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by Logan Albright

What are these strange numbers that keep appearing on your computer, you may ask one day as that all familiar beeping renders you at the frayed ends of sanity as you pound your intellect trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with the system. And don't I know it. One of the more prominent ones is runtime error 429. While it may mean as much as any other three digit combinations appearing randomly during a Windows session, I am here to help, as well as explain.

In the Windows environment, runtime error 429 can be traced to a possible and faulty automation sequence within one or more of your Office applications. Cutting away all the jargon and technicalities, it is simply a hiccup in between one or more of the sequences of the operation, within the script itself. It's like downloading information from an online database, turning it into an excel worksheet, which then in turn, generates a pie chart for you. That is an example of a sequence.

Now these problems occur when we use either a programming 'program' like C++ or Microsoft's Visual Basics to create such a sequence. This problem could arise out of many issues. A faulty program is one of them, or an Active X handler is corrupted, this showing you the all familiar message of 'Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object'

Check the integrity of the Office application, and see whether you can launch it yourself. Check the root directory and ensure that it isn't a network drive, as security issues and connectivity quirks might be the cause of this problem. A most common method to troubleshoot such a problem is that people will either reinstall the entire office suit, repair the program through Microsoft's office 'Repair' function or simply re-register the application in the registry.

This is because there might be some confusion within the registry key, or even a missing registry value. In my experience, a corrupt registry is one of the main issues of most of the problems faced in Windows. Most of us aren't so tech savvy that we can identify the problems with the deft hand of a programr. Words like normal.dot template or excel.xlb resource file might confuse and scare you further, but these are also identifiable points in a runtime error 429 issue.

My best advice? Get help. Download a good registry cleaner to repair all corrupted values, orphan keys and lost connections within the registry. This keeps your PC running in tip top shape. Secondly, help is always available online and there are decent one stop shop repair corners on the net that not only can quickly identify and fix your problem but identify potential and underlying harms that are inflicting your PC - some of them you might have no idea about. A computer is like a car, you have to retune it and send it for a 'once over' once in a while. This makes the difference between a problem ridden PC and a completely healthy one that never fails you.

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Click Here to get your runtime errors fixed for free. Logan Albright helps thousands of people optimize their computers through a proper computer check up. He is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems at http://www.pcaholic.com .

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