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Making phone calls from your computer is no longer a nifty trick known only by the computer-literate minority. Most people have computers or at least access to one and even without a computer, you can now make Skype calls through a mobile phone. This new technology bridges the gap between Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the mobile phone network.

With progress happening so fast, it is hardly surprising that you can transfer files from your computer to a friend’s whilst you are speaking on the ‘phone’ (it is always a slightly strange experience talking at your computer and hearing a familiar voice radiating out). The advantage of the Google Talk or Skype file transfer service is that both offer a quick, easy, peer-to-peer service with no restriction on the file type or size.

This last point is important because with the improvement in digital camera technology, an increasing number of people have very high quality images that they would like to share. It is frustrating to have to send a number of emails to make sure you don’t exceed you account limit; even more frustrating if you exceed that limit and have your email fail to send. The YouTube generation is also comfortable and confident about producing videos for public consumption. Sending these by email is not always easy, but Google Talk suggests that they can send these without any fuss. Near instantaneous delivery is also an attractive trait, if your curiosity about a certain photograph has been ignited.

That’s really where file transfer comes into its own. Google talk or Skype file transfer allow for spontaneity, and caters for the sending of information directly pertinent to your conversation. If you are talking about a recent trip, then what better way to brief a friend than to send a photo? Of course, you can do so much using email, but what you cannot really do is provide a commentary and – particularly – answer questions. It may not be flattering to be asked if the photo is the wrong way round, but at least you can try and explain how exactly you were trying to be ‘artistic’.

Business conversations can also be greatly aided by the ability to send documents instantaneously. If a colleague suddenly realises that they need to quickly scan over a page or so from a report before meeting a client, you can send it to them immediately.

Although file transfers using providers like Google Talk and Skype are unlikely to lead to the death of email, they may yet conquer a substantial corner of the file transfer market. The only downside seems to be that you can’t ‘accidentally’ delete your cousin’s holiday snaps if they are also on the phone explaining in detail what you can see.

Andrew Regan is an online, freelance author from Scotland. He is a keen rugby player and enjoys travelling.

Article Source: http://www.eArticlesOnline.com

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