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If you want to be taken to another world, then the Sony Portable PlayStation is the coolest device to take you there. Imagine playing games, watching movies, viewing pictures and listening to music anywhere you go.

But before you can enjoy your enviable high tech gadget, you'll need to download all that stuff sitting on your PC to your PSP. To do that, what you will need is a PSP USB cable.

Don't worry, it's not hard to do and the cable is inexpensive. All you need is someone to guide you through the simple steps the first time around and this guide should be all you need to get started.

In this guide, we will be describing the PSP USB Cable by Intec. You will learn why you will need it if you own a PSP or Sony Portable PlayStation. We will show you what it can do. You will become aware of its features and how to use them. We'll include a few user tips and troubleshooting advice. Then you'll learn where to purchase this cable at a low price. When you have finished reading this guide, you'll soon be happily enjoying movies, games, music and pictures on your PSP!

Let's get started...

Why You Need It

With only a few exceptions, the majority of us will need a USB cable that can connect our PSP to our PC. It's the only way you can download your games, movies, songs or pictures from your PC to your PSP. And that's the reason you will need one.

Why Intec

Many PSP users have had success downloading their stuff using the Intec PSP USB cable. Two extra features of the Intec brand make it a good deal. It has a retractable cable, which is handy for travel and an addition power plug to recharge your PSP so you won't unnecessarily drain your PSP battery while downloading.

Tips & Advice

When your PSP is connected to your PC by the USB cable, your PC should recognize it as a removable disk. However, for a handful of people it may not appear. If this happens to you, don't panic. Just make sure your PSP is in USB connect mode.

Some people report that the Intec cable doesn't work all the time on every computer. However, it could be the computer causing problems, not the cable. Another possibility is your PSP battery is low so your computer doesn't recognize it.

Although the Intec PSP USB cable includes a power tip, using your regular AC adapter will charge your PSP batteries faster.

Where to Buy

You can buy the PSP USB Cable by Intec online. If you go to Amazon.com they will sell it. J&R Music and Computer World along with Beach Audio are also listed as sellers. Prices range from 93 cents for used to $10.99 plus shipping for new.


You now know why having a USB cable for your PSP is essential. We suggested the Intec brand because PSP owners have had success using it and the extra power tip that it included. You learned how simple it is to use. In case of trouble, you learned it could be a simple thing, like making sure your PSP is in USB mode. Now all you have to do is get a USB cable, download everything to your PSP and enjoy your PSP everywhere you go!

Copyright (c) Jon Chan, All Rights Reserved.

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