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Mistakes That Companies Make With Computers

Written by oneself on 5:12 AM

By Musa Aykac

If you walk into any business these days you will see that they heavily rely on computer systems, as technology advances companies get more and more reliant on these systems. Why you ask? Simply because of the fact that it makes everything run more smoothly. We all remember the old offices where if someone called you, you had to run to the filing cabinet and search through their document to even give them the slightest but of information. This was a big nuisance

But now we are seeing companies run with ease due to the sophisticated technology. But there are still some getting it wrong. We will now take a look a few reasons as to why these companies get it wrong.

Backup! Backup! And Backup!

I have seen companies on numerous occasions forgetting to back up there systems. Hard drives do not last forever, so without having a correct backup procedure in place, that little hard drive could send your whole company crumbling down.

It is really not hard to set up a regular automated backup and this should be done as soon as possible.

Don't Be Cheap! Get the Best!

Yes, I have seen it hundreds of times where companies choose quantity over quality. There is no point getting pieces of software that you will only end up using in your home, you have to get business packages. Although these may be a bit pricier it is worth it in the long run.

Don't Get Your Hardware, Wrongware!

Again do not go for cheap pieces of hardware, it is all well and good stating that you have found a great piece of hardware for a really low cost. But consider this to yourself, is it reliable? Will it constantly break down on you? If so, you could spend a lot more money on having to keep calling out a technician to fix things.

Get a Great Tech Team

Finally you should consider grabbing yourself a great technical team that know what they are doing. I have been in situations that when the unlikely does occur such as system failures, there were technicians on standby but they did not have a clue what they were doing, so the company itself ended up suffering for the whole day.

So if you are starting up a company or thinking about creating yourself a paperless office then I would definitely take the above tips into account and create an amazing solution.

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Musa Aykac - EzineArticles Expert Author

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Smart Phones and Its Operating Systems

Written by oneself on 5:11 AM

By: David H. Urmann

Smart phones are specially developed for corporate users. These are data centric and have large screens. They function as mobile phones as well as PDAs and allow you to email, access data, and browse the Web. The major types of smart phones operating systems include Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhone among others.

Smart phones are developed overtly for executives and corporate users. These clever devices can perform as diligent as executives do. Smart phones perform prompt execution of corporate data access, Internet browsing, and e-mail. The IT group defined smart phone as a gadget that IT techies program and set up as requested by their senior managers and techies are concerned that the handset together with the essential information it contains may vanish in the cab.

Smart phones are data-focused convenient gadgets having large monitors. They’re built to provide comprehensive mobile phone functions and work as a PDA or personal digital assistant all at the same time. Intense data applications also make these gadgets a stand out. Feature phones may offer you access to the Web but smart phones can go well with your computer. Furthermore, these devices are programmable, have open operating systems, and are capable of adding and deleting applications.

Below are the major kinds of smart phones operating systems:


It is a leading wireless gadget solution. This technology can certainly merge into any size of industry networks. Blackberry mobile phones feature secure and intelligent software in addition to spontaneous keypads. A number of RIM Blackberry selections are presented by the world’s major mobile suppliers. Software selections are fitted with data services and e-mail to enable effortless sync of the mobile phone with computers as well as corporate servers. Models of Blackberry Pearl adopt SureType systems that facilitate fast typing with numerous letters designated to every key. On the other hand, BlackBerrys 8700 models offer large QWERTY keyboards to make possible speedy thumb keying.


This is an innovatory platform designed by Apple, Inc. It offers GPS mapping and high speed wireless technology. This phone combines iPod, Internet browser, and e-mail into one gadget. iPhone also backs venture features such as App Store and Microsoft Exchange.


Originally invented by Linus Torvalds, a student from Finland, hundreds of people and corporations today have circulated their own OS adaptations rooted on Linux. Even if Linux has not completely forayed into the corporate smart phones, this platform is enjoying market dominance in Japan and China under DoCoMo and Motorola respectively. Several ingenuities are in process in order to produce Linux phones as multitalented and pungent as the BlackBerry.


Palm Treo is a simple yet completely equipped smart phone that integrates Internet access, email, organizer, and messaging. This operating system also presents Bluetooth technology to effectively facilitate wireless connection to many other Bluetooth-powered gadgets including digital cams, MP3 players, automobile kits, and headsets. With all these, Palm Treo remains to be one of the popular choices for business mobile phones.


