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by Raina Kelsey

Data speed is the most important factor for the popularity of a business centric mobile phone. After all for every professionals, time is the most important resource to spend, hence wasting it because of a 'slow' device is unacceptable to any of them. There has been many instances when feature rich smartphones fade away without even getting noticed because of slower data speed. Keeping these perspectives in mind, Palm Treo 750 is developed with the latest connectivity tools and technologies for the fastest speed possible.

The Palm Treo 750 boast of 3.5G, HSDPA technology which is many times faster than 3G. Maximum data speed with the Palm Treo 750 is 1.8 Mbps - higher than broadband speeds in many countries. 'Regular' data connectivity technologies like GPRS and EDGE finds there place on the feature list.

Local transfer of files and information via Bluetooth, Infrared and USB is supported too.

The handset's built in user memory is 60 Mb with external memory card support.

The Palm Treo 750's wide array of connectivity tools and large space makes it an ideal device to carry all your necessary digital files and folders to all places in the most convenient way.

Built wise, the Palm Treo 750 is a 'normal' PDA styled smartphone with a full QWERTY keypad and a very large TFT based touchscreen.

Fast navigation through its 5 way navigation key and even faster processing with its Samsung 300 MHz processor - the Palm Treo 750 is mobile computing at its best.

The triband smartphone works on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC, so is a host to many useful office applications including Microsoft Pocket Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).

The handset even sports a 1.3 megapixel integrated camera with video recording capacity.
Shoot high resolution pictures or videos to share with others.

Enjoy a few of your favourite tracks or videos on the Window Media Player 10,

or beat your own records on the built in Java games - the Palm Treo 750 has enough provisions of having fun too.

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Raina Kelsey is an expert author, and writes about latest gadgets. For more information about Palm Treo 750 sim free and other sim free phones please visit www.mobilespectrum.co.uk.


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