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by Darren Lambert

Choosing the best web hosting company for your website or blog is critical. Downtime or lack of configuration, which can occur with the low quality hosting providers, will be severely detrimental to the success and performance of your website.

It can be difficult to choose which is the right web hosting package for your website or blog. With so many PHP hosting companies advertising their services on the internet which one do you choose? If you do experience problems with your web hosting you'll have to move to a new host, which is time consuming and often expensive in downtime.

I compared the 10 leading web hosting companies and created a top 10. See which are the best web hosting companies today.

Here are the important things to compare amongst web hosting packages.


This is the amount of time that the web server will be able to deliver your website to readers. 99% is ideal, cheaper hosting often offers less.

Disk space

This is the amount of space you are allocated on the web server to store all of your files. Media rich websites can often use up disk space quickly. Ensure your potential PHP hosting package offers enough disk space for your current website, and its future growth.


Bandwidth is the total amount of data that your website can deliver in a single month. If you exceed the bandwidth limit your account may be suspended until you buy more bandwidth, or upgrade your account. Ensure you select a hosting package that allows you enough bandwidth for your current traffic, and for the foreseeable future.


PHP hosts set a limit on the number of database you can use. If you are using a Web2.0 application, or any other type of PHP application than uses MySql databases, ensure the hosting package has sufficient databases for your needs.


Most people use one domain on a single hosting account. However, some people like to run several websites, or domains, from a single hosting account. If you intend to do this ensure the hosting package allows add-on and parked domains.


Fantastico is a system that quickly and easily installs popular Web2.0 applications into your hosting package. Most hosts include Fantastico, which allows you to easily install WordPress, Drupal and other blog and CMS systems.

Taking the time to choose the correct web hosting package can save you a great deal of time and money as your website or blog grows. Compare the best web hosting companies today by clicking here.

Darren is an experienced website developer and web hosting expert.

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