This technology is the top open operating system used for sophisticated data centric smart phones. Crafted for the explicit needs of cutting edge 3G phones, Symbian is also the main platform adopted on Nokia manufactured phones. Symbian series holds together the strength of a merged applications setting with mobile technology, thus delivering superior data benefits to the users. This OS enjoys the biggest part of the cake in the majority of international market. However, the influential North American clients favor the adoption of Windows Mobile or Blackberry over Symbian.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is establishing its repute among corporate clients at a significantly fast pace. Windows Mobile phones like the Motorola Q are specifically developed to provide a Windows based manifestation for corporate users. It also bears straightforward data syncing by means of Microsoft Outlook. Comparable with BlackBerry, this software presents diverse network link preferences that let a small organization holding several mobile phones to expand into a large corporation having hundreds of units without needing to dispose all the phones eventually.

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NRAM - The New Hard Drive Technology That Will Revolutionize the Computer World

Written by oneself on 5:48 AM

By Bob Randooke

Have you guys been noticing how computer hard drive prices have been going down very much lately. Though there are quite a few factors that are the causes for this such as the current recession that we are and the technology keeps improving but there are also other technologies on the horizon that could revolutionize our drive technology to the point that current hard drives available today could become obsolete.

Here I will talk about one major technology that could revolutionize the computer industry just as much or even more than the Internet revolution did during the late 1990s. The new hard drive technology that I am talking about is called NRAM. NRAM or nonvolatile random access memory is a hard drive technology that is based on mechanical position of carbon nano tubes that are deposited on small substrates, and because the NRAM technology is based on small size nanotubes this will allow you to carry a huge amount of memory in a very small space. The current company that is developing the NRAM technology is called Nantero.

Now, besides the difference in size between the nano tubes and what DRAM (DRAM has a minimum size limit that it can be built to) currently has to offer there is also an added benefit that NRAM has over DRAM in that DRAM requires a certain amount of power to refresh it, while NRAM does not require any power source at all to refresh its memory even after the power source that is required to refresh it is removed.

Another energy-saving benefits to NRAM as opposed to DRAM is that the power that is needed to write to the device used is much lower than it would be for DRAM. The RAM has to build up a charge on its plates to get powered up. Most people will not notice this but this is a tremendous energy saving benefits that will cut down on the amount of electricity needed to not only power up our computers but to keep them turned off.

NRAM in theory can operate at a much better efficiency than DRAM and it will be much less dense than DRAM and eventually much less expensive. Imagine having an instant on computer where you just push the on button and your computer is powered up right there on the spot without waiting 10 to 30 seconds or even a minute for this to happen.

Imagine being able to store hundreds of terabytes of information on your hard drive. The possibilities to this technology and to the amount of memory that your computer can store in its hard drives is almost limitless. The low energy needed to power up and to keep the NRAM device going is even much less than flash memory and this is another area that the NRAM technology can enter into. Imagine being able to take an MP3 device as small as your hand with you anyplace you go that has a 3 TB storage capacity. The marketing capacity for this technology is in the hundreds of billions of dollars and could reach into the trillions of dollars later on. NRAM is a computer hard drive technology revolution that is waiting to happen. Now whether it happens in a few years or in five years this will be the most exciting new technology in the computer hard drive sector that has ever come about. Nantero has attracted all the big names in the computing industry and technology including HP, LSI and ON semiconductor. All of these major technology guys are either looking into experimenting with NRAM in their labs are actually trying to produce the chips themselves. It seems to me now that Nantero will probably license the technology out to big companies like these.

I can't wait for this technology to hit the market as I think it will revolutionize the way we store computer memory in a way that we are not currently used to doing. The energy savings of this hard drive technology couldn't come at a better time in the world that is energy starved World.

Author writes about new technologies in the Computer Desktops industry to show how desktop computers will change in the upcoming years.

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Laptop Batteries Was Discovered That They Could Overheat and Ignite

Written by oneself on 5:38 AM

by johnsunvalley

Millions of lithium-ion laptop batteries made by Sony for Apple, Dell Inc., Lenovo Inc. and other PC makers were recalled in 2006 and 2007 after it was discovered that they could overheat and ignite.

Apple did not immediately return a call seeking the name of the company that made the iPod batteries in question. Yoshitsune declined to name the supplier.

