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Tips To Speed Up Windows 7

Written by oneself on 4:19 AM

by JasonD Webbe

Built to be fast out of the box, it is still possible to speed up Windows 7. In this article, we'll go through a few tips to squeeze every bit of speed out of Windows 7.

1. If you're not too interested in eye-candy, you may want to consider disabling the Aero theme. While it gives Windows 7 a modern and spiffy look, it is also very hungry on the system resources. If you want to disable Aero, right-click on the Desktop, click "Personalize" and then select the "Window Color" tab. Then uncheck "Enable Transparency" and then click on "Open classic appearance properties for more color options". You can then choose the Standard Windows 7 theme, or another basic theme instead of Aero. You should notice an increase in performance after that, especially if your computer isn't very powerful.

2. Reduce the number of visual effects. By disabling some of the visual effects, you can squeeze a bit more speed out of Windows 7. Begin by doing a right-click on "Computer", then select "Properties". You will see "Advanced System Settings". Click on it and the you will see the "System Properties" window. Under the "Advanced" tab, go to "Performance" and then "Settings". Click "Custom" and you can unselect all the options that you don't want. After that, click "OK" and restart your computer.

3. Disable the Windows 7 sidebar. Right-click the sidebar and click on "Properties". Uncheck the box that says "Start sidebar when Windows Starts".

4. Remove startup items and help Windows start faster. From the Start menu, key in "msconfig" in the "Run" option and the System Configuration Utility will open. Go to the "Startup" tab and unselect the items there that you don't need.

5. Optimize your Windows registry. The Windows registry is the heart of the operating system. By optimizing it and removing errors from it, the operating system will run better and faster. Use a good registry cleaner software to automatically scan the registry and optimize it.

About the Author

A good registry cleaner will help keep your Windows system in good shape and performing optimally. If you are unsure which registry cleaner to use, you can take a look at these reviews of registry cleaners. You can also read about how to make Windows XP faster.

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Doubts regarding Installation of Windows 7

Written by oneself on 6:32 PM

by kumar gandharva

As Windows 7 has been officially launched by Microsoft, users are in dilemma regarding various issues related to the Operating System. Windows XP users do not know whether they can upgrade to Windows 7 directly or they only have the option of clean installation. Users running Windows 32 bit Vista wants know whether they can upgrade to Windows 64 bit or they will have to install Windows 7, 32 bit version only. There are many confusions pertaining to the new Operating System installation. But, there is nothing to worry. Both clean and in-place installations are quick and easy.

Before thinking of any kind of upgrade, check whether you system meets the minimum requirements for the new OS, windows 7 installation: * 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor * 512 MB of system memory * 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space * Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory * DVD-ROM drive * Audio Output

It is true that people running Windows XP on their computer have no choice other than 'clean install". While upgrading through this process, a certain things like taking proper backup should be kept in mind. Once you have taken back up of all the existing data, applications and everything; you can boot to Windows 7 installation disc. Select "Custom Installation" and re create primary drive partitions. It may take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your system configuration. Now, re-configure the Operating System and restore backup.

Some of the system requirements as suggested by Microsoft are as follows: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) DVD Drive to install from DVD 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

If your system fulfills all the above requirements, you can go for Windows 7 anytime you wish. But, there are some additional requirements to use certain features. For instance, a USB flash drive is required to use BitLocker to go. Or, if you want to run Windows XP Mode, it requires an additional 1 GB of RAM, an additional 15 GB of available hard disk space, and a processor capable of hardware virtualization with Intel VT or AMD-V enabled.

People who have hardware that supports 64 bit Windows can easily upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, 64 bit version through in-place upgrade. All the applications, programs, settings, and files will be available as it is. But, in case you have a 32 bit version of Windows Vista running on your system, you will only be able to do in-place installation for 32-bit version of Windows 7. And, if you want to upgrade 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7, again you will have to opt for clean windows 7 installation. 64 bit version of any operating system can manage much more information at a time than a 32 bit version.

The install process for Windows 7 is absolutely simple and pain-free, particularly if you have strong hardware configuration.

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I am a windows 7 expert working for iYogi, a leading IT support company Headquartered in India, iYogi provides windows technical support , via phone and remote access for home and small business users globally.

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Sophisticated Audio Systems

Written by oneself on 4:13 AM

By: Jack Wylde

Whenever we think about the auto or any vehicle, the first think comes to our mind is sophistication. Most of the people like to drive a sophisticated car rather than the ordinary car. Sophistication or richness to the car is achieved by adding the quality accessory products. By installing the good accessories in car the look or aesthetic appeal should be increased. Many company are functioning to produce the car accessories part. They work effectively both quantitatively and qualitatively. Their aim is to achieve the sophistication through quality products.

Standard of audio system:

In olden days you never found audio system in most of the car, but the circumstances is ultimately changed now. The car came out from the manufacturing area is readily have the audio system. The inbuilt audio system is found in most of multi national companies. Some of the multi national car companies produce their product uniquely to attract the customer. BMW is named for his standard in the quality and richness in look. These two factors highly attract the millionaire to buy those cars. Many series are came to the market all the series are huge hit expect few.

Quality of facia plates:

The reason for the success is providing the accessory part in a higher-level quality compare to others. Normally audio accessories like facia plates are produced with good precision. The facia adaptors are also available in unexpected quality. In BMW many facia plates are available in market now with less cost. BMW 3 and BMW 5 series are wonderful facia plates compare to other series.

Cost of auto radio:

Radio is one of the big emerging media used by most of the people in the world. Auto radio is also available in branded. The standard is differing company to company but the cost is similar for all the companies. According to the standard of the auto radio price will vary. Normally it ranges from $40 to $500 in the market. All the companies are providing some warranty period for the auto radio. Many channels are functioning by auto scan without any fluctuation. Sometimes there is a fluctuation in radio due to dynamic position of vehicle. It is completely neglected by adding some filter circuit in the auto radio.

Evolution of technologies:

Many new technologies are arising to provide various features in auto radio. The required channel is obtained by using electronic tuning or auto scan. The wireless reception is also provided to reduce the space consumption. Sensitivity of the radio is very high compared to the earlier radios. The higher sensitivity should be achieved by incorporating sensors in the radio circuit. The sound came out from the speaker is filtered both internally as well externally by adding filter element in audio system. Normally auto radio is available with torch additionally to attract the user. Wide varieties of radio are available in electronic stores. It should be classified by many factors like size, shape, frequency range and resistors used. The frequency is always in the range of mega hertz. Nowadays touch screen technology is also introduced in the auto radio. By installing those sophisticated accessories in a car we can easily achieve the richness in looking.

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