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If you are interested in a small, cheap and durable computer then you will probably be very interested in Netbooks, which are also known as subnotebooks, and mini notebooks. First let's start by comparing a few of the most popular models:

Asus EEE PC: 7-10" Display, Linux/XP, 900MHz (Celeron/Atom), 2-80GB, 512MB - 2GB

HP Mini Note 2133: 8.9" Display, Linux/Vista, 1-1.6Ghz, 4-120GB, 512MB - 2GB

Cloud Book: 7" Display, gOS, 1.2Ghz, 30GB, 512MB

NoahPad: 7" Display, Linux, 1Ghz, 30GB, 512MB

People that are familiar with computers will already know about Asus, however if you know very little about a computer then you might not know who Asus is. This could be the major reason why the HP Mini Note computer is becoming so popular. Almost everybody will know who HP is; it's one of the most famous computer manufacturers in the world.

The HP Mini Note is a tiny computer which has an 8.9" screen, what's fantastic is that the keyboard is almost the same size as a normal keyboard which is a great achievement! These are available running Vista, or Linux. The HP 2133 is very competitively priced to compete against the EEE PC, and features a conventional hard drive rather than an SSD drive.

All of the major net books available feature Linux; however the HP and EEE PC also have windows options. On earlier EEE PC models it was possible to install XP yourself; newer models do include XP as standard. The HP 2133 computer is however a much more advanced computer which is capable of running Windows Vista.

If you're familiar with Linux then you will know that it's available in a number of different flavors, or distributions. The majority of these come with no support, however the operating system on the HP2133 is from Novell. The difference with this and other Linux operating systems is that they do offer support. Linux isn't always very easy to use, so the support will be very useful.

Make sure you check the specifications of the HP2133 sub notebook computer in your own country as the specs do seem to be varying in different countries. Be sure to check on the hp website and select your own country. This will make sure you know exactly what the computer will be like that you are purchasing.

Although there are many different netbook computers on offer, with many more being released on a regular basis the HP and ASUS are the most popular sub notebook computers on offer. I personally think that it's a tossup between these two computers. The two have slightly different specs, and the HP reportedly has a better build quality.

The newer ASUS models do have larger screens and better specifications; however the HP may still be your machine of choice.

Netbooks or subnotebook computers are a fantastic way to take your computer everywhere you go! They are almost as convenient as a PDA, but are fully featured computers.

For more information about Asus sub notebooks, visit Asus laptop at: http://www.pagerank10.co.uk/computers/asus_laptop_901_1000h

David Miller is a Technical Support Consultant with over 10 years of experience. For more information about Asus sub notebooks, visit Asus laptop at:http://www.pagerank10.co.uk/computers/asus_laptop_901_1000h

Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_565179_10.html

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