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Getting a new television for the home is a major purchase nowadays. If you are going to spend what could be considered a small fortune or at the very least a large amount of money then it would be prudent to try and make the correct decision at the outset.

Given the way technology changes it is essential to try and make sure that your purchase is relatively future-proof.

The latest telecommunication system for broadcasting moving pictures and sound is known as Digital television (DTT) and as the name implies this relies upon the transmission and reception of digital signals as opposed to the more conventional analogue formats. With DTT, viewers are limited to whatever channels the antenna picks up. Signal quality will also vary.

The purpose of this article is to take a look at what is on offer with the new generation of Flat Screen Televisions available and in this case the television in particular is the Sharp Aquos LC-32GA6E.

The LC-32GA6E is a 32in LCD TV and the prices for these are around 900 pounds sterling or 1800 US dollars. The resolution of the screen is 1366 X 768 and with regards to being HD Ready the answer is yes. The Sharp Aquos has 2 (1 RGB) scarts and the type and number of Multimedia interfaces the LC-32GA6E uses is HDMI and 1. The type of Tuner for this TV is Analogue and Digital and the Sharp Aquos is available from limited outlets only.

So how would we rate the Sharp Aquos LC-32GA6E?

First up, we would look at the picture quality and our score here would be 8 out of 10, and for the sound quality we would rate it at 6 out of 10. Taking a look at the number of relevant connections and their availability, our score would be 8 out of 10. With regards to the overall level of features, our view would be 8 out of 10 and for ease of use and overall value for money we would give it, 8 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 respectively.

The overall verdict would be the feature list from this TV isn't bad but we found that the picture and sound performance (which is all we are really interested in) is actually superb with a quality both visually and in audio that would shame many a TV vastly more expensive. This is a mid-range LCD TV that no one should either be ashamed of or will think that it will let them down.

The fact is that given the wide variety of models and makes available today you should find something that suites your needs as well as your wallet. You could either opt for one of the more cutting edge newer options available or stay safe and go for one of the more established options available. Either way we hope that by reading this short article you should have a slightly more informed view of the options available to you

Please bear in mind the prices that are quoted in this article and take note that they are there purely for illustration and though valid at the time of the writing of the article may vary from time to time and also depending on the time of year when you make your purchase.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

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Stephen Morgan writes about Flat Screen Televisions and the new generation of Plasma and Digital Televisions at flatscreentvreview.biz/sharp-aquos-lc-32ga6e-superb-audio-and-visual-performance/ and www.flatscreentvreview.biz

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