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By Neal Adam Hamou

We have the technology. Behold, the brand new iPhone 3G! In all its wonder, this new piece of equipment has single-handedly revolutionized cell phones now and forever. With more tricks and gimmicks than one could learn to use in a lifetime. It wouldn't surprise me if it could keep you alive underwater!

But like almost every brand new technology these days, there are bound to be bugs involved. And this time, the iPhone 3G contains the whole colony. Widespread around the country (and around the world) is a panic of disappointment in the almighty iPhone and its lack of quality and reliability. Not only is it neither of those, there have also been complaints about almost every aspect of the phone. Just to list a few iPhone complaints:

• The iPhone 3G doesn't ring in sleep mode

• It can't sync notes except for using a web-based application which slows it down

• Pulling up contacts to make a call slows the iPhone down immensely

• Very hard to select text; even with an application that lets you copy, cut and paste

• Notes are sometimes completely deleted one letter at a time if you hit Backspace

• No removable battery - Must send to Apple to replace

But these are just some of the petty bugs that have been exposed about the iPhone. The main problems with the phone are of much greater importance. For example, the battery life is considered to be far below average and inferior to other cell phones that have been on the market for the past 5 years.

The lack of reception in certain areas has also been one of the largest topics of argument in iPhone complaint forums all over the web. One unsatisfied customer (alliphonecomplaints.com) Liza reports, "The AT&T signal bars now indicate the phone receives the highest signal in my home....but the calls invariably drop out. I can't begin to say how frustrating that is!!! I could kick myself for buying this piece of...so I can dump the phone".

The customer service provided by AT&T is said to be horrendous as well. Not to mention over a hundred iPhone complaints but one new customer said, "I had the phone less than 24 hours and AT&T wouldn't replace it" (alliphonecomplaints.com). Originally, there was only one company providing service for the iPhone (AT&T). Can you say 'monopoly'? Of course, now that problem has been fixed but this is just another issue going to show how many problems surround this new piece of technology. I could go on and on for light years about how many different complaints there have been regarding the new iPhone but it all boils down to one important understanding:

Overall, iPhone 3G is more of a toy than a useful tool that can be reliably used for conducting business. So if you love playing games, designing iPhone apps, and surfing the web to find weather stats in 4,901 different time zones, the iPhone 3G is perfect for you. But if you want reliability, great reception everywhere, great customer service and a flexible and competitive service plan, your best bet is to simply go with an alternative.

For more information on iPhone complaints visit http://www.AppCraver.com

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