The company's written statement came in response to a Japanese government report that two iPod Nanos overheated in Tokyo, scorching nearby paper and a woven straw mat.

Apple said the flaw affected first-generation Nanos, sold between September 2005 and December 2006, in very rare instances. The company's statement added that "There have been no reports of serious injuries or property damage, and no reports of incidents for any other iPod Nano model."

Japan's government has been working with Apple to investigate three separate cases of iPods that overheated while being recharged, according to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry official Hiroyuki Yoshitsune. A defect in the lithium-ion battery was suspected in all three cases.

No one was injured during the two Tokyo incidents disclosed Tuesday. Yoshitsune said the cases involved an iPod Nano, model number MA099, which singed nearby paper in August, and model MA005, which burned a traditional Japanese tatami mat in January. Both music players were twisted out of shape from the heat and became unusable, he said.

The latest problem follows a similar report from the Japanese ministry in March about sparks shooting out of an iPod Nano.

Apple's iPod players are extremely popular in Japan and coveted as fashion items, even though Japanese manufacturers produce a host of iPod rivals.

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Guitar Hero III World Tour

Written by oneself on 4:55 AM

by Paul E Steinberg

Guitar Hero has become a cultural phenomenon in the world of computer video games. The guitar, software, and accessories are availabe in all gaming platforms including Wii, Playstation, Xbox, etc. Guitar Hero is a series of music video games published by RedOctane, in partnership with Activision. The series is notable for its use of a plastic guitar peripheral to simulate the playing of music, represented on-screen by colored notes that correspond to fret buttons on the controller.

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero

Their has recently been a controversial advertisement with model Heidi Klum playing Guitar Hero in her undergarments! The games support individual play as well as cooperative and competitive modes for two players. The series has used a range of both licensed and independent rock music tracks from the 1960s, throughout the decades to the present, including many master tracks from the bands. In total, six games have been released for video game consoles. Games have also been released for mobile phones and the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system.


The series was originally developed by Harmonix Music Systems from 2005 to 2007. Then development duties of the series were transferred to Neversoft, whose first effort, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was released on October 28, 2007 in North America.

The Guitar Hero franchise has become a cultural phenomenon, making many appearances in popular culture, and the games have become extremely popular as party games and hobbies. The series has sold 23 million units, earning $1.6 billion in retail sales.

Guitar Controller

Guitar Hero is unusual because it comes packaged with a controller peripheral modeled after a black Gibson SG guitar. Rather than a typical gamepad. This guitar controller is the primary input for the game. Playing the game with the guitar controller simulates playing an actual guitar, except it uses five colored "fret buttons" and a "strum bar" instead of frets and strings. The development of Guitar Hero was inspired by Konami's GuitarFreaks arcade game, which at the time, had not seen much exposure in the North American market; RedOctane, already selling guitar-shaped controllers for imported copies of GuitarFreaks, approached Harmonix about creating a game to use an entirely new Guitar controller.

The concept was to have the gameplay of Amplitude with the visuals of Karaoke Revolution, both of which had been developed by Harmonix. The game was met with critical acclaim and received numerous awards for its innovative guitar peripheral and its soundtrack, which comprised 47 playable rock songs (most of which were cover versions of popular songs from artists and bands from the 1960s through modern rock). Guitar Hero has sold nearly 1.5 million copies to date.

Guitar Hero II Release

The popularity of the series increased dramatically with the release of Guitar Hero II for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Featuring improved multiplayer gameplay, an improved note-recognizing system, and 64 songs, it became the fifth best-selling video game of 2006. The PlayStation 2 version of the game was offered both separately and in a bundle with a cherry red Gibson SG guitar controller. Guitar Hero II was later released for the Xbox 360 in April 2007 with an exclusive Gibson X-Plorer guitar controller and an additional 10 songs, among other features. About 3 million units of Guitar Hero II have sold on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.

The final game in the Guitar Hero series to be developed by Harmonix was Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s for the PlayStation 2, which was released in July 2007. This final game version, changing the visuals from Guitar Hero II, and shortening the song list with no bonus songs was not as well received by reviewers.


Transition Both RedOctane and Harmonix were experiencing changes in 2006. RedOctane was bought by Activision in June while it was announced in September that Harmonix would be purchased by MTV Networks. As a result of the two purchases, Harmonix would no longer develop future games in the Guitar Hero series. Instead, developing would go to Neversoft, a subsidiary of Activision known for developing the Tony Hawk's series of skateboarding games.


