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By Dean Barnard

Wireless is the new modern technology and is becoming very popular with prices reducing and the connection speed increasing.

Wireless refers to communications between two points requiring no cables/wire.

You can purchase wireless routers that enable you to use Ethernet or wireless, or wireless access points.

The advantage of wireless is you are able to be anywhere in range with a laptop or computer and receive a connection.

What is ADSL2 and ADSL2+?

This is where ADSL took its leap into a better faster more reliable connection.

ADSL download speeds are usually between the range of 256 to 15000Kbps and upload speeds of 6Kbps to 256Kbps.

ADSL and ADSL2+ use the telephone line same as the old ADSL but transfer data faster and further then before. ADSL users can connect up to 12Mbps depending on how far you are from the exchange, the ISP (internet service provider)

ADSL2+ can offer speeds up to 24Mbps once again depending on how close you are to the exchange, ISP (internet provider)

With benefits like these and connection speeds this fast, you are able to experience movies, audio and even websites in real time with no delay.

What is satellite?

Satellite is another form of fast internet but yet again costs more than broadband and the downloading limits are restricted.

You will need a satellite dish, a phone line and dialup line for uploading data to the internet, so if you don’t have 2 phone lines you will not be able to use the phone while surfing the net.

Your computer connects to a satellite dish and you connect up to about 400Kbps

Satellite is generally used when broadband has not been implemented so far, for example mine sites that only have the alternative of dialup or satellite. Satellite being the better alternative.


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