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For the business men who are always on the go, there seems to an eternal question in their mind. What should I carry, a laptop or a PDA, or some other mobile gadget? While both the laptop and PDA are designed to make work smarter, better and efficient; there still remains a confusion. The easiest way to reach the answer is to understand the business requirement and then choose what would be the best companion. For this, one first needs to fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of the Laptops and PDAs.

The advantages of a laptop are that the users get the benefit of larger keyboard, which can help them to type faster (a much important feature in a meeting where time is often money). It also has larger display for greater visual appeal and easy to add peripherals. A laptop also has the same software as that of a computer, so one gets all the benefits of working on a PC. Last but not the least; a laptop has more OS available.

The flip side of a laptop is that it takes time to boot. Since it is heavy, it might be of some problem when being carried on for a long distance. A laptop often has a soft battery life, especially when there is no way to recharge it. A laptop need space, it also does not provide you privacy. And yes, a laptop is also a larger target for thieves. Talking of PDA, it is instant on convenience. It is compact, lightweight and requires no space. Yes, it gives a lot of privacy and also is less vulnerable for the thieves.

In short one would say that if you are in some urgent meetings, it’s good to keep a compact PDA to store the basic and important information. And if you are still not sure about the flavour of business meeting, then might as well carry both. For, if the worst happens and one should fail, you still have the other gadgets available and ready to be put to use.

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