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By: Roberto Sedycias

Time was when all we had were stationary `land line phones` to make and receive calls. Then things changed with cordless phones making an appearance and this offered greater freedom as one could move around the premises talking on the phone. Even this is seemingly becoming outdated, what with cell phones being all the rage.

These phones offer the maximum flexibility as they can make or receive calls to any place on the earth from any place on the earth. The popularity of cell phones is staggering and there will scarcely be any one person who does not have a cell phone in today's world.

Like in everything else, technology has made such rapid advances in the field of cell phones that what was new just yesterday has become old news today! People are found to be discarding their months old cell phones in an instant without any qualms to replace them with whatever new has caught their fancy and whichever model offers them the maximum features.

Normally, cell phones have to be either GSM-enabled or CDMA-enabled. Both are basically networks which provide your telephone connections. The GSM is more commonly used worldwide and therefore all cell phones compatible with this network can be used internationally.

The Mp7 cell phone is GSM-enabled. This phone uses a SIM(subscriber identity module) card which stores all your contact lists and other information so that you can transfer it to another GSM phone. It also operates in different frequency ranges. The CDMA on the other hand is activated by the service provider and does not require a SIM card.

The mp7 cell phone is a generic cell phone and supposedly a clone of the iconic iphone. Cell phones now come equipped with cameras of high resolution thus eliminating the need of separate cameras to take pictures.

Many come with cable and software to connect to the computer which means you can transfer pictures effortlessly to your computer from your phone. The new mp7 has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, which though not very high resolution, manages to take reasonably good pictures. The pictures may not be great but they are definitely not too bad.

Coming with a built-in FM tuner, the mp7 will appeal to music lovers. The new age mp7 cell phone makes the mp3 look like old hat. Featuring memory slots to store pictures, music or video, these cell phones are a gadget-lover`s dreams come true. Available in either black or silver for that sophisticated look, the mp7 has a 320x240 touch screen display. It also boasts of an analog TV tuner which means that it has support for mobile TV along with the mp7 format.

Nowadays with all and sundry possessing a mobile phone, it has become a `must` for the image-conscious person to personalize his/her phone. Youngsters especially download wallpapers, ring tones, logos to distinguish their cell phones from those of others. The mp7 cell phone can be personalized with any wallpaper or ring tone of your choice to give it that unique appearance.

Though it is too early to come out with a categorical verdict on the mp7 phone, the few reviews which have appeared are not very flattering. Mostly perceived to be a fake replica of the iphone, the mp7 phone has been castigated as cheap and tawdry with all possibilities of it breaking down within a few months. This is contradictory when one considers the cost of the phone which is by no means inexpensive.

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You can have access to portuguese articles about cell phones from page Cell_Phone Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

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