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By Alexandre So

Recently CNN interviewed an owner of the free laptop website. They confirmed a website was not another scam but the real deal. Although only available to USA residents, the website does give away laptops for free, or almost.

So how does the whole "Get a Free Laptop" system work? It's actually very simple. Once you're at their website, you have to choose a laptop you want and fill out the e-mail address field. Next you will have an option of filling out a quick short 1 page survey. This step is optional.

Then, you will be offered many different memberships and trials, most of these are free for a week or so, with a possibility of cancellation without a fee, some offers require you to make a purchase costing a dollar or two. In order to get a free laptop you will have to complete 2 silver offers, 2 gold offers and either a) 6 platinum offers or b) Have 20 offers completed by people you refer. Please take note; you will have to do either "a" or "b", not both.

When the required steps are completed, your laptop is on its way. Make sure you provided the correct address, PO boxes are not acceptable.

So where does the actual laptop come from? The owner of the website receives a decent amount of money from the advertiser for each offer you complete. Why does the advertiser pay so much money for it? Well, when you complete an offer, even free trials, you become a potential client for the advertiser. The whole "get a free laptop" system is a win-win-win deal for you, the website owner and the advertiser.

Beware, some of the Free Laptop sites are scams, and will never send you a laptop. If a website doesn't provide you with their contact information - it is scam. The site should also offer a possibility of verifying your gift status. You will need this, to make sure you completed all the offers required and that the laptop was shipped to you.

Do you want a FREE laptop? This Website was seen on CNN and NBC as a legit Free Laptop site! Click here to find out more!

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