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by Gianni Greco

Nokia have announced at Nokia World 2009 that they will be launching a new phone called the X6. This new phone will be part of the Xpress Music family, but Nokia have decided to shorten the family name to X. The Nokia X6 will be capable of playing up to 35 hours of music, this will be is a powerful entertainment device, combining 32GB of on-board memory with a slick 3.2" finger touch interface. The X6 will also have Come With Music - will means you will be able to download and listen to much music as you can possible handle without having to pay a penny more.

The Nokia X6 and Comes With Music will be a powerful combination, having these two together will allow music fans to download all the music they could ever want. Combine this feature to the smooth looks of the X6 and you have a great overall package, one i think will be a winner with mobile phone fans.

The Nokia X6 mobile phone will be marketed as the ultimate device for music lovers and social networking fans. The Nokia X6 has a 16:9 widescreen, which has been optimised for photos, videos and browsing on the internet. User will be able to have direct access to Ovi Store - where you can download Nokia Apps for your mobile phone. This phone can also be used as a hub of your social activity and will bring 20 friends and virtual communities, like Facebook, to your homescreen.

Upon launch there should be a Nokia X6 Blue and Nokia X6 Red with a price tag of around £500 - so the Nokia X6 will definitely be amongst the high end of mobile phone contracts. From the look of it, Nokia are really trying to pull out all the stops following Sony Ericsson plans to release the Satio later in the year.

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