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Data recovery is a process whereby you can save data and files you accidentally deleted, had eaten by malicious software or viruses, hardware failures, corporate espionage and many more scenarios. Data recovery is a tricky thing, and if you've somehow deleted or had your important files corrupted or lost due to human error, business espionage, faulty hardware or software or any other reason; the good news is that your lost data is probably recoverable. When you discover that you have suffered some data loss, the first decision is always if data recovery is possible. One of the most common questions about data recovery is “why is it so expensive" and if you use software it doesn't have to be.

There are many types of data recovery software to choose from. Software programmers recognize the importance of data files, and thankfully, they have been able to create products that demonstrate their understanding of how often people accidentally delete or lose important data. Recovering or salvaging the data from media can sometimes be performed using simple hardware or software but may occasionally require the assistance of data recovery specialists. Software can recover your file allocation table in FAT, master file table and partition table in NTFS file system. Sometimes, even the so called "soft errors" can be fixed using data recovery software.

Losing your files is something that is going to happen to you one day, not something that might happen, and if you do not backup your drive you will find yourself in a very unfortunate situation.

Have a disaster recovery plan, do frequent backups. Test that your backups work and can restore your systems to a fully working condition. Hard drive failure is especially disastrous for smaller companies working with a single server and a single disk, if they do not have a complete and working data backup at hand. Having an online backup system will save your day should your premises ever burn down, or the fireproof box containing your backup disks get stolen. Online backup is possibly the most convenient form of backing up files, leaving you with few excuses not to do it. If you have ever wondered about the importance of keeping a backup, imagine how you would feel if a virus destroyed the contents of your hard drive.

Whether you’re an individual or a large corporation, sometimes data recovery is the only way (if you didn't do your backups). Physical data recovery is simply the extraction of the raw data from a damaged disc; logical data recovery means the rebuilding of damaged data files but if you are so fortunate that can see your deleted files then data recovery is quick and easy.

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The author runs a website about data recovery options when the luck isn't on your side. Find out more about the free data recovery program.

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