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by Vivek Kushwaha

Blank discs enable you to carry data anywhere you want to access. Blank cds are in huge demand as they store much more data than floppies. These CDs are of two types, first type allows you to write the data only once and you can read the information on any computer system. Another type allows you to write and erase data as many types thus they are called rewritable CDs. Rewritable CDs are little expensive.

Blank cds are available in many drive speeds such as 1X, 4X, 8X, 12X, 32X, 52X. Less number means CD will take more time to burn and high number means CD will take less time to burn. Blank discs are available in a wide price range, high price for high quality. There lifespan is approximately of 3-5 years depending upon how you take care of your CD. The quality of your CD is directly to their lifespan; don't expect cheap and low quality CDs to stay long. One important thing about these disks is that you have to destroy them physically if you want to destroy the data. A standard CD is of 120 or 80mm.

DVD blank media is another technique of recording data. It is also known as digital video disk or digital versatile disk. Main advantage of DVDs on CDs is that DVDs can store data 5-6 times as compared to CDs thus cost of DVD is a sheer more than CD. A standard DVD is 12cm diameter and also comes in 8cm which we call mini DVD. DVD blank media also comes in many drive speeds ranging from 1X to 24X. Just like CDs DVD writes faster on higher number. The technology of DVD has further enhanced and blu ray disks are ready to hit the market. Blu ray allows you to store data up to 50 GB.

Rewritable DVDs are also available in market which can write and erase data as many types just like rewritable CDs. Rewritable DVDs are expensive than rewritable CDs as DVDs can store up to 4.5 GB(giga byte) whereas CDs can only store up to 700MB(mega byte).

DVD or CD contains very important data, but sometimes due to improper handling we self destroy our DVD/CD. Thus, CD jewel cases have been introduced to protect your DVD/CD from dust, scratches and the factor which can corrupt your data. There are many companies which are manufacturing CD jewel cases.

So, don't rely on local cases which may immediately break after falling. CD jewel cases are shock absorber and gives proper protection to your CD/DVD understanding importance of your data.

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