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By: Gerardo Medina

Apple Inc.'s 3G iPhone is now out in the market. With its release comes the opportunity for all of us to have a hands-on feel of the latest communication wonder. Before packing our bags and get ready to rush to the line, it would be best to consider a few things.

Recent 3G iPhone reviews:

The Price
The buzz about these 3G iPhones suddenly becomes an apple to the senses knowing that on top of being faster, it is "half the price" of the older version. What about the service plan? It's now $70 per month compared to the original $60 a month (exclusive of the text plan). This only means that you are gonna pay an extra for the text messaging plan depending on the package that you are taking.

iPhone User?
If you are currently using an iPhone and still under an existing plan, you will be able to upgrade to the newer version by paying an early upgrade fee which will add up to the price of the latest edition depending on whether you are considering an 8GB or a 16GB model.

According to reviews, the latest 3G iPhone needs some improvements on its copy/paste and saving files function. Another thing is that the phone's camera being a high-end product, fall a little short of the expectations.

Battery life
Due to the use of the 3G network, the new iPhone batteries drains a lot faster and based on stress tests the batteries last shorter than what they claim.

This time....the Good News!
Great Sound Quality
The new 3G iPhone prides itself to belong to those that produces the best sound quality in the phone industry today.

App Store of Apple
The new Apple App Store is gaining popularity fast. This gives the user the ability to get thirt-party apps without hacking it. This is really great and getting access to an app to compensate whatever feature the new 3G iPhone is lacking is just perfect! The store is available to both 3G and non-3G iPhones.

Advancement in the world of technology is in itself constantly in a race and the market entry of the latest 3G iPhone of Apple Inc. is a work of art. As mentioned earlier, despite the missing or lacking features of the product, the Apple App Store will always be there to fill in. Now it's time to rush to the lines just be sure to check the website first (Apple Inc.) for news and unit availability.

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