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The Sony Ericsson introduced new cell phone Sony Ericsson K610. This mobile phone comes in a few fantastic colors including a beautiful metallic red. It is a phone which you would be proud to own and its features are also pretty fantastic too. One of the smallest 3G phones available today, this phone has a very easy to use keypad which is created using metal. There is a nice backlight behind the keypad which lights up when there is a message coming through or when an incoming call is being received. This helps to ensure that you do not miss a call. Many people will like this mobile phone due to how easy it is to control it. It is not difficult in any way and the keys work instantly as soon as you touch them which means no more sore fingers from having to press down so hard.

The 262k screen provides crystal clear images and videos and the fantastic 2 mega pixel camera ensures that any images you want to capture are also crystal clear and a pleasure to view. The Sony Ericsson K610's five-way joypad is easy to use and dedicated front keys give instant access to internet or music. The camera, music and video functions are straightforward enough. The Sony Ericsson K610's camera doesn't give the best results, and the screen doesn't help. Video calling is relatively clear. Streamed footage is watchable, but can be subject to freezing and pixelation. Those 3G speeds make accessing the mobile web quick and easy.

If you like to regularly check your e-mails then the Sony Ericsson K610 mobile phone will allow you to keep on top of them whilst you are away from your computer. Also, another unique feature to the phone includes its flight mode where you can press it whenever you are on a long haul flight. You will still be able to check the calendar, listen to your music and even check e-mail still too. So even if you do have to go on a flight it will still not stop you from checking your e-mails.

Overall the Sony Ericsson K610 mobile phone is an all round impressive phone with some pretty handy features. You can download games, music and ringtones to the phone as well as making use of the fantastic MP3 player which is built into it too. The Sony Ericsson K610 is a candybar handset with a classic design that could appeal to business users. It's a light and compact 3G phone but still feels solid and substantial in the hand.

Many of the features depend upon which operator model you plump for. However, the Sony Ericsson K610 does pack 3G , a two-megapixel camera, video calling and streaming, and a music player. A MemoryStick M2 card slot allows for expandable storage. The Sony Ericsson K610 offers 420 minutes' worth of talktime - pretty impressive for a compact 3G phone with so much to cram in. Please purchase on online www.luckywirelessusa.com

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