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René G. from Munich Germany has just designed a case for his computer which incorporates a coffee maker so he can enjoy the latest update from World of Warcraft and have his machine make gourmet coffee at the same time. 80 hours and $3000 were put into the making of this machine and he says that every penny was worth it. He is a man that clearly enjoys his coffee and his computer!

He said one of the more difficult parts of making the machine was the cooling system. If the computer grew too hot in the case then the hardware would fry but if it wasn't warm enough...well, no one likes cold coffee. So a compromise had to be met.

There is no water supply contained inside of the computer so a tube runs into the back of the computer to provide the clean, clear water to make his coffee. It then mixes in with the already self-contained pre-ground coffee. Next, it drops into his pot which is carefully heated to a comfortable 200F before being expelled out of a faucet via a spout on the front of his tower to be enjoyed for reading emails and surfing the web. René says that his complex system would be capable of brewing thousands of cups of coffee a day. He had this in mind for having friends over for a LAN party whenever they felt like it.

Rene is a clever man for sure - coffee and computers combined - two of his first loves. Now that's the power of innovation for you!

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