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by Myles H Patterson

With both the U.S. and Canada now showing signs of recovery from the recession, Microsoft is about to unveil it's newly, much anticipated, and critically acclaimed, Windows 7 to be in stores and on computers October 22nd 2009. With XP entering retirement status and Windows 7 to take over, what about computers that have 6 years and then some of service with corporations, and small businesses, will these computers become subject to recycling?

With each new operating system Microsoft has released in the past dating back to before Windows 95 and 98, there have always been hardware, and peripheral, upgrades to mandate compliance with the new operating systems, and Windows 7 is no different. But with Windows 7, even though to get the full effects, and features, of the new OS system these upgrades are necessary. Windows 7 candidate release has been tested, and recognised though several computer forums to work better, and faster, than XP on computers manufactured and sold prior to Vista released in November 2006. This is important to recognize because Windows 7 design base, is from the Vista platform that Microsoft stripped and rebuilt from scratch to maintain compatibility with the hardware of today's computers. They simplified the structure of the basics to meet the needs of the tablet PC that has very little memory, or disk space, to run a complicated OS system.

Hence will be Windows 7 Basic sku or product offering available in October 2009 and is also attributed as to why Windows 7 is able to run so well on older computers. Any computer that was purchased since the November 2006 release of vista will be able to run Windows 7 with no problem. Why? Because Windows 7 was designed from the vista platform, in fact if you feel so inclined you can go to www.msdn.com and download a tool called Windows 7 Upgrade analyzer that will run a scan of your computer and tell you if your computer meets the requirements. It will also tell what you need to do to fix or update some programs or drivers to be compliant with the upgrade. You can also find the minimum requirements your computer needs to run windows 7 at this website. With computers that were purchased before the above date, I would also check the above website and run the analyzer, for compliance to make sure you get the full benefit of running this new and terrific product.

The good news is that Microsoft will support any computer with Windows 7 that could or will run the Vista platform which dates back to 3 years ago. The bad news is at this time they will not support Windows 7 on a machine that predates this era of computers; however they are encouraged and interested with the findings, testing, and forums in this regard. Since its release in November 2001 XP has run its course in time, by being Microsoft's first and only OS system that has run for 9 years of accredited service to date. But times have changed, the way we communicate has changed, the way we do business has changed, and although history is important, it's futures, and innovation, that spurs growth. And with Windows 7 being in development for 3 years, which is longer than any operating system Microsoft has released to date, this product is ready to meet and exceed all expectations, with speed, stability, security, and simplicity, with jaw dropping features given it has the required basic attributes to run. Microsoft has really done their homework with this, the next generation of computing.

This is our future, your future, and with the North American continent now showing signs of recovery it's time to seek the information tools you need today for a brighter tomorrow. Windows 7 is ready for you, and is available to you now though pre ordering and will be in stores next month, but are you and your computer ready for Windows 7?

For more information please feel free to email me through my website at http://www.mhpenterprises.com Thank You Myles H Patterson Director MHP Enterprises Inc.

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Myles Patterson has been working in the entertainment/corporate events industry for over 30 years. During that time he has worked on a national, and international bases, in various capacities as a branch manager, general manager, director of operations, and finally director of his own company in 1997.

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