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If you are a PC gamer the best news you have likely heard in a long time is that DirectX 10 video games are drawing close. With a wealth of DirectX 10 game titles set to launch soon it is time for PC gamers looking to step up to the new graphic richness of DirectX 10 gaming to get the gaming systems ready. The most important part of the DirectX 10 gaming system is the video card. This list features the top DirectX 10 compliant graphics cards available in a number of different price ranges. Choose from this list and get ready to play when DirectX 10 games launch.

1) XFX 8800 GTX XXX Graphics Card

If you want the single best DirectX 10 compliant video card on the market, at least until the 8800 Ultra cards ship, the XFX 8800 GTX XXX is it. The XFX 8800 GTX XXX is overclocked from the factory and still carries the XFX double lifetime warranty. That means not only are you covered for the life of the card, but the person you sell it to when you upgrade is covered as well. This is the single fastest 8800 GTX on the market and out performs every other overclocked 8800 GTX I have tested.

2) XFX NVIDIA 8800 GTX Graphics Card

If you don’t want the extra cost or heat generation associated with factory overclocked graphics cards, the stock clocked 8800 GTX from XFX is also a fantastic performer. The 8800 GTX is currently the fastest graphics card around and the only thing faster than the XFX 8800 GTX is the XFX XXX edition of the same card.

3) Foxconn 8800 GTX Graphics Card

If XFX isn’t the brand for you or you simply want an 8800 GTX that is bundled with more extras the Foxconn 8800 GTX may be just what you need. This Foxconn 8800 GTX is a stock clocked graphics card so it gives up performance to the overclocked 8800 GTX cards, but it tends to cost a bit less and runs cooler than the over clocked brethren.

4) XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Graphics Card

If the 8800 GTX graphics cards are just too expensive for your budget to absorb, one step down the NVIDIA product ladder brings you to the 8800 GTX. XFX makes a fantastic 8800 GTS graphics card that performs well and is significantly cheaper than the 8800 GTX graphics cards.

5) XFX 8800 GTS 320MB XXX Graphics Card

If the NVIDIA 8800 GTS 640MB graphics card is still more than you want to spend, one more step down the NVIDIA product ladder brings you to the 8800 GTS 320MB graphics card. The XFX 8800 GTS 320MB XXX edition here is a factory overclocked graphics card that outperforms many of the 8800 GTS 640MB graphics cards on the market. This is a fantastic graphics card for the price and performance it generates.

6) BFG 8800 GTS OC 320MB Graphics Card

An alternative to the XFX 8800 GTS 320MB XXX graphics card that gives up a bit of performance to the XFX card is the BFG 8800 GTS 320Mb OC graphics card. As the name suggests the BFG 8800 GTS 320MB OC card is overclocked from the factory. The BFG card may be a bit slower than some of the other cards on the market, but it still performs very, very well.

7) XFX 8600 GTS XXX Video Card

Right under the 8800 GTS 320MB graphics card in price and performance is the new NVIDIA 8600 GTS. This version from XFX is the 8600 GTS XXX and like the other XFX XXX graphics cards, this one is overclocked right out of the box. If you are shopping for the fastest 8600 GTS you can get the XFX 8600 GTS XXX is it.

8) PNY Verto 8600 GTS Graphics Card

If overclocked graphics cards aren’t what you are looking for, the PNY Verto 8600 GTS is a stock clocked version of the 8600 GTS that also happens to be one of the lowest cost 8600 GTS cards you will find. It gives up performance to the overclocked 8600 GTS graphics cards, but costs less.

9) EVGA 8600 GT Superclocked Graphics Card

Jumping down the NVIDIA ladder again in price and performance brings us to the 8600 GT. This version is the 8600 GT from EVGA known as the EVGA 8600 GT Superclocked. This graphics card is factory overclocked for higher performance. This card lacks HDCP so it won’t work for Blu-ray or HD DVD media center PCs, but it does perform well for gaming given its lower price.

10) XFX 8600 GT XXX Graphics Card

If you want the fastest and best performing 8600 GT you can get your hands on, it is from XFX again. The XFX 8600 GT XXX stands at the top of the heap when it comes to performance in the 8600 GT segment. Like the EVGA 8600 GT Superclocked, the XFX card isn’t HDCP capable so you can’t use it for HD DVD or Blu-ray playback.
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