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By: Phil Battison

TV wall brackets are enormously useful, and here are ten of the best things about them.

1. By using a wall bracket, you can place your screen almost anywhere in the room. This is great news if there’s a perfect viewing location but you couldn’t use a desktop stand or cabinet because there’s something on the floor beneath which you can’t move.

2. Some brackets are specially designed so to fold back so that your screen sits completely flush to the wall. This creates an amazing look when you are watching your screen, but means it’s much less visually obstrusive when it’s switched off.

3. Many TV wall brackets are easy to adjust, meaning they are suitable for a wide range of screens. So while you still have the option of getting one produced by your screen’s manufacturer – and often these look best – you aren’t always forced to buy their product, whatever the price.

4. Whatever size your screen, there’s sure to be a bracket to match. Many TV wall brackets can cope with a wide range of sizes so you’ll be sure of a good fit, plus there’s one less thing to worry about if you later upgrade to a bigger screen.

5. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a great-looking TV, you may well have co-ordinated the colour with your other audio-visual equipment. The good news is that many TV wall brackets now come in a range of colours so you are sure to get one that matches your set-up.

6. Many TV wall brackets have built-in cable management, and even if your choice doesn’t, you can get specially designed solutions relatively cheaply. This means you can hide away the cables which run from your wall-mounted TV in a discreet way. Some cable covers are even paintable so you can match them to your wall colours to make them even less noticeable.

7. A decent TV wall bracket may be cheaper than you think. While you can spend a lot of money on a top-notch model, there’s a wide variety of prices and some offer excellent value with skimping on quality or performance.

8. Most screens allow you to tilt or swivel your screen without much effort. That’s ideal if you’ve got large windows and get shadows at certain times of the day. It’s also very handy if you’ve got an open-plan kitchen and want to be able to see the screen perfectly while cooking dinner.

9. If you really want to splash the cash, there are even motorized TV wall brackets. You can use a remote control to move your screen about and even rotate it as much as 180 degrees. That may sound like a flashy gimmick – and it’s certainly flashy – but it can be very handy if the most convenient place to mount the TV is somewhere other than the ideal viewing location.

10. Some brackets even have shelves built underneath which can safely hold your other equipment while still looking attractive. Just imagine never having to get down on your hands and knees to change DVDs again!

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