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Brilliant, effortless, and stylish—this is Blackberry 8700g for you. Sustaining the tradition of its predecessor 8700c; with same buttons, size and weight but loaded with something extra. It comes with elegant finishing, 320-by-240-pixel screen, photos, text, backlit, bright 65k-colour screen and a host of amazing features.

Inclusion of a few small things can do wonder for a digital device. Same rule applies with the BlackBerry 8700g. It supports Yahoo! Mail accounts, very easily and seamlessly, besides, POP3, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and AOL. Tracking your email cannot be easier than with the Blackberry 8700g, as each of your e-mail accounts would appear as a separate icon on its home screen. To keep you updated, there is a well-framed “Messaging” icon.

With BlackBerry 8700g, you can literally carry your office around. It has a very good support for reading Microsoft Excel and Word attachments besides, its PDF support. Thus, you can easily read most of the text on PDFs. Moreover, there is a new version of the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which lets you view JPEG attachments, as it comes as thumbnails within your messages and you can see them with PowerPoint attachments. Well, user can easily view entire slides as images with the associated text. With its Ergonomic, QWERTY keyboard, you would get a familiar typing and data entry experience. Though, it is one of the many specialities of the BlackBerry mobile phones.

Connectivity does get better with the BlackBerry 8700g. It is loaded with a built in Class 10 EDGE modem to add that extra speed to Web browsing and downloading e-mail attachments. It is also loaded with information applications like Google Local on Mobile and Handmark Pocket Express. User can easily take the conference calls with its built-in speakerphone or hands-free dialog. The BlackBerry 8700 is really an enterprise friendly phone, which has some outstanding ergonomic features and fast performance. These applications are wirelessly enabled by the BlackBerry platform for field service automation, force automation and system management and much more. So, stay connected effectively with the BlackBerry.

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