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Nokia n96 is 3G smartphone is part of the NSeries from Nokia. Nokia N96 is fully loaded multi-media smartphone the major change of advanced video viewing in Nokia n96 with large 2.8 Inch colour screen displays up to sixteen million colours on LCD screen with a resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels.

* Memory Nokia n96 has 16 gb of built in memory and we can extend it by MicroSD memory card up to 24 GB and Support & 128 Mbytes RAM & 256 Mbytes System Memory. Nokia n96 has GPS Navigation and show 150 Countries Maps on big 2.8 Inch colour screen. You can store a lot of music capable of storing up to 3500 songs. * Weight & Size Lighter(125 grams), Thinner(18 mm thick) and easy-to-carry smart 5 Megapixel dgital camera phone. It is actually thinner and lighter than the latest version of the Nokia N95 8gb, the size is still compact. The measurement are 103 mm tall by 55 mm wide by 18 mm thick and total weight is 125 grams.

* Digital camera Nokia n96 has fully-functional 5 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Lens and there is no need to carry a separate digital camera becasue all the settings & options include in it. Nokia N96 has a dual LED flash which means that it is capable of taking high-quality pictures in all different types of settings user can adjust the LED flash which will light up even the darkest surrounding for the user to take a clear shot. It support a lot of photography Setting (Flash, Auto Exposure, Self Timer, Autofocus, Colour, White Balance & Contrast). A second VGA camera which allows the user to take part in a 3G video calling.

* TV broadcasting TV broadcasting capabilities which allows the user to enjoy DVB H live TV broadcasts.

* Advanced GPS Highly advanced GPS functions (show 150 Countries Maps). The Maps 2.0 software allows for viewing satellite map images, receiving voice instructions on 2.8 Inch 16 Million Colour QVGA LCD TFT Screen (240 x 320 Pixels) screen. Nokia n96 has Nokia Maps Application also.

* Battery life (3 Hours Talk Time and 220 Hours Standby) Long battery life with 3 Hours Talk Time and 220 Hours Standby. Nokia n96 smartphone is designed to have a long-lasting battery allow you to fully utilize the advanced multimedia functions no needing to recharge frequent basis.

* Pictures Format ( JPEG or EXIF) Photos are capable of being stored in either JPEG or EXIF Format. These pictures are also capable of being tagged with the location of the pictures using the GPS features available with the Nokia smartphone. You can enjoy the social networking and capable of instant upload pictures and integration own images into the social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr.

* A built-in FM radio with RDS. This means that the user can listen to songs on the radio and get the information regarding those songs on a display on the phone's screen.

* Advanced audio features include built-in 3D stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm headphone connector. There is also an audio equalizer intended to enhance the sound of the music.

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