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By Cheryline Lawson

The Tracfone prepaid cell phone is taking the nation by storm. The company claims that it has over ten million customers who are taking advantage of a prepaid cell phone that allows them to save on their cell phone bills each month by not being stuck with a contract for two years or have to worry about mounting expenses each month. There are also no credit checks done.

According to the company, the cost of the Tracfone cell phone is minimal and comes with 120 minutes loaded on the phone as a promotion to new customers. You are in control of your cell phone bill. There are three ways to control your cell phone service. You can buy airtime by paying as you go, you can go on the monthly or yearly cell phone plans that are said to be much more economical than regular cell phones.

Tracfone offers many of the name brand cell phones including flip phones from major companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and LG. You can take pictures on your phone; download music and ringtones as well as text messages.

You are able to use your phone anywhere in the USA because Tracfone uses the wireless networks to offer their service.

Tracfone runs many promotions that offer free cell phones, bonus minutes, Tracfone bonus codes and coupon codes as incentive for new customers.

Some of the features that the Tracfone prepaid cell phone offer are:
• For every call - a single rate
• Long Distance and Roaming calls - both internationally and domestic
• Sends text message, receiving voice mail as well as free caller ID
• Call waiting for free, color screen savers and wallpaper
• Supports different languages
• Phonebook
• 20 ringtones already preloaded,
• Alarm clock, calculator, stop watch
• TracFone Airtime Balance displayed on screen to show remaining airtime and airtime used to monitor and control your minutes and costs.
• The Motorola Tracfone is 3.6 x 1.92 x 0.92 inches
• Weighs 3.07 ounces
• Includes Lithium-ion battery
• Talk time of as much as 6.6 hours
• Up to 12.5 days of standby time

• Comes with phone battery
• Also comes with an AC adapter
• Includes SIM card

The Tracfone website shows a video of how to get one of the phones for free, how to add minutes, how to get Tracfone secret codes and how others are benefiting from the prepaid phone.

To watch the Tracfone video and learn about how to get a free Tracfone prepaid cell phone and bonus codes, CLICK HERE

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