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By: Thomas Haddelin

Ever get annoyed when you start your computer to find errors preventing you from using your computer properly? Have you ever seen the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death"?

Most errors on your computer can be caused by spyware, malware, and even viruses. Most of the time we get this simply by installing a "Free" program off the Internet.

Most spyware comes from "Free" programs we find on the Internet. Often they mention they contain spyware in the license agreement which most people fail to read or understand.

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes, and usually come from infected software or websites we use and visit. More often than not our virus scanner will sound alarms when we try to use infected software or try to open an infected website.

Malware is usually installed secretly without our knowledge. Most of the time it comes from websites or programs that have it.

Spyware, Malware, and Viruses can slowly destroy your computer. A good virus scanner can help, but it doesn't eliminate all forms of malware and spyware.

Having an up-to-date virus scanner does help, but often the scanner can't remove all types of spyware. Usually another program is required to actually remove the spyware.

Bug Doctor is one of those programs. It was designed to help virus scanners remove these spyware and malware threats from your computer.

Stop getting mad about your computers errors, and start fixing them with Bug Doctor. Bug Doctor is guaranteed to fix your computers errors, regardless of the error.

Article Source: http://www.kokkada.com

Before you waste another moment trying to fix errors on your computer, be sure to check out Thomas Haddelin's free article on fixing common computer errors, and his helpful spyware removal tips!

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