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by Bill Healey

So you're in the market for a new computer but you're not sure of what you want with all of the different models available. You have an almost limitless variety of computers to choose from. Do you want Windows or Apple? What will you be using the computer for? The most important question you'll need to as is what style of computer you want. Will you get a desktop, laptop, or a notebook?

The latest sales have shown a trend of people looking to buy portable notebook computers. These are computers that are designed to be highly portable even at the expense of certain features. Some of these systems may completely remove or externalize components such as the CD or DVD drive. Some of these weigh less than 4 pounds, which is why they are so extremely easy to carry while traveling, something people who work on the road tend to love.

Here are some of the best selling and most popular portable notebooks being sold on the market today.

  1. Sony VAIO VGN-TXN15P/B - Sony is well known for their full featured, ultra-portable notebooks for quite awhile now. The TX series is a lightweight powerhouse that packs quite the punch for such a small package. If you're out on the road for long periods of time, this is the one for you. The TXN15 is Sony's entry level portable laptop and even comes with a cellular modem for high speed wireless Internet access. The main and only complaint is the cost of one.
  2. Dell XPS M1210 - What's there to say about the Dell XPS M1210 that hasn't been said before? It is easily one of the fastest CPU's compared to its competition in the portable laptop market giving it a lot of more performance capabilities. It also comes with a 1.3 megapixel web camera built-in and the option for a wireless modem from one of three different cellular phone carriers. Not to shabby for the cost, either.
  3. Lenovo 3000 V100 - While it may get the publicity its cousin the ThinkPad gets, it still is a great priced notebook with some pretty good features that are nothing to turn your nose up at. It comes with a CD/DVD drive and some nice performance qualities. The one major complaint is the battery life isn't the greatest compared to its competition on this list.
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad X60s - Taking a quick survey of business travelers about their favorite portable notebooks, you'll no doubt hear about Lenovo's ThinkPad X series being answered quite often. It is a favorite for good reason. It is highly reliable and has one of the best keyboards found on notebooks. Some describe it as a joy to work with. It does run a little more expensive than other models but you'll see the quality of the unit just after using it a few times.
  5. Toshiba Portege R400 - Toshiba will be the first to admit that its Portege has a number of flaws to it, one of which is the price, but this convertible notebook does prove its merit since it was built with the new Windows Vista OS in mind. Its screen can be flipped around from a traditional notebook to be used as a tablet PC. The front edge also contains a small OLED display that keeps the status of your battery, email, schedule and the time.

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