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By: Kristen Kiya

So you have heard about Internet telephony and know what it stands for. You are aware that it sends your voice in the form of data via Internet and that is what makes it much cheaper in comparison to the traditional public switch telephony network. However, you are still confused if you should make the final plunge with voice over IP service and bid goodbye to your telephony service which you have been using for a decade now!

Ask yourself the following questions. Do you have a reliable high speed Internet connection? Do you have to make frequent long distance and international calls? Are you a frequent traveler? Do you own a business wherein you have number of mobile workers? Does your business house have multiple branches in the same state or a different country? Do you dread to look at your telephony bills every month? Do you like to save your hard earned money?

If you answered any of these questions in affirmative then it is time to switch to Internet telephony service. VoIP offers many service plans which make it convenient for customers with different needs to opt for this promising technology.

There are 2 kinds of IP telephony service. You can either choose to make free calls using this service or pay a small amount for per minute calling. Free calls are usually good enough to call your loved ones while for business purpose where reliability and security is the main priority paid call service is definitely the way to go.

Before going shopping for an Internet telephony service provider ensure that you have a high speed net connection which will help provide enhanced voice quality. Once this is done you can start looking around for an IP telephony provider.

If you are business house your needs would differ from that of a residential. Even different business houses have different requirements. It would help you in opting for the best provider if you know what you need and also make this otherwise strenuous task comparatively easy.

Internet telephony service provider should be able to offer you minimum call tariff along with excellent voice quality. This will be taken care of if the provider works on a resilient network with direct tie ups with Tier-1 operators. Backup routes should be provided too in order to provide a consistent service in case there is a outage of the route allotted to you.

Equipped with all this you are ready to migrate to this new technology and move along with the changing times. Visit: IP Telephony provider.

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