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A Closer Look At The Amazing LG Optimus Black

Written by oneself on 2:37 PM

by Emma Rosher

Mobile phone manufacturer have always made handsets that appeal in the looks department, the GT540 and the Optimus 7 being prime examples. They have taken this to another level however with the launch of the new Optimus Black, a smartphone oozing style as well as the great range of features you would expect to see on such a model.The Optimus Black incorporates a high quality screen in an attempt to match the superb varieties found on the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. This screen has been named the "Nova" display, and boasts superb properties with regards to viewing material in sunlight, as well as boasting a great contrast ratio. This is one of the reasons that the display can manage to show a massive 16 million colours. The resolution of 480 x 800 pixels ensures that whatever is displayed on the screen looks vivid and lifelike. The high resolution is particularly useful when viewing complex web pages, allowing you to zoom in a small text yet maintain the original quality. Located behind the screen you will find an accelerometer chip which instantly flips the screen when you require it. AT 4 inches in diameter, the screen provides enough size to easily view all manner of material, yet is squeezed into a chassis that is incredibly compact. At just 9.2mm, the Optimus Black takes the crown of slimmest handset available. Not only is this unit impressive for its wafer thin form, but its overall weight is also excellent at just 109 grammes. If anything the phone feels slightly cheap in the hand purely because of the light weight, a shame as the phone itself is very well built. Having said that, when not in use the lack of bulk proves a huge advantage in terms of carrying the unit around.

If you are looking for a handset with a great camera facility, then the LG Optimus Black is the model for you. Two cameras are fitted on the phone to cover all types of different circumstances. Particularly impressive is the front camera. Normally an after thought on many models, Motorola have chosen to fit a 2 mega pixel secondary camera in this instance. This unit is not only great for video calling, but also for self portraits. The more regularly used rear camera boasts a higher standard of 5 million pixels, which is in line with what has become the smartphone standard. Great result are also produced via the video capture mode, with the screen showing the 720P footage perfectly. The handset is running version 2.2 Android, with the provision of being able to upgrade to 2.3 when available.

If the performance of the LG Optimus Black matches the excellent design, then we could be looking at one of the premier handsets of 2011.

The LG Optimus Black and the LG Optimus 7Q are coming soon.
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