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By K. Kemper

I am older than Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft. I have also taught the use of computers in a private college. While I don't like teaching the use of any specific operating system, I do guide novices on the use of computers.

There are some absolutes in using computers that will help all users--regardless of age, computer, operating system, objective or hardware.

These absolutes include:

WE are in the juvenile state of the computer!
[Cars, airplanes and TVs took 60-100+ years to reach much of heir current state. WE have only had desk top computers since the mid 1970s, and electronic computers period since the 1940's and the internet for commercial use less than 15 years.]

Computers require the almost perfect melding of chunks of hardware [monitors, motherboards, ram sticks, internet modems, printers, hard drives, scanners and other business assisting or entertainment items.

Computers require the almost perfect melding of the operating system to the internet and both of those to the box's hardware.

Computers are used by both highly technical people, by average consumers, by those who are mentally handicapped and everyone in-between--ages 2 to 100, in all parts of the world. Computers are used by people for simple purposes like writing to friends, writing books, etc. and also for complex things like tracking weather or military armies or single attackers and EVERYTHING inbetween.

Our problems begin with the understanding that computers and hardware and software instruction are written by people from throughout the world who have from complete understanding of their own language to no understanding of their own language, to great technical understanding to no technical prowess and others who, again, are inbetween in understanding.

Computer programs have code that must be understood by anything and everything that uses one's computer. That, in itself, is rather an absurd requirement but it is nevertheless a necessity! [Re-phrased, this means that the computer must "talk" to the monitor, to the modem, to the printer, to each program and those things "downloaded" must be understood by all "applicable" components on the computer.

When it seems a miracle that one person can talk clearly and be easily understood 100% of the time by his next door neighbor, it seems beyond comprehension that people who you will never meet, can write "code" in such a way that it blends perfectly with everything on YOUR computer without your having to seek clarification from the code writer.

At least, that is what is required to have everything run smoothly.

After the commercial internet was created, greater demand was placed on computers and people began choosing sides-brands. Some chose computers made by this or that company and then, other began choosing operating systems, and later, this or that program or piece of hardware and these became what has been called "computer wars."

IN the mean time, I get the task of answering "regarding one's computer and/or components of computers, why/how their computer works or does. TOO often, I have no answer whatever. I have no answer BECAUSE what sometimes works perfectly for one computer is absolutely ignored by another one!

And such things as hard drives, floppy drives and hardware and software "nick names" can challenge the best of tech users, much less the average user!

My rules, then, converted to a PC and a new PC I am writing this data on now,] include:

running SCAN DISK at least monthly. This is a way to tell the computer that maybe a program has given the computer's systems odd information and it needs to be removed or cleaned up;

running a virus remover daily;

running a mysterious program remover [like spy bot] daily. [ BELIEVE it or not, some web sites you visit innocently to either help you chat or to buy things through, can and often do leave little things called COOKIES on your computer and sickos write programs to use those cookies to leave other bad junk on your computer!]

transfer old programs no longer used to another hard drive or delete them;

if you depend on specific data on your computer to be there every day, you can "protect it" in one of 3 basic ways;

a. copy it all to another hard drive you keep in your computer [often called mirroring];
b. copying it all to DVDs you create on your own DVD WRITER; or
c. email your entire hard drive content's to an external storage area. [copying

Next; keep the following things in mind--

No one in the UK or Nigeria has money waiting for you--in fact, they have opposite desire; to help you send THEM money. So, ignore emails to you about lost relatives who left you money.

Next--do NOT presume that ANY web site is as friendly to you as you would like to think it is! I am an old customer of Earthlink. As of two weeks ago, Earthlink SOLD OUT to greed and now puts advertisements on their servers where I review my "review first" email before I download it. My email box is SQURENCHED tightly together as they now make room on the right side for more offensive ads! Also, your favorite web site definitely puts a COOKIE on your computer to make REMEMBERING your visit easier for them and you and that site also sells your info to other companies in what is called email address mining.

Next--just like stalkers in life, and thieves in life, there are sickos who try to steal your info. They also get their jollies by sending you not just overt porn but viruses. Their game is "HOW many computers can i harm today!" So, do not open email from people you are unsure of. Cute emails are also used to send junk that can stop computers from operating.

I like computers and really enjoy the ease with which I gather news, data, company info, pictures, etc. However, I use it with caution too.

MY next and last rule is--

When in doubt, close up all your programs, and shut off your computer. Re-start it.

If it is not working "correctly" the next day, go to control 8 and SAFE mode and run the scan disk and virus removers.

if that does not solve the problem and it is not a critical issue, shut it off and leave it alone for 1 day.

it is very difficult to harm your computer if you follow these rules I have listed above. IF things just seem to be caving in on themselves, you can, if need be, [if you have the disk], re-install the operating system. IF you must do so, it is suggested that you send all your data elsewhere for storage or put same onto CDs/DVDs, so that you can pick though it later when your system is backup and running smoothly!

if that does not work, get out your credit card and either take your box to your preferred computer repair shop or call a tech.

I did use one guy and I gave him 30 minutes to solve a simple problem. He took 2.5 hours and still did not solve it. Rule here; make sure the teck you may hire does not learn his -her trade on your time and your dollar.



your IT teacher. [past programmer too]

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