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By Colin Yao

Many fiber optic patch panels use ST connectors. But modern data communication and telecommunication equipment adapt SC fiber connectors as the first choice.

However, this does not pose ta problem in most situations. Why not? Because fiber optic patch cables are available with ST-ST connectors, SC-SC connectors and SC-ST connectors.

It is the same solution for most other fiber optic connector types such as FC, LC, MTRJ, MU, SMA 905 and SMA 906 or even E2000. But it is a good practice to use the shortest cable possible to reduce the amount of slack in the cable, thus reducing the number of loops in the cable and reducing the possibility of violating the minimum bend radius.

:: Fiber cable types in fiber optic communication industry

Fiber optic cables are divided into two types: single mode fiber and multimode fiber. In addition to this categorization, fiber cables can also be categorized by how it is sheathed.

1. Loose tube fiber

A buffer tube is a protective sheath in which individual strands of optical fibers are encased. This is called a loose tube fiber cable.

Loose tube fiber cables are usually designed for outdoor applications. They may contain water-blocking gel in the tube to protect the cables from moisture, extreme environmental temperature and other hazards.

Loose tube cables can withstand aerial as well as underground installation.

2. Tight buffer fiber4

A single strand optical fiber can be enclosed in a 900um buffer sheathing. This 900um buffer is called tight buffer. Kevlar strands can be included to provide additional protection from the environment and also for fiber cable pulling.

Tight buffered fibers are usually for indoor applications. But they can be encased in additional fiber jacket to make outdoor applications too.

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