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.NET is the Microsoft Plan for connecting and sharing information, resources, systems and devices through Web Services for making more effective communication and collaboration between communities and people online.

.NET technology provides fast, efficient and easy to build, deploy and manage the secure solutions over the network using Web Services.

What are Web Services?

Web Services are reusable web applications that can be accessed over the internet from computers using different operating systems working together and exchanging information. There are 4 commonly used standard protocols for accessing and developing web services:

1. XML, Extensible Markup Language

2. SOAP, Simple Object Access Protocol

3. WSDL, Web Services Description Language

4. UDDI, Universal Description Discovery and Integration

Working example of XML Web Services:

1. Client-to-Client: Clients or devices can apply web services to share the data anywhere anytime.

2. Client-to-Server: XML Web Services can share data between servers and desktop computers or smart devices connected via the internet.

3. Server-to-Server: XML Web Services provide a common interface between existing applications within independent servers.

4. Service-to-Service: XML Web Services collectively provide more complex data operations.

What is .NET Passport Service?

.NET passport is a Web-based Service of Microsoft .Net technology that provides the facility of fast and easy signing in to Web Sites. .Net Passport Service authenticates a user with a single set of sign in credentials on number of web sites participating in .Net Passport authentication services. It has reduced the need of remembering different login passwords of number web sites and made it easy for users.

Benefits of Web Services

Web Services enable the applications to share the data across different hardware platforms and operating systems. Few of the benefits of Web Services are:

1. Ease of connecting with affiliate partners and make easy collaboration and communication between business partners.

2. Provides more personal and integrated experience to end users who use smart devices like mobiles, PDAs or even PCs.

3. Revenue increment directly by enabling your business to make rich Web Services for others.

4. Easy development without wasting time and money.

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