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by Josh Neumann

Believe it or not, today there are many companies that will offer you free Web servers to help you advance your business. These are becoming very popular, especially among beginning Internet marketers, because web hosting is not something that most people really want to think about too much. Therefore, free hosting and web servers sound like a great idea to most people. Keep in mind, while this can work for you, if you plan to allow business on the Internet, you really should not focus on free servers.

Very simply, free Web servers companies usually do not give you much space on their server, and why would they? Very simply, if you aren't paying them, it really doesn't do them much good to give you space on their server unless you provide some benefit to them; in this case, most free servers companies will require you to include a banner ad on your website linking back to them.

They figure they will get some traffic this way, and therefore they will get some benefit out of the relationship. However, you certainly can't plan a getting a lot of space in their server without paying any money.

Also, the free Web server companies generally don't provide you with great customer service, and here's another thing to keep in mind. Your website will be on a server with many others, and so if somebody on the server does something to mess it up, you can plan on your website being messed up as well. If the server crashes, your website will go down as well, because it only has a small portion of the server dedicated to it.

Also, if your website get a lot of traffic or has a lot of pages, and therefore will take up less space, you definitely cannot get a free server. Very simply, with a small server space will get, this is only good for a very small website that doesn't get a lot of traffic. This is great if you are a beginning internet marketer or simply run a hobby based website; not if you plan on either having a large website or a lot of traffic coming to it. This will simply take up too much space on the companies server, and they will not allow your site to stay on unless you pay.

The bottom line is, if you plan a doing a lot of business online, free Web servers probably are not a good idea for you. Yes, you can save some money, but the amount of revenue you will lose out in the long run is simply not worth it.

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