Neversoft was chosen to helm the Guitar Hero series after Neversoft founder, Joel Jewett, admitted to the RedOctane founders, Kai and Charles Huang, that his development team for Tony Hawk's Project 8 went to work on weekends just to play Guitar Hero. In 2007, Harmonix and MTV Games released a new music title through rival publisher Electronic Arts, called Rock Band. It expanded upon the gameplay popularized by the Guitar Hero series by adding drum and microphone instruments, allowing players to simulate playing songs as bands, though this functionality has now been implemented in Guitar Hero World Tour.

Guitar Hero III:

Legends of Rock was released in late 2007 for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and Mac platforms. The title is the first installment of the series to include wireless guitars bundled with the game and also the first to release a special bundle with two guitars. The game includes Slash and Tom Morello as playable characters in addition to the existing fictional avatars; both guitarists performed motion capture to be used for their characters animation in the game.

Guitar Hero III World Tour (aka Guitar Hero IV)

Guitar Hero World Tour, previously named Guitar Hero IV, is the fourth full game in the series and was released on October 26, 2008 for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Analysts had expected that future Guitar Hero games in 2008 would include additional instrument peripherals to compete against Rock Band. Guitar Hero World Tour was confirmed as in development following the announcement of the merger between Activision and Vivendi Games in December 2007. Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick announced on April 21, 2008 that Guitar Hero World Tour will branch out into other instruments including vocals. Guitar Hero World Tour includes drums and is packaged with a new drum set controller. A larger number of real-world musicians appear as playable characters, including the great Jimi Hendrix, Billy Corgan, Sting, and Ozzy Osbourne. Guitar Hero World Tour also features the creation of custom songs that can be shared with others.

On September 4, 2007, Billboard announced that the band Aerosmith was "working closely with the makers of Guitar Hero IV, which will be dedicated to the group's music." On February 15, 2008, Activision announced that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, an expansion game to the series, would be released on June 29, 2008.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is developed by Neversoft for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, while the Wii version of the game is developed by Vicarious Visions and the PlayStation 2 version is developed by Budcat Creations. The game features a track selection composed of 60% of Aerosmith songs, with other songs from Joe Perry's solo work or artists that have inspired or performed with Aerosmith, including Run D.M.C. Also in the works: Activision's 2008 SEC filings cited that they plan to release Guitar Hero: Metallica by the first quarter of 2009.

By all expectations Guitar Hero will once again be the number one selling computer video game of the year in 2008. The Guitar Hero phenomenon lives on!

About the Author

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Comparing Motherboards for the Upcoming Core i7 Processors

Written by oneself on 6:43 AM

by Gen Wright

In the next few months, more and more buzz will be generated for new motherboards. That's because with the launch of Intel Core i7 processors, only new motherboards with the X58 chipset can be used. In other words, if an enthusiast wants to upgrade a CPU, the motherboard has to be upgraded as well.

A lot of information has been released by technology news websites on various motherboards such as the ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Palm, Intel DX58SO, MSI Eclipse and EVGA's X58 SLI motherboard. In order not to be overwhelmed by the plethora of articles on these motherboards, it may be a good idea to be clear headed and focus our attention on the crucial elements.

Crucial element 1: Speed

The overall speed of the computer system depends on the multiplier values of the system. For example, you can achieve higher performance if you tweak the multiplier values of the CPU or the memory. Overclocking enthusiasts will be most interested to know if the system can run reliability at the overclocked values.

In this area, the ASUS P6T motherboard offers an extra in the 2.5" LCD displays that presents system configuration information, overclocking data, etc. This is useful for overclockers who want to tweak and monitor the system while it runs.

Crucial element 2: Graphics

The graphics of a computer system is another major component to take into consideration. Many software applications require a lot of graphics processing power to run smoothly. This includes professional software, such as video and audio editing software that performs a lot of zooming, panning, modeling of 3D objects, etc. Many 3D games also require powerful graphic processing for best effects.

Enthusiasts should check whether the motherboard has SLI (Scalable Link Interface) support. SLI is a technology developed by nVidia, and it's used for multi-GPU processing. Not all motherboards support this feature because manufacturers are required to pay a royalty to nVidia if they want to offer support for SLI.

Since SLI is meant for intensive graphics processing, only those who need it for business applications or gaming need to consider having this feature.

