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By: wyatt

The new Blackberry 8100 Pearl cell phone is one of the smallest, sleekest cell phones ever made. It is a small phone with clean, slick look and being one of the smallest smartphones every made it still has all of the features of a blackberry.

Some of the features of the Blackberry 8100 Pearl are
: a 1.3 mega pixel camera to capture your Kodak moments,
: a MP3 player that lets you listen to your favorite songs,
: expandable memory, etc.

It of course comes with the regular features of a blackberry smartphone which is
phone, email, web browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), organizer to organize your applications, instant messaging, etc.

It also gives you the capability to store 500 cell phone numbers and names in the phones cell phone directory. Using the phones cell phone directory you can lookup cell phone numbers very easily. The user interface for finding the names and cell phone numbers is very friendly and easy to use.

Another cool feature is that the Blackberry 8100 Pearl also provides quad-band network support which allows you to make calls around the world (North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific).

One of the features I like the most is the media player. Watching movies on the Blackberry is crystal clear and the sound is phenomenal. It is like you are watching a movie or TV on a high definition TV.

Another cool feature is the trackball that acts as the mouse. Most people would think that it would be hard to navigate around using the trackball but it is actually very easy to use.
The phone also has the Bluetooth technology which allows use to use all of the hands free features.

As you can see the Blackberry 8100 Pearl is a very neat phone that has many different features. Every year they are coming out with new cell phones that use new and different technologies. And every year there is on phone that stands out over all the other new cell phones. This year that phone is the Blackberry 8100 Pearl.

Wyatt works for the NCD - free reverse cell phone directory and trace cell phone numbers free.

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