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China now has the world's largest, and one of the best, wire-line and wireless networks. The China telecom industry is seen to have remained resilient as well as active although the global telecom industry has been moody. With China's entry into the WTO and the upcoming 3G-license release, China's telecom operators have to be more creative and innovative in order to deliver additional sophisticated services that meet the growing market requirements.

The Chinese telecom market has witnessed remarkable growth in the past five years, thanks to the economic and industry reforms of the Chinese government. The accelerated telecom industry reforms during the past decade and also completely changed the competitive landscape of the Chinese carriers market.

China's telecommunication market is boasting the greatest number of mobile telecom subscribers in the world. The market would continue to grow in 2006 while witnessing a fiercer competition among carriers and vendors. China is a country where the government's influence on and interference in the telecom market is quite strong.

The booming and rapidly transforming Chinese telecommunication market will open considerable alternative business opportunities to telecommunication's companies worldwide.

Chinese telecom carriers are now in a process of shifting their focus from infrastructure development to network improvement and value-added service development. The operators are expected to become more and more cautious about investment, including investment in the 3rd generation of mobile communications (3G) and the deployment of other new technologies.

There is increasing competition among the national telecom carriers to better serve the growing telephone subscriber base. Chinese telecom carriers have prompted debate on the future prospects of the Chinese telecom market. Although some analysts continue to believe that the Chinese telecom market is still a land of gold, others argue that the growth of telephone users will soon reach a ceiling and opportunities in the Chinese telecom market are disappearing.

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