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The simplest and easiest way to unlock mobile is to put the unlock code there and unlock it. Usually the mobile is locked with the SIM, that is, the SIM installed has restricted usage. This is a normal situation that a locked mobile phone will always ask for its’ unlock code. It appears on the screen of the mobile.


Depending on the manufacturer types, the lock is available in different format, hence is the unlocking procedure. For example, if we use mobile phone like T610 from Sony Ericsson, we may receive a warning message saying, “Insert correct SIM card”, in the case of wrong SIM card. However, once the proper unlocking code is entered, the display message will be turned into “Network Unlocked”. On the other hand, mobile phones manufactured by AT&T explain that status of the mobile phone if it is locked.

Verification of Code

The code is essential for removing all SIM locks from a particular mobile phone. It is known as master code. Sometimes it is also referred to as network code key.

There are primarily two methods for verifying the unlock code once inserted by the user. One is verification through directly accessing database. In this method, the phone itself verifies the unlock code and the verification number is stored in an in-built database of the phone. The second method is verification through obscure mathematical formula. In this method, the code provided undergoes a mathematical calculation following an obscure method provided by the provider.

Available Security Measures

Previously there was the possibility to crack the algorithm generated using reverse engineering process. These unlocking methodologies were available even without any cost involved at the customer’s ends. However, current robust and complex algorithm leaves a minimum possibility to do the same thing, which also ensures its non-availability using any free mode of operation.

A more cautious effort is made when providers use a random number that can only be retained by the provider who applied the lock. However, this method is not always flawless as it can be cracked by using special test equipments.

In most of the cases, the phone are made secure by using built-in software which restricts to enter the unlock code for many times, commonly not more than 4 times. After that, the phone gets hard-locked which needs a special equipment provided by the provider itself to unlock it once again.

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