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Those days are passé when mobile phones were only an instrument that facilitated communication. Today, they are multipurpose gadgets where making and receiving calls is just one of the many aspects of these multitasking handsets. Mobile phones today can be categorised into camera phones, music phones, as well as business phones. They are the one man army today that entertains you, keeps you connected, acts as your assistant at office and even let’s you surf the web and do banking!

Mobile phones or PDA owners can now directly interact with their ATM’s through a recently patented technology developed by Diebold, Incorporated. The company has started offering applications that enables mobile phone users to directly interact with the automated teller machines of their banks via their handsets! A revolutionary beginning that integrates mobiles and banking seamlessly, giving a peek-a-boo to the consumers into a great revolution that is about to break in this field.

Not just that, the new application will let you locate and even get directions to the nearest ATM. Be it cash withdrawals, generation of electronic checks or conducting other transaction like transmitting wireless payments can all be accomplished now via your mobile phone, and that too in a safe and secure environment.

According to Jim Block, director, global advanced technology, Diebold, “Diebold's new patented technology has the potential to offer myriad applications to boost the convenience and personal security factors of using an ATM."

Diebold has been working on this system long before the concept of mobile banking gained some grounds in the UK. Today, the application developed by the company let’s ATM’s directly interact with mobile devices, and also allows more than one customer to simultaneously interact with the machine.

This application is undoubtedly going to create ripples in the world of mobile banking. The convenience of the customers is the ultimate thing, and the same is going to make it a revolutionary invention that will grace the world market for a long time.

Jayson Pablo, an author who writes on different themes for xpert4u and appeal to visit the site to get information about mobile ringtones and mobile accessories.

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