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by Molly Smith

In the P4 era, CPU performance often comes up to our expectation while the video card is complained much more in the process of actual operation and playing 3D games. Then the enthusiasts who seek an increase in the performance of their computers think of overclocking, and today video adapter overclocking is nothing new to us.

Some people may tell that we can use some software such as PowerStrip or NVTweak to execute the graphic card overclocking. Yes, we can make it by loading them, but in my opinion, with its complex function, PowerStrip or NVTweak is a tool for masters-hand, not for all users, especially green hands.

Here, I introduce a very simple way to your NVIDIA Graphics Card overclocking.

No hurry to search and download PowerStrip or NVTweak from the net, the NVIDIA video card driver itself possesses the overclocking feature.

In the previous Detonator drivers, there used to be AGP settings function, the Core and Memory clock adjustment functions, but the functions have been hidden later. Now the commonly used Detonator 40 driver also has such hidden functions, and it is very easy to enable them.

For instance, we open the clock rate Setting item. On the Start menu, click run and input "regedit" press the Enter key then the Registry is open. Find the item "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareNVIDIA CorporationGlobal", and right click "Global" branch, create a new key "NVTweak" (if the "NVTweak" exists, no need to create one). After that, right click "NVTweak", create a new dword key, named "CoolBits". Finally, set the key "CoolBits" as "3", and then you can open the hidden overclocking option of NVIDIA graphic adapter.

If you think opening the Registry is a nuisance, input the below words to a text file editor such as the WordPad built-in Windows.

REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENVIDIA CorporationGlobalNvTweak] "CoolBits"=dword: 00000003 The next step is to save this file with reg as its file extension (e.g. nv.reg). Double click nv.reg file then these contents can be run into Registry. What we mentioned above is risky, please be careful with overclocking!

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