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By Alex Karim

Blackberry 8100 is another super device in the Research In Motion's Blackberry arsenal. It is a device with a great IM client, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, thin form factor, and comes with one of my favorites, Suretype and EDGE.

Given below are the unlock code input instructions to unlock a Blackberry 8100 device so it can be used on any network. I am assuming that you have already obtained the unlock code for this device.

The first step to inputting the unlock code is to insert a SIM into the device. After doing that, power up the device and turn off the radio. It's very important that the wireless option should be turned off, otherwise the unlock code will not work.

On your device menu, select 'options'. Then select 'Advanced Options'. In advanced options scroll down and select 'SIM Card'. At this point, type "MEPPD". Please note that while typing MEPPD, you will not see what you type on the screen therefore make sure to type in the correct keys.

Type MEPPD, then press the Alt button, and then the numeral 2. Again the screen will NOT display what you are typing, therefore be sure to type in the correct entry.

Now enter the unlock code. After typing the unlock code, 'press Enter'. Once you have pressed Enter, reboot your device. Your device should now be unlocked.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can use the phone on any network. There are times when a partial unlock may occur. In a partial unlock the device gets unlocked for certain networks, but does not get unlocked for others. In that case try performing the unlock procedure using a USB cable and a good unlocking software.

I have found that http://UnlockAcell.com provides remote unlock by code services at great prices. On the other hand if you are interested in unlocking phone by software, the website http://UnlockSoftwares.com has effective and late model phone unlocking softwares at reasonable prices. You could have an unlocked phone within minutes of visiting that website.

For cellular phone ringtones, wallpapers, or for simply wapping to other mobile phones I found http://WapDaddy.com to be a great resource.

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