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Nokia has been first in many an instances. Mainly in integrating best of technology within svelte body. It comes out with Prism, aiming to the needs of style-alert consumers and proved the credentials once again to see. The Nokia Prism collection includes phones by the name of Nokia 7500 and Nokia 7900; a blend of style and substance in a single entity.

The Nokia 7500 Prism comes with MP3 player, a 2-inch OLED display and a 2.0 megapixel camera with possibilities for recording videos. Built-in flash and digital zoom makes it clear that the mobile with is more than equipped to perform as digital camera. Data transfer is facilitated by USB, GPRS and EDGE technology. The same technology assortment allows fast download of music, games and videos. A slot for MicroSD cards offers room for all pictures, video clips, music tracks and content downloads. All within a weight of mere 82gm, the handset comes as a perfect match for your fist. Then there is a web browser and a facility called push email; making it all the more easy for busy professionals to perform.

The Nokia 7900 version comes with a DVD-quality playback facility, 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio, and 30 MB storage option. An inquisitive light emitting facility of this phone signals every details of missed calls and messages. This 3G technology enabled phone helps in fast and easy downloads and browsing needs.

Be it any of the varieties, the distinctively different geometric design in perfect association with the high-end features, makes it fully functional to meet many a needs in terms of style and functionalities. A chance to hold this unique phone that comes with useful business tool and interesting design, states many a reasons before a user to possess it.

Nokia prism

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    Nokia 7500 Prism is black and plastic body with less metal. Came across another interesting review on Nokia 7500 at