Crucial element 3: Memory.

The memory on a system affects the overall speed of the computer. With powerful processors, enthusiasts have to make sure that there won't be a bottleneck when it comes to memory. Having insufficient memory could mean that the system will run at substandard performance.

Motherboards with the X58 chipset offer support for triple channel DDR3 memory kits. Various memory manufacturers from Taiwan and China have already released memory kits that are timed perfectly for the Core i7 processors.

Enthusiasts should pay attention to the number of slots available. For instance, the ASUS P6T motherboard has 6 memory slots, allowing a max memory of 12 GB. Other motherboard options may have only 3.

As far as the motherboard is concerned, there are various editions available. Of course, one can expect the high-end editions to be much more costly. However, enthusiasts can still enjoy the increased performance at an affordable price if options are selected wisely.

About the Author

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Predict The Future Gadgets

Written by oneself on 5:30 AM

By:Dan Ionescu

No one can know the future. But can we predict the future gadgets? The answer is yes, of course our prediction will not be 100% accurate.
We predict the future gadgets by paying attention to current trends. The trends will guide us to discover what devices will become part of our life.

The trends for the gadgets of the future are:
* Miniaturization
* Futuristic and bold design
* LCD with touchpad usage
* Usage of hi tech and hi speed chips
* Usage of green, eco technologies

The trend in technology is to create ever-smaller scales for first mechanical, then optical and most recently electronic devices. The miniaturization trend can be traced back to ancient times both as an abstract science and a physical practice, beginning with atomic theories of the nature of matter and the use of early microscopes and leading, centuries later, to the current sciences of nanotechnology and molecular nanotechnology.
Regarding the gadgets the miniaturization is transforming them into: easy to use, easy to fit everywhere carry, travel and store devices.

Futuristic and bold design
All the actual gadgets have great design. The new devices use futuristic designs or a combination between classic design and futuristic one. Another popular combination is retro futuristic design.
The trend for the hi tech is to adopt a futuristic design.
Of course there will be a large number of simple devices which will use the classic design. This gadgets are for the ones who consider simplicity to be the new complexity and for the ones who don't like hi tech and adopt very hard new items.

LCD with touch screen
Touch Screens are cool and are becoming more and more present on different types of gadgets.
The future gadgets must use touch screens because there are simple to use and have enormous popularity. A big plus for using touch screens is the new technology which permits making cheaper electronics.
Touch screens are use today for gadgets like: mp4 players, car Cd-Mp3-Radio's, GPSs, mobile phones, computer monitors, LCD TVs, PDA's.

Usage of hi tech and hi speed chips
The impact of this tiny chip has been far-reaching. Many of the electronics products of today could not have been developed without it. The chip virtually created the modern computer industry, transforming yesterday's room-size machines into today's array of mainframes, minicomputers and personal computers.
The integrated circuits made the gadgets faster and smaller. They played a major part in the miniaturization process.

The gadgets for the future will use tiny, but powerful chips which will make them super powerful.
Now the hi tech gadgets are very popular. Mp players, mobile phones, games consoles, hi fi audio systems, GPSs and PDAs are best sellers.
The gadgets which don't use hi technology will continue to exist for two categories of people: the ones who prefer simple things and the ones who don't like technology.

The usage of green, eco technologies
Eco technologies became more and more popular in our days. The love for nature encouraged people to protect it and adopt environment friendly technologies.
The trend for the new gadgets is to use less energy to operate and to be recyclable. Solar power is used as much as possible because it is free and harmless for the environment.

The gadgets of the future will be smaller, smarter, faster and more eco friendly.

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_683207_45.html

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The Technologies that Failed

Written by oneself on 6:22 PM

by Sandra Prior

Two words: Virtual Reality. At the start of the 90s, it was going to be the biggest leap forward in the industry. Now? Who even really remembers? VR suffered from three key problems. The technology wasn't good enough for proper 3D environments, with the majority of publically available games coming from Virtuality. Powered by an Amiga, they were jerky, low-resolution, and untextured, with the simple weight of the helmet and blurrness of the vision quickly giving players a headache.

