This device comes with a 160 MB internal memory, which is enough to store data in your mobile. This space can also be expanded through the Memory Stick Micro (M2) feature. This spacing feature allows you to store more pictures, download games, music and many more things. Its battery back up is excellent, which gives the four hundred hours of stand by time to the users. It has nine hours of full talk time, which allows you to talk without any tension.

The Sony Ericsson C902 camera feature option includes 5 mega pixels camera, Cyber-Shot™ camera, 16 x Digital Zoom, auto focus, face focus, flash, camera touch keys, best pic, photo light, photo fix. image stabiliser, red eye reduction, picture blogging, video record, video light, video stabiliser, video player, video clip, video streaming, video calling, picture wallpaper and wallpaper animation. The high quality resolution camera allows users to edit the picture and adjust it according to the requirement. The 16 x digital zoom camera allows you to get closer or far from the subject with the zoom in and zoom out option. The auto focus camera is empowered with 2592E1944 pixels resolutions. The image stabiliser feature make your picture steady even in the slight hands movements. Every shot should be an excellent shot in this 5 mega pixel camera. The red eye is the main problem in the photograph. This problem can be reduced through the red eye reduction feature, where the red eye glare cannot be seen.

Some of its basic organiser features are phone book, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, notes, stopwatch, tasks, timer, speakerphone, vibrating alert auto rotate and pictbridge. These basic features always keep you updated and remind you about the date, day and time. The best music phone is compatible with amazing sound quality features like media player, FM Radio RDS, album art, TrackID, megabass, playnow, bluetooth stereo A2DP, polyphonic ringtones, MP3 and AAC music tones. All these music features enhance your hobby of listening music. The music can also be downloaded and transferred to other devices from Bluetooth technology. Whereas the FM radio RDS option provides the on screen text information to the users, so that they get the latest songs or news on the radio.

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What Your Quad Core Computer Can Do For You?

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By: Roberto Sedycias

Quad core computer contains four processors and can be considered a part of multi core processors family. There is hardly any doubt that the performance of quad core computer is much faster than that of dual core computers. However, the performance of quad core computer depends upon the type of programs that run and the algorithms used in those programs.

There is a popular misconception that the quad core computer runs four times faster than the single processor computers. It does work, but for programs that are designed to perform on quad core computer. The codes written in those programs allow the processor to accomplish four different tasks simultaneously. Games such as Gears of War or Crysis which require multiple tasks like audio, physics benefit or AI to run simultaneously can be played through the multi-threading processors of quad core computer.

Performance wise quad core computers are faster in multitasking and parallel programming. For instance, multiple virtual machines can be run with four processors. Hardware virtualization, high-end video game playing provision, video and photo editing, audio transcoding, data folding, 3D rendering, voice recognition facility, the options are so many to choose from in quad core computers. You can run virtual studio on XP, work on Photoshop projects on core OSX install or do any other programs in lunux distro. You can also run XP virtual machine on top of XP. You will be able to run the maximum amount of virtual machines that ESX 3 is capable of running. However the number of Virtual machines you run depends on the memory space of your quad core computer.

While talking about quad core computers, it is worth discussing about certain models of the quad core family. The Kentsfield is the first quad core desktops range from Intel. Its High performance model was Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and mainstream brand was named as Core 2 Quad Q6600. Currently Intel has brought two other models: the Core 2 Extreme QX6850 and the Core 2 Quad Q6700. Of these two, the Core 2 Quad Q6700 is just a modification from the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 adorned with a locked core multiplier.

Actually the Core 2 Q series processor of Intel is nothing but combination of two completely distinguishable Core 2 Duos packaged into a single-socket CPU. The L1 and L2 caches are different to the two individual Core 2 sets. Front side bus architecture is used to communicate with a unit of external memory controller of the north bridge. The initial Core 2 Q6700 shows an effective 1066MHz FSB clock speed with a bandwidth of 8.5GB/sec and the Core 2 Extreme QX6850 can go up to 1333MHz having bandwidth of about 10.7GB/sec.

Having said about the things that you can do on a quad core computer, the question that is being currently debated on is whether these quad core computers are a real need for this hour. For example, same performance and speed can be achieved with a dual-core CPU of Core 2 E6850 as with the Core 2 Extreme QX6850. So why you any user opt for quad core series which are expensive than the Core 2 computers? It is a fact that for general purpose use, today, Dual core or Core 2 is best economical option. Actually quad core computers were not designed for general users. It is for high end users who want to use complex algorithm programs, run parallel programming, multithreading as well as multitasking simultaneously.

