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by Monty Alexander

Do you think that in spite of giving 24 hours of your life, you are unable to offer complete attention to your professional commitment? Do you want to work, just like when in office, even when on the go? Then you must be a proud owner of Blackberry 7130G. It is enabled with features that would really reduce the stress of your job. Its primary feature is that it gives access to the internet wherever you like. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with Blackberry messenger wherein you can chat with other colleagues, friends, clients who use Blackberry phones.

Key Features The most outstanding feature that Blackberry 7130G has is that it has the Corporate Data Access feature which ensures the confidentiality of your professional works, viz. emails and important documents, when you use the internet. It is enabled with SureType technology. It combines phone and QWERTY layout that gives easy access to dialing and typing with the phone. With a QWERTY keyboard, you get to do all your office work with complete ease as if using a computer. It has a TFT screen as a result of which you get picture perfect quality. Blackberry 7130G has a high resolution of 240 x 260. Each and every image that you see with this has to be colorful and refreshing. However, it does not have a secondary display.

Design Blackberry 7130G comes in a Bar form. It comes in the formal black color which adds to your professional look. Its dimensions are 4.5' x 2.2' x 0.7' (L x W x D). Blackberry 7130G weighs a mere 120 grams. Its weight is a bit disappointing feature but you need to overlook this aspect since the performance delivered is really efficient. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with a phonebook and call records. As a result, you can get back to any one whose call you missed due to some unavoidable reasons. It has an inbuilt memory of 64 MB.

Executive Features Blackberry 7130G is enabled with some really enticing executive features. It is enabled with a Bluetooth connection which will make transferring data an easy job. Blackberry 7130G allows you a hassle free and wire free transfer of data. If this does not satisfy you, you could also transfer data with the USB device. With this black beauty, you could also access the internet from anywhere you like. Blackberry 7130G is enabled with GPRS and WAP. Blackberry 7130G supports POP3, IMAP and web-based email accounts. As a result, you can send and receive emails to and from your client without wasting time and most importantly, golden opportunities. For faster pace of the internet connection, it is equipped with Quad band and EDGE networks.

Conclusion Blackberry 7130G is an excellent GSM handset that will let you reach the sky. It will help you succeed in your professional life.

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