Home VR headsets fared little better, being both finicky, and low-resolution. We still occasionally see new offerings, but the industry's interest has moved on to Augmented Reality - overlaying games onto the real world. Imagine Pacman played first person in your local library. Another 3D technology that never got a chance was Voxels - 3D pixels. These served up some incredibly impressive games back in the day, most notably Novalogic's Commanche, and the stunningly beautiful RPG Outcast. The catch was that 3D graphics cards were designed to pump triangles - traditional 3D - and couldn't do anything to help these out. Reliant on software mode, voxels were blocky and very system intensive. After a while, it was more sensible to just use polygons, and the voxel concept was quietly retired - at least, from the mainstream.

Finally, a product nobody was sad to see go: the 3DO Blaster. Here's the pitch. By plugging it into your computer, your PC becomes... a 3DO. If your immediate reaction is 'what the hell's a 3DO?', don't worry you missed out on the hype, but nailed the reason it didn't work. Oddly, gamers weren't taken with one of the most over-hyped consoles of all time, especially since it demanded a specific CD drive. Most of its games were crap, and those that weren't were almost all already available on PC.

The 3DO blasted its way to the bargain bin, forgotten by history. Until now, of course. But you can safely forget about it again without the slightest guilty twinge.

About the Author

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Blackberry 7130G Mobile Phone

Written by oneself on 7:47 AM

by Monty Alexander

Do you think that in spite of giving 24 hours of your life, you are unable to offer complete attention to your professional commitment? Do you want to work, just like when in office, even when on the go? Then you must be a proud owner of Blackberry 7130G. It is enabled with features that would really reduce the stress of your job. Its primary feature is that it gives access to the internet wherever you like. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with Blackberry messenger wherein you can chat with other colleagues, friends, clients who use Blackberry phones.

Key Features The most outstanding feature that Blackberry 7130G has is that it has the Corporate Data Access feature which ensures the confidentiality of your professional works, viz. emails and important documents, when you use the internet. It is enabled with SureType technology. It combines phone and QWERTY layout that gives easy access to dialing and typing with the phone. With a QWERTY keyboard, you get to do all your office work with complete ease as if using a computer. It has a TFT screen as a result of which you get picture perfect quality. Blackberry 7130G has a high resolution of 240 x 260. Each and every image that you see with this has to be colorful and refreshing. However, it does not have a secondary display.

Design Blackberry 7130G comes in a Bar form. It comes in the formal black color which adds to your professional look. Its dimensions are 4.5' x 2.2' x 0.7' (L x W x D). Blackberry 7130G weighs a mere 120 grams. Its weight is a bit disappointing feature but you need to overlook this aspect since the performance delivered is really efficient. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with a phonebook and call records. As a result, you can get back to any one whose call you missed due to some unavoidable reasons. It has an inbuilt memory of 64 MB.

Executive Features Blackberry 7130G is enabled with some really enticing executive features. It is enabled with a Bluetooth connection which will make transferring data an easy job. Blackberry 7130G allows you a hassle free and wire free transfer of data. If this does not satisfy you, you could also transfer data with the USB device. With this black beauty, you could also access the internet from anywhere you like. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with GPRS and WAP. Blackberry 7130G supports POP3, IMAP and web-based email accounts. As a result, you can send and receive emails to and from your client without wasting time and most importantly, golden opportunities. For faster pace of the internet connection, it is equipped with Quad band and EDGE networks.

Conclusion Blackberry 7130G is an excellent GSM handset that will let you reach the sky. It will help you succeed in your professional life.

About the Author

Monty Alexander is a well known writer and has written articles on almost all topics i.e. blackberry mobile, digital camera, mobile store, online shopping etc.

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Top iPhone Complaints

Written by oneself on 6:04 AM

By Neal Adam Hamou

We have the technology. Behold, the brand new iPhone 3G! In all its wonder, this new piece of equipment has single-handedly revolutionized cell phones now and forever. With more tricks and gimmicks than one could learn to use in a lifetime. It wouldn't surprise me if it could keep you alive underwater!

But like almost every brand new technology these days, there are bound to be bugs involved. And this time, the iPhone 3G contains the whole colony. Widespread around the country (and around the world) is a panic of disappointment in the almighty iPhone and its lack of quality and reliability. Not only is it neither of those, there have also been complaints about almost every aspect of the phone. Just to list a few iPhone complaints:

• The iPhone 3G doesn't ring in sleep mode

• It can't sync notes except for using a web-based application which slows it down

• Pulling up contacts to make a call slows the iPhone down immensely

• Very hard to select text; even with an application that lets you copy, cut and paste

• Notes are sometimes completely deleted one letter at a time if you hit Backspace

• No removable battery - Must send to Apple to replace

But these are just some of the petty bugs that have been exposed about the iPhone. The main problems with the phone are of much greater importance. For example, the battery life is considered to be far below average and inferior to other cell phones that have been on the market for the past 5 years.