However, with the advent of more complex coding programming, quad core computer is expected to be in demand in near future. In fact, computer manufacturers are positive about a significant growth of quad core computer users with in a year or two.

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Understanding and Fixing Runtime Error 429

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by Logan Albright

What are these strange numbers that keep appearing on your computer, you may ask one day as that all familiar beeping renders you at the frayed ends of sanity as you pound your intellect trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with the system. And don't I know it. One of the more prominent ones is runtime error 429. While it may mean as much as any other three digit combinations appearing randomly during a Windows session, I am here to help, as well as explain.

In the Windows environment, runtime error 429 can be traced to a possible and faulty automation sequence within one or more of your Office applications. Cutting away all the jargon and technicalities, it is simply a hiccup in between one or more of the sequences of the operation, within the script itself. It's like downloading information from an online database, turning it into an excel worksheet, which then in turn, generates a pie chart for you. That is an example of a sequence.

Now these problems occur when we use either a programming 'program' like C++ or Microsoft's Visual Basics to create such a sequence. This problem could arise out of many issues. A faulty program is one of them, or an Active X handler is corrupted, this showing you the all familiar message of 'Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object'

Check the integrity of the Office application, and see whether you can launch it yourself. Check the root directory and ensure that it isn't a network drive, as security issues and connectivity quirks might be the cause of this problem. A most common method to troubleshoot such a problem is that people will either reinstall the entire office suit, repair the program through Microsoft's office 'Repair' function or simply re-register the application in the registry.

This is because there might be some confusion within the registry key, or even a missing registry value. In my experience, a corrupt registry is one of the main issues of most of the problems faced in Windows. Most of us aren't so tech savvy that we can identify the problems with the deft hand of a programr. Words like normal.dot template or excel.xlb resource file might confuse and scare you further, but these are also identifiable points in a runtime error 429 issue.

My best advice? Get help. Download a good registry cleaner to repair all corrupted values, orphan keys and lost connections within the registry. This keeps your PC running in tip top shape. Secondly, help is always available online and there are decent one stop shop repair corners on the net that not only can quickly identify and fix your problem but identify potential and underlying harms that are inflicting your PC - some of them you might have no idea about. A computer is like a car, you have to retune it and send it for a 'once over' once in a while. This makes the difference between a problem ridden PC and a completely healthy one that never fails you.

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World of wonders with Lenovo Laptops

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A laptop computer or laptop is a small computer, which usually runs on a single battery or an external AC/DC adapter that charges the battery. It also supplies power to the computer even if there is a power failure. Laptops usually have LCDs and most of them use different memory modules for their RAM.

Among the various laptop manufacturers, Lenovo is the name to reckon with reliability. It is one of the best Laptop manufacturer in the present times. Lenovo laptops are well designed with great features to meet the users need. The Lenovo laptops offer exceptional sound clarity with Dolby speaker system, transforming the laptop into a home theater. It comes with touch-sensitive control panel, scratch-resistant screen, integrated TV tuner and iconic design.

Some of the most sought-after Lenovo laptops are the Lenovo 3000 G410 2049-42Q, Lenovo 3000 G400 2048-23Q and Lenovo 3000N 200 0769-A29. The Lenovo 3000 G410 2049-42Q comes with smart features like 14.1 inch TFT WXGA, 80 GB hard disk drive and Wireless Card 802.11b. The Lenovo 3000 G400 2048-23Q laptop comes with Intel 1.73GHz Dual Core Processor; 512MB RAM. The Lenovo 3000N 200 0769-A29 comes with Intel Pentium dual-core processor T2310(1.46Ghz), memory 512 MB, HDD(GB) and 120 GB optical drive.

There are also a wide range of cheap laptops in the market with all the advance features and technology. These cheap laptops are durable and price are also affordable for the users. The cheap laptops manufacturer are having a big share in the market and giving a tough competition to the brand manufacturers.

The laptops main advantage over the larger desktop computers is their inherent portability, another advantage is the laptop's ability to operate on battery power in the case of a power failure and also it less energy consumption.

In recent times, computers and laptops have became a necessity for everyone and its presence can be seen everywhere.

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