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By: James Scholes

These days all you hear about overclocking is how dangerous it is and all the scare stories that surround the subject. I often ask people if they have overclock their computer and I always get two answers. The first one is “What's that?” So obviously those type of people don't even know what it is, let alone if they've done it. The second answer is “Overclocking could blow my computer up, there's no way I going to do that” now this is the response I normally get but the problem is, these people have never attempted to overclock. But what do they know if they've never overclocked before.

Now that's up to them but do they know how much free performance their missing out on? obviously these people have read the all the scare stories and this is why they choose not to overclock their PC. But truth be known and what these people don't know is that this very rarely happens these days for a few reasons. Here's why.

1.The first one is that today's CPU's have improve heatspreaders to help to spread the heat evenly therefore preventing concentrated hotspots on the CPU.

2.Today CPU's ship at a very reserved speed setting. So there's normally plenty of headroom for overclocking. In a way, Intel and AMD kinda expect their chips to be overclocked and so they give them plenty of headroom for overclockers to play around with. Plus it's one of the many deciding factors for hardware reviewer's when reviewing a CPU and of course Intel and AMD want to be seen as the best.

3.Today's PC's have more built in safely features to prevent you from ever damaging your CPU. So as a result making your overclocking crusade safer. 99% of the time if you do push your CPU too far your PC will simply shut down to prevent you from doing any damage to your PC.

End of the day if you do things safely and monitor what your doing you won't damage your CPU. Like I said, today's CPU's are designed to be overclocked so give it go, you might be surprised how much free performance is under the bonnet.

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Is overclocking dangerous? Let me dispel the myths and reveal the facts about overclocking and how you could be missing out because of all the “of putting” scare stories that surround overclocking.

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