The lack of reception in certain areas has also been one of the largest topics of argument in iPhone complaint forums all over the web. One unsatisfied customer (alliphonecomplaints.com) Liza reports, "The AT&T signal bars now indicate the phone receives the highest signal in my home....but the calls invariably drop out. I can't begin to say how frustrating that is!!! I could kick myself for buying this piece of...so I can dump the phone".

The customer service provided by AT&T is said to be horrendous as well. Not to mention over a hundred iPhone complaints but one new customer said, "I had the phone less than 24 hours and AT&T wouldn't replace it" (alliphonecomplaints.com). Originally, there was only one company providing service for the iPhone (AT&T). Can you say 'monopoly'? Of course, now that problem has been fixed but this is just another issue going to show how many problems surround this new piece of technology. I could go on and on for light years about how many different complaints there have been regarding the new iPhone but it all boils down to one important understanding:

Overall, iPhone 3G is more of a toy than a useful tool that can be reliably used for conducting business. So if you love playing games, designing iPhone apps, and surfing the web to find weather stats in 4,901 different time zones, the iPhone 3G is perfect for you. But if you want reliability, great reception everywhere, great customer service and a flexible and competitive service plan, your best bet is to simply go with an alternative.

For more information on iPhone complaints visit http://www.AppCraver.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Neal_Adam_Hamou

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Mp7 - The New Age Phone

Written by oneself on 3:42 PM

By: Roberto Sedycias

Time was when all we had were stationary `land line phones` to make and receive calls. Then things changed with cordless phones making an appearance and this offered greater freedom as one could move around the premises talking on the phone. Even this is seemingly becoming outdated, what with cell phones being all the rage.

These phones offer the maximum flexibility as they can make or receive calls to any place on the earth from any place on the earth. The popularity of cell phones is staggering and there will scarcely be any one person who does not have a cell phone in today's world.

Like in everything else, technology has made such rapid advances in the field of cell phones that what was new just yesterday has become old news today! People are found to be discarding their months old cell phones in an instant without any qualms to replace them with whatever new has caught their fancy and whichever model offers them the maximum features.

Normally, cell phones have to be either GSM-enabled or CDMA-enabled. Both are basically networks which provide your telephone connections. The GSM is more commonly used worldwide and therefore all cell phones compatible with this network can be used internationally.

The Mp7 cell phone is GSM-enabled. This phone uses a SIM(subscriber identity module) card which stores all your contact lists and other information so that you can transfer it to another GSM phone. It also operates in different frequency ranges. The CDMA on the other hand is activated by the service provider and does not require a SIM card.

The mp7 cell phone is a generic cell phone and supposedly a clone of the iconic iphone. Cell phones now come equipped with cameras of high resolution thus eliminating the need of separate cameras to take pictures.

Many come with cable and software to connect to the computer which means you can transfer pictures effortlessly to your computer from your phone. The new mp7 has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, which though not very high resolution, manages to take reasonably good pictures. The pictures may not be great but they are definitely not too bad.

Coming with a built-in FM tuner, the mp7 will appeal to music lovers. The new age mp7 cell phone makes the mp3 look like old hat. Featuring memory slots to store pictures, music or video, these cell phones are a gadget-lover`s dreams come true. Available in either black or silver for that sophisticated look, the mp7 has a 320x240 touch screen display. It also boasts of an analog TV tuner which means that it has support for mobile TV along with the mp7 format.

Nowadays with all and sundry possessing a mobile phone, it has become a `must` for the image-conscious person to personalize his/her phone. Youngsters especially download wallpapers, ring tones, logos to distinguish their cell phones from those of others. The mp7 cell phone can be personalized with any wallpaper or ring tone of your choice to give it that unique appearance.

Though it is too early to come out with a categorical verdict on the mp7 phone, the few reviews which have appeared are not very flattering. Mostly perceived to be a fake replica of the iphone, the mp7 phone has been castigated as cheap and tawdry with all possibilities of it breaking down within a few months. This is contradictory when one considers the cost of the phone which is by no means inexpensive.

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