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About Acer

Acer Inc. can be referred to be amongst the most ancient electronics companies as far as computer industry is concerned. It was founded by Stan Shih in the year 1976. Originally, it was named 'Multitech' then. 'Acer' was the name acquired later. The present scenario is such that it's a leader in the corporate world of Taiwan and as such, is the 3rd largest manufacturer of computers, followed by HP, Dell.


Acer is known for giving what you robust protducts, at a cheap price, with no compromise on the quality front. The product range of Acer is inclusive of notebooks, desktops, PDA, portable tablet personal computers, display monitors, software and hardware solutions. Acer laptops and display monitors have always been on the top of different review sites and listings.


Acer laptops have a number of variants depending upon market trend as well as technology. Series presented by Acer include Tablet PC Series, TravelMate series, Extensa series, Ferrari series, and Aspire series. The 'Acer Aspire' series is the most renowned and broadly used all through the world. All novel Gemstone variants have been highly stylish. Moreover, they come with 'High Definition Dolby Digital Sound System'. These series begin with 4520. The newest model on the hands is Acer Aspire 8920 model. Let's have a look at the currently available Acer laptops.

The Aspire and Extensa are essentially the "entry level" lines. While they are not equipped with the fastest processors or biggest hardrives, the Aspire deliver a very acceptable overall speed if you are an "average user" meaning that you are not an avid gamer or heavy database user. For that matter if most of use is web surfing, email, word processor, spreadsheet... type of activity, chances are that you would barely notice a difference with faster and more expensive laptops. One thing though, make sure you have at least 2GB of RAMs to ensure good speed; it is a mystery to me that companies still sell laptops with less than 2 GB when using Microsoft Vista, the cost saving is not worth the potential speed loss.

The TravelMate series has been designed especially for business travelers and professionals. These series would give you an extended reliability, along with light-weight notebooks with the highest securities. The TravelMate series begins with the models between 2480 and 8210. Let certain models be looked into.

The Ferrari can be considered to be one of the major hits in the laptop arena. Acer has partnered with Ferrari to deliver high-end products with exciting features and a great look. These laptops have a sporty style. Models available include Ferrari 1000, 4000, and 5000. The cost range is reported to vary between $1800 and $4000.


In short, Acer delivers good to great quality and its pricing strategy is very aggressive on the Aspire, Extensa and TravelMate lines. The Ferrari line is more targeted to high end users on one hand but also and maybe mostly for user who like fashionable laptops (similar in that sense to the MacBook Air users). Acer is rapidly expanding in the laptops market and will most likely prove to be formidable leader in the